Friday, 25 July 2014

Leonardo Kapetanović: Desert Harmony - Guita Idol 4 entry

Hi! I'm 17(almost 18) years old guitarist from Croatia. This is a playthrough(for Six string competition) of my original song which I made back in summer of 2012. All arrangements, lead solo, mix and everything you hear is made and recorded by me in my low budget home "studio". I use Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Yamaha Pacifica.

Desert Harmony - Leonardo Kapetanović (playthrough)

Guitar Idol 4

Song Chitipat: A Beautiful Revenge (Original) - Guitar Idol 4

Here's my entry to Guitar Idol 4. If you like my song, please vote for me at
Hope you like it ! Thanks !

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(c) 2014 Song Chitipat

Guitar Idol 4 Entry - Song Chitipat - A Beautiful Revenge (Original)

Guitar Idol 4

Eugen Leonhardt: No Reason - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

I hope you guys forgive me the ugly cut in the middle. Of course this was ment to be an oneshotvideo... but concidering some technical problem with the MOV-file itself wich just brought my computer to crash anytime i tried to work with it... i was still happy to get it done at least this way...
the alternative could have been just to throw it all away...wich would make me incredibly sad as there is no time for one more shooting... so anyway i hope you enjoy my very first instrumental guitarvideo... stay tuned for more !!! Greets Eugen

Eugen Leonhardt - No Reason - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Wiratama Petir: ngebut - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Neoclassical Style Guitar Solo.latihan.test

Paweł Gunsess Oziabło: Jason Becker Birthday Shred - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Paweł Gunsess Oziabło- Beckerology (Tribute to Jason Becker) █▬█ █ ▀█▀

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This is my tribute to my favorite and the best guitar player ever lived- Happy Birthday and Long Live Jason Becker!

Jason Becker Birthday Shred

Guitar Idol 4

John Huldt: Till Morsan - Guitar Idol 4

A few years ago I got a phone call from my brother in Sweden (I live in Los Angeles), completely distraught telling me our mother had died. She had indeed but it was not quite as bad as she was only dead for a little bit, got help right away (thanks to my brother) and was back at her feet in 2 weeks. As I got the phone call I dropped everything at hand and sat on the next flight to Sweden. Me being me, I brought my guitar (same one as in the video) and this melody came to me as I was watching over my mom at the hospital. Till Morsan means to mom in Swedish. Hope you like it. It's from my 2012 album, "A Permanent State Of Transformation"

You're hearing my trusty old Am STD strat with Kinman pickups through the Kemper Profiler.

Till Morsan - Guitar Idol 4

Guitar Idol 4

Keven Eknes: Fifths - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Live take of Fifths.
This an entry for Guitar Idol 4. If you enjoyed this, I would REALLY appreciate a vote over here:

Written by Keven Eknes

Special thanks to:
Vebjørn Boge Nilssen, filming&videoediting
Jeanette Boge Nilssen+Torstein Bergsagel, lights+filming help
Erlend Gundegjerde, keys
Håvard Auklend, bass
Magnus Lygren, drums
Alex Argento, backing mix

Recorded+Shot in Figgjohuset.

Fifths - Keven Eknes - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Paul Gilbert: Guitar Idol - Ibanez guitar winner to be picked by Paul himself!

Guitar Idol
What if we told you that today we got confirmation that the Ibanez Guitars Paul Gilbert signature model winner will be picked by... none other than.... Mr PAUL GILBERT!!!

Thanks Ibanez UK for making this so special!

Stéphan Forté: I need your support to make the creepiest guitar music video ever !!!

Picture © Perrine Perez Fuentes - PPF Pictures

Stéphan Forté - I need your support to make the creepiest guitar music video ever !!!

Hi, my name is Stéphan Forté, I’m a guitar player, composer, and leader of a Metal band called Adagio with which I’ve had the chance to release six albums and tour worldwide. Since 2001, Adagio has been following the traditional music business way by releasing its albums via traditional record labels. Even though it was a great thing to do at that time, the music market has now drastically changed, and I felt it was time for me to handle my business and do things my own way. I have created my own record label, Zeta Nemesis records, and today I am about to launch the label’s first release with my new solo album “Enigma Opera Black”.

In order to promote this album and visually express my artistic universe, I thought it would be great to shoot a music video for the song Sector A UNDEAD. But the thing is…I’ve never been a great fan of guitar videos and if I had to do it, then it would have to be different…

I’ve always been fascinated by fear and its mechanisms, and thought it would be a great opportunity to use this music video to make a short horror movie. Not another random guitar music video with me playing in front of a background, but something really disturbing, creepy and fitting the vibe of the song

It’s easy to figure out that such a project is going to be very expensive…And as I have already invested 20000 Euros, I am now missing some funds to fully finance it, so ……THIS IS WHERE I GONNA NEED YOUR SUPPORT GUYS !!!! :-)