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Wagner Ribeiro: Trillogy - Waves of God (Live Studio)

This is the first video in the series Studio Live will we do throughout the year with Trillogy band. Sign up to view the next video in the series!

Wagner Ribeiro (Guitar)

Troy Van Horn: project Gentleman Echo issues - Absolute Ozone Robot.

Gentleman Echo's "Absolute Ozone Robot" is a sprawling trip through the remote reaches of the mind. Or ... something to that effect. Guitarist, composer, and author Troy Van Horn has issued a densely detailed work for followers of progressive instrumental music. Packed with guitar harmonies, interlocking polyrhythms, and adventurous improvisations, "Absolute Ozone Robot" may appeal to fans of King Crimson, Mike Keneally, and Marty Friedman.

Mika Tyyskä: 20 Expressive Rock Licks

20 Expressive Rock Licks

Mika has compiled 20 of the most dynamic and expressive rock licks you'll ever hear, ready for you to study and master. These licks have a strong emphasis on obtaining an effortless feel and groove. They will challenge and fine-tune the delicacies of your technique and take your rock playing to a whole new level. Choose Deluxe and get a further 2 hours of guitar lessons from Mika as he teaches you every nuanace of every lick! PLUS - a sneak peak at Mika's upcoming Mr.Fastfinger album in the form of a bonus full mp3 track!

In these licks Mika has taken your standard rock playing and tipped it up on it's head. His super creative and incredibly unique way of approaching the instrument has yeilded some of the most inspirational rock licks we've ever heard. These really aren't your everyday rock licks and this pack is something you quite possibly can't live without. If you want to step up your rock playing, take your dynamics and expression on the guitar to a whole new level then you really do need this pack in your life. Mika has designed these licks with a mind to motivating you to master them, and then inspire you to creative your own!

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes

Mike Orlando, Russell Allen,: Adrenaline Mob will release Dearly Departed through Century Media

ADRENALINE MOB recorded a guitar driven version of the classic fiddle duel, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" for their upcoming rarities EP.  Our friends at Revolver Magazine are hosting the exclusive premiere.  

Have a listen:
Following the success of their 2013 covers release, Coverta, Adrenaline Mob will release Dearly Departed through Century Media on February 10th.  In a departure from Coverta the disc will feature in addition to 4 cover tunes, an unreleased track from the Men of Honor sessions, 3 acoustic renditions of songs from both Omerta andMen of Honor, and an edited version of the Men of Honor track "Dearly Departed" which is service to radio today.

The disc, co produced by vocalist Russell Allen and guitarist Mike Orlando, features the following tracks:

1-     Snortin' Whiskey (Pat Travers)
2-     Dearly Departed (Edited version of Men of Honor track)
3-     The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)
4-     Crystal Clear (Acoustic version of Men of Honor track)
5-     Sabbath Medley (Black Sabbath)
6-     Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Unreleased from Men of Honor sessions)
7-     Angel Sky (Acoustic version of Omerta track)
8-     All on the Line (Acoustic version of Omerta track)
9-     Tie Your Mother Down (Queen)

Check out the artwork above!

There is an Instant gratification download of the re-edit of "Dearly Departed" available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play:

Jerry Donahue: Vox AC30C2X - one of my favourites from NAMM

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2015 NAMM Show - Jerry Donahue - AC30C2X

Chris Letchford: Oracle - .strandberg* Boden CL7

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Chris Letchford playing "Oracle" from our 4th album "The Migration".

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Ben Cohen: playing "So Sexy Robotnik" by Powerglove

playing "So Sexy Robotnik" by Powerglove

Ben Cohen playing "So Sexy Robotnik" by Powerglove