Juan Cortés,Cristian Tisselli: Classy Rock Fusion album featuring Javier Viñas available from bandcamp

Juan Cortés: Contusion
Rock Fusion band from City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally formed in the year 2006 by guitarist Juan Cortés and bass player Cristian Tisselli. Contusion's first album featuring Edu Giardina on drums and Alvaro Torres on keyboards.

1. Time Issues 05:07
2. Social Fever 07:21
3. Random Select 05:13
4. Desert Song 06:34
5. Enterprise 04:56
6. DDLM 06:09
7. Meet Me 04:49

Juan Cortés: Guitar
Cristian Tisselli: Bass
Edu Giardina: Drums
Alvaro Torres: Keyboards
Special Guest: Javier Viñas 1st Gtr Only Random Select