Sunday, 31 August 2014

Juan Cortés,Cristian Tisselli: Classy Rock Fusion album featuring Javier Viñas available from bandcamp

Juan Cortés: Contusion
Rock Fusion band from City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally formed in the year 2006 by guitarist Juan Cortés and bass player Cristian Tisselli. Contusion's first album featuring Edu Giardina on drums and Alvaro Torres on keyboards.

1. Time Issues 05:07
2. Social Fever 07:21
3. Random Select 05:13
4. Desert Song 06:34
5. Enterprise 04:56
6. DDLM 06:09
7. Meet Me 04:49

Juan Cortés: Guitar
Cristian Tisselli: Bass
Edu Giardina: Drums
Alvaro Torres: Keyboards
Special Guest: Javier Viñas 1st Gtr Only Random Select

Lorenzo Venza: melodic rock style 2 - the art of tasteful soloing

Lorenzo Venza Total - melodic rock style 2 - Total
Lorenzo Venza

and in case you missed it from one month ago

Lorenzo Venza - Melodic rock style 1 - Total Shred Guitar

Ignazio Di Salvo: Solar Latin Version with Godin Multiac

Ignazio Di Salvo - Solar Latin Version with Godin Multiac Grand Concert
Ignazio Di Salvo
You can order a signed copy of my debut album by the website www.ignaziodisalvo.c­om
or download your digital copy from:

You can also find it in all the digital stores, including Emusic, GooglePlay, Spotify and many others.

Panos Arvanitis: Yngwie J. Malmsteen style Part III -Stratocaster Yjm Ocean Blue

Yngwie J. Malmsteen style Part III -Stratocaster Yjm Ocean Blue
Panos Arvanitis
Forgot to hit the rec button on my Sony Vegas HD and here is the result.Raw uncut playing.I hope you like it.

Tom Quayle: Fibenare Basic Jazz Hollow Body - Jamming in 7/8

Tom Quayle - Jamming in 7/8
Tom Quayle
Jamming in 7/8 with my Fibenare Basic Jazz Hollow Body
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Frank Steffen Mueller: Hufschmid 18th Anniversary entry

Hufschmid 18th Anniversary entry - Frank Steffen Mueller
Frank Steffen Mueller
Here's my entry to Patrick Hufschmid's guitar competition. Thanks to Dariusz Wawrzyniak (Darius Wave) for the killer backing track. After some beautiful days in Italy I decided to play around a nice little 3-note-motif (A-G#-E). Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. Cheers, Frank

Gear used: "Keya" by Knaggs Guitars, Moen FX Switcher/Looper, Megatone OD, Positive Grid`s JamUp Pro software on the iPad. Camera is my Canon Eos 600D.

Feel free to contact me at

Cheers, Frank

Richard Daudé: Acid Jazz - Coffee Break Grooves

Acid Jazz Guitar Lesson with a backing track from Coffee Break Grooves.
Download the backing track Track # 8

Check out our Acid Jazz Backing Tracks Album 1, a fusion of Free Jazz and Hip Hop grooves inspired by the likes of artists such as Herbie Hancock, Guru, Donald Byrd, Groove Collective, and De La Soul.

Recorded in a wide range of tempos between 80 bpm and 250 bpm, and in the keys of Ab, Bm, Dm, Em, F and Gm, these Acid Jazz Backing Tracks were recorded using acoustic bass, bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, drums and percussion.

Richard Daude with Coffee Break Grooves | Guitar lesson with a CBG backing track. Acid Jazz

Li-sa-X: I got that feeling - Paul Gilbert version

Li-sa-X: I got that feeling - Paul Gilbert version

Japanese 9 year old Li-sa-X plays "I GOT THE FEELIN'" by James Brown (Paul Gilbert version)

Jess Lewis: Billies Bounce (Improvisation)

Playing at a garden party.. Using Beaus lovely jazzmaster innit.

Jess - Billies Bounce (Improvisation)

Jess - Afro Blue (Robert Glasper)

Nita Strauss: Nikki Sixx interview talking guitar and the Alice Cooper tour.

Guitarist Nita Strauss talks about playing w/Alice Cooper, being in The Iron Maidens, and what it's like being a hot chick in rock surrounded by boys. Find her at

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