Jason English: Transcend - Polymerase Chain - metal ambient djent progressive

Jason English: Transcend - Polymerase Chain
1. Arise (Intro) 00:44
2. Sanctuary 05:03
3. The Fall 04:32
4. Pathways 05:23
5. Transparrent 04:18
6. The Enemy Within 03:58
7. Refuse/Resist 04:44
8. Deconstruction 04:03

I have literally put a lot of hard work, time and effort into making this, it makes me extremely proud to be able to showcase this.

the album is about the eternal struggle i have had both growing up and adapting to the world, the title "polymerase Chain" very much signifies this.

i hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i did recording it!

With this purchase you will also get all the guitar pro files for the album as well as a nice little thank you note.

released 03 November 2014

Promotion - Farhan Rahman Chowdhury

Artwork - Ascent Design

All Recording, Production work and musical Scoring are property of :.
tags: metal ambient dje