Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ignazio Di Salvo: Triads - How to spice up your guitar phrasing

*Free Guitar Lesson* - How to spice up your guitar phrasing: Triads...
Ignazio Di Salvo
Hi guyz! This is the first free lesson in english for my new website www.guitarcourse.be in which you can find all information about my courses in Brussels and Skype Lessons in English Italian and French. You can find the diagrams by following this link :

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My debut album is out!
You can order a signed copy of my debut album by the website www.ignaziodisalvo.c­om
or download your digital copy from:


You can also find it in all the digital stores, including Emusic, GooglePlay, Spotify and many others.

Jon Gomm: announces German tour dates

Jon Gomm
ACHTUNG! Deutschland, ich komme! Bitte informieren Sie Ihren Freunden, Familie und Haustieren. Tickets und Informationen → http://jongomm.com/live-dates

Please share this with your Germans. Can't wait for this tour! Man, I love playing live. Trying to embed an emotion into a roomful of strangers, and actually feeling it reflected back at you. A shared moment of intimacy. And then, they're not strangers any more. OK, now I sound weird. 

Robbert Hanenberg: Marshall JVM410h - Soloing over AJ BT - one word EPIC

Soloing over Andy James backing track - Marshall JVM410h
Robbert Hanenberg
Recorded through a Marshall JVM410h + cab impulse.

Mick Jones: Foreigner - The Best of 4 & More’, is now available as an instant download

The opening track "Night Life", from FOREIGNER’s hotly anticipated live album ‘The Best of 4 & More’, is now available as an instant download when you pre-order the album digitally. The pre-order links are below. ‘The Best of 4 & More’ will be released in Europe on Friday 5th December with release in the UK on Monday 8th December.

General download link: http://geni.us/ForeignerBestof4 / Amazon link: http://geni.us/ForeignerBestof4Amazon / iTunes link: http://geni.us/ForeignerBestof4iTunes

"Night Life" is the live album opening track: a timeless rock song delivered with passion and urgency, and recorded live at the Borgata Hotel’s Music Box theatre in Atlantic City in October 2014. Originally released in 1981, Foreigner ‘4’ spent more weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts than any artist in the history of Atlantic Records, including AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and went on to sell more than 9 million albums worldwide. Hits included Juke Box Hero, Urgent and Waiting For A Girl Like You - all of which are present on The Best of Foreigner 4 & More.

“It’s great to be in a group with people who really get it, and understand how fortunate we are to be playing and performing such great material,” enthused vocalist Kelly Hansen, while band founder Mick Jones added, “Our music has touched a lot of people worldwide ― unwittingly, we’ve weaved our music into the fabric of people’s lives.”

The album can also be pre-ordered from Pledge Music, which offers vinyl, limited edition posters and remake t-shirts from Foreigner’s 1981-1982 tour packages. The Best of 4 And More will be also be released on vinyl by Soulfood Music on January 23rd 2015. Visit the official FORIEGNER UK album press page HERE.

News: Metal All Stars will be rescheduling all European dates

Due to last minute engagements of a few of the artists in the line-up, Metal All Stars will be rescheduling all European dates from November 28th – December 23rd, including the Brixton Academyconcert on December 16th, to Spring 2015.

New tour dates in these cities will be announced shortly. Due to this unfortunate delay, the organisers will be adding additional headline artists to make the new line up even more METAL for 2015!

Current ticket holders and purchasers of VIP Meet & Greet packages will have their tickets honoured for the new dates. More official information will be updated at www.metalallstars.com.

Bryan Baker: heading back to Sweden early next Month

Bryan Baker
I'll be heading back to Sweden early next Month for a little mini-tour...
Looking forward to doing some more of this and melting some of that snow!

Tyler Blair: Scartographer - ÆTHEREA - djent rock metal progressive

Tyler Blair: Scartographer -  ÆTHEREA

Free bonus hidden track with purchase of the EP. It will change your life, quadruple your income, make (insert sex of choice here) flock to you, and make your genitalia more... genitalier.

1. Attenuum: A Prologue 05:34
2. Genesis 03:31
3. Images of an Ideal 04:15
4. Massevectu: The Purge 04:16
5. In Defense of a Dream 06:03

credits released 04 October 2011

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Blair

Album art by Tyler Blair

any and all rights reserved by the artist

Tyler Blair: Scartographer: Horizon - : djent progressive

Tyler Blair: Scartographer - Horizon

1. Perfecting an Archetype 01:01
2. Constructing a Parallel 03:19
3. Virulence 04:30
4. Noah 05:58
5. Drifts 04:33
6. Godspeed 04:31
7. A Hollow Sun 03:34
8. Penultima 05:18
9. In Defense of a Dream 05:05

released 24 April 2012

Jason English: Transcend - Polymerase Chain - metal ambient djent progressive

Jason English: Transcend - Polymerase Chain
1. Arise (Intro) 00:44
2. Sanctuary 05:03
3. The Fall 04:32
4. Pathways 05:23
5. Transparrent 04:18
6. The Enemy Within 03:58
7. Refuse/Resist 04:44
8. Deconstruction 04:03

I have literally put a lot of hard work, time and effort into making this, it makes me extremely proud to be able to showcase this.

the album is about the eternal struggle i have had both growing up and adapting to the world, the title "polymerase Chain" very much signifies this.

i hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i did recording it!

With this purchase you will also get all the guitar pro files for the album as well as a nice little thank you note.

released 03 November 2014

Promotion - Farhan Rahman Chowdhury

Artwork - Ascent Design

All Recording, Production work and musical Scoring are property of :.
tags: metal ambient dje

Jason English: Transcend - Life Force Instrumental by Djent+Progressive+Groove artist

Jason English: Transcend -  Life Force
1. Searching (intro) 00:56
2. Galaxy 03:46
3. Digging Deeper 04:48
4. Exploration 04:46
5. Life Force 07:02
6. Traversing Light (interlude) 02:25
7. Enlighten 04:38
8. False hope 06:40
9. I can see right through you 04:11
10.Surface 05:10
11. ascension 01:37

This is the best thing i have ever written in my entire lifetime of playing/writing music and i hope you all Enjoy it as much as i have Writing it!
released 23 June 2013

All music/Instrumentation/Vocals Property of Jason English

Ludwig Hanisch, Johannes Schäbel: Fragments - Fragments mini EP from Southern Djentalment

Ludwig Hanisch, Johannes Schäbel: Fragments

Fragments is a collaboration of Ludwig Hanisch and Johannes Schäbel based in Southern Germany near Munich.

1. Ascent I - Transcend 04:08
2. Ascent II - Ascendancy 05:09
3. Onset I - Perihelion 06:01

released 29 March 2014

Arya Akbara: Methiums - Ylaviastu - new djent single

Methiums is a one man instrumental metal project from Arya Akbara (guitarist of Headcrusher & Athenian) from Surabaya, Indonesia, heavily influenced by metalcore and progressive metal.
Arya utilizes drum machines, softwares in his recordings.
Methiums’s first EP, 'Methiums' was released in February 2014.
Bandcamp : methiums.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/methiums
Facebook : facebook.com/methiums
Instagram : instagram.com/methiums
Twitter : twitter.com/methiums

Written, Recorded & Mixed by Arya Akbara

Mastered by Andry Bayu Jasmin at Celestial Spheres Recordings (facebook.com/snakebiteschocolates)

Artwork by Irfan Irwanuddin (facebook.com/irfanirwanuddin)
Methiums - Ylaviastu [NEW SINGLE]