Sunday, 8 February 2015

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Pleiona (I Legion) - Guest Solo

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Hello guys!
This is my solo for the song Pleiona from the upcoming cd of the amazing I Legion!! Don't forget to check out the cd!!

Check out I Legion here:

For this video I used a PRS Custom 24 model-with Dragon II pickups, DV Mark multi amp, mooer green mile, BBE sonic stomp, Marshall JMP 1, Spectraflex cables, intune guitar picks.

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I hope you like it!

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Pleiona (I Legion) - Yiannis Papadopoulos Guest Solo

Chris Brooks: Seymour Duncan STK-S7, STK-S4, STK-S6 Stacked pickups for Strat

A short description and demo of the great stacked for Strat pickups by Seymour Duncan. My demo tune "Rage Against The Washing Machine" shows you the sorts of tones I've been working with and how responsive these pickups are to gain simply using the volume knob. I love them. for more about me including music and lessons
For more info about each of the pickups I'm using:

Seymour Duncan STK-S7, STK-S4, STK-S6 Stacked pickups for Strat - Chris Brooks

Kirill Konyaev: 5 Progressive Metal Phrases new pack announced

Kirill Konyaev - "5 Progressive Metal Phrases" pack announce
Kirill Konyaev
Цена/Price: 500 RUB / 10 USD.


Andy James: The Lost Tapes - new album and perfect valentines gift!

The Lost Tapes: An Introduction

Hey all!

This album is a collection of some very old pieces I wrote years ago and recently stumbled across again. These tracks are still some of my favourites, so I felt it worthwhile putting them into a proper release for you. Unlike a conventional album, which may be written in a certain style or with a certain influence, this album shows a lot of different directions I like to take myself creatively. There are heavy tracks, light rock tracks and even a finger- style acoustic piece!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at, I do read all my emails but may not be able to reply to everyone!
As with all my music, each of these pieces really meant a lot to me at the time of their writing, so I hope you get as much out of them as I did.

There is an option to get the Guitar Transcription eBook with all 11 tracks, leads and rhythm parts notated perfectly along with Guitar Pro files for each of the tracks!

Practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if you can't land every lick first time – this stuff is TOUGH. Take it slow and I'm sure you'll pick up a ton of cool new riffs, runs and soloing ideas for your own material.

Cheers, and rock on!
Andy James

Track 1: Scars of Reality (6:28)
Track 2: Live for Today (3:59)
Track 3: Slave to Audio (3:41)
Track 4: Breaking the Barrier (4:14)
Track 5: Lost in Time (4:51)
Track 6: Breathe (4:10)
Track 7: Underworld (5:46)
Track 8: Aftershock (4:31)
Track 9: Nowhere Somewhere (4:14)
Track 10: Just Warming Up (3:06)
Track 11: In My Heart (2:58)

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Andrew Hake: Carvin Allan Holdsworth HH1X - Eric Johnson Cliffs Of Dover

I love this song and have wanted to learn it for a long time. It was a fun challenge. Also just got my Carvin Allan Holdsworth Hh1x and it's the best guitar I've ever played! And I'm playing my trusty TJS drums, made by Tom Schultz in AZ that I've had since I was about 12- still love them just as much as when I got them. This was recorded at Villain Recording Studio in Phoenix with Engineer Byron Filson, who is an outstanding engineer

Eric Johnson- Cliffs Of Dover Cover by Andrew Hake One Man Band

Sarah Longfield: Gear Gods interview and performance for strandberg* NAMM

Sarah Longfield performs at NAMM 2015.
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NAMM 2015 - Sarah Longfield Performance I GEAR GODS

NAMM 2015 - Sarah Longfield Interview | GEAR GODS

Jason Becker: a zoom around his amazing guitar collection

Certainly got a lot more guitars since I was there! :)

Scenes from Jason Becker's living room including his ever-evolving guitar collection.

Jason Becker: a zoom around his amazing guitar collection

Hanspeter Kruesi: Violet Solo Guitar - classy two handed tapping solo

This is a wonderful violet solo guitar song played by Hanspeter Kruesi. You can download this song here

Violet Solo Guitar ( Renaissance ) with Tapping by Hanspeter Kruesi

Plini, Jakub Żytecki, Chris Letchford: The End Of Everything - The final episode in the EP Trilogy

Strandberg GuitarworksWe can't begin to say how excited we are over the release of Plini's new EP! It's been running on repeat in the Strandberg Guitarworksheadquarters since we received the final mix a few days ago. Two songs have had the clean tones re-recorded after Plini received his Boden 6 with Bare Knuckle Pickups Juggernauts. Can you tell which ones? We think we can. You have guest appearances by Marco Minnemann and Chris Letchford to look forward to, as well as a set of just amazing tunes.

DIGITAL: & itunes


The final episode in the EP Trilogy, available in a variety of bundles, physical & digital formats; including a limited, autographed, special edition Trilogy boxset.

Featuring MARCO MINNEMANN (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats) on drums, SIMON GROVE (The Helix Nebula) on bass, and LUKE MARTIN on piano. Guest appearances by CHRIS LETCHFORD (guitar; Scale the Summit), JAKUB ZYTECKI (guitar; Disperse) and GARY HOLGATE (double bass).

3. PAPER MOON --- 8:32
4. ATLAS (CD ONLY) --- 3:53

Artwork by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design.
"Wombat Astronaut" co-written with Luke Martin.
Mastering & additional drum engineering by Versed Audio, UK.

Everything else written, performed & mixed by Plini.

Tomo Fujita, Alan Miller: Eminence Speakers Bluesy Little Wing NAMM 2015

Eminence Speakers - Tomo Fujita demonstrates his signature speaker series TF-1250 Saturday 24th Jan 2015, playing the Hendrix classic Little Wing with Alan Miller.

Tomo Fujita, Alan Miller: Eminence Speakers Bluesy Little Wing NAMM 2015