Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sergey Golovin: Lepsky SGM6 - UAD Apollo Twin - Brainworx ENGL E646VS - another exciting progressive metal tune with state of the art guitar

Hi! Here is "There Days Ago" redesigned version. Stay in tune!

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Lepsky SGM6 - UAD Apollo Twin - Brainworx ENGL E646VS

Jonas Tamas: Chosen Time full guitar playthrough of Jeff Loomis track

The album features Andy James, Brett Garsed, Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Troy Stetina, Mats Haugen (Circus Maximus), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Thorsten Koehne (Eden's Curse), Sergey Boykov and Mischa Mang (Ivanhoe, ex-Dreamscape).

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Jeff Loomis: Chosen Time full guitar playthrough (HD)

Mamoru Goriku: In The Rain / Forward HD Demonstration at MI Osaka Japan 2015

Please use [HD].

February 15, 2015 (Sun) MI JAPAN This is the demo songs that were performed at Osaka University.





In The Rain / Forward!! - MAMORU GORIKU(Demonstration at MI JAPAN OSAKA 2015-2-15)

Mike Campese: live at the Sonoma Booth NAMM 2015

Mike Campese is playing at NAMM 2015 at the Sonoma booth, at the Anaheim Convention Center in CA. Mike is playing his song "Closer to the Sun" from his Cd "Electric City". For more info visit

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NAMM 2015 - Mike Campese live at the Sonoma Booth

Doug Steele: Alarum rehearsal for Adelaide New Dead Metalfest a tonic for the Brit cricket slayed fest!

Aussies killing the Brits at cricket.... at least there is some sense left in this whole world!

Doug Steele: Alarum! Playing two new songs off their upcoming full length album for the Metal fans in Adelaide. Come out and support your Australian Metal bands!
Gig details here:
Rob Brens and I will be teaching Sunday March 15 at ARMI in Adelaide here:

Alarum rehearsal for Adelaide New Dead Metalfest - March 14, 2015

Bryan Baker: Meshuggah makes Bryan's top 10 albums of the year!

Bryan Baker

Here's my yearly (not surprisingly) end-of-year album list...
My authority is absolute... Adhere to it...

Includes: Meshuggah — The Ophidian Trek

Read the full list…/best-albums-of-2014-af33dfc83e5b

Also available for lessons

I've once again got some open slots available for both local (L.A. Area) private lessons, as well as global lessons via Skype during the month of February...
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Andy James: Wearing Scars - Become Numb - working up to debut album


Wearing Scars is the combination of members of Sacred Mother Tongue and Mutiny Within. Featuring guitarist Andy James, and vocalist Chris Clancy. Based in the UK, their debut album is due for release early Summer 2015.

Nick Johnston: Atomic Improv Volume 1

Nick Johnston
'ATOMIC IMPROV VOL.1' is now available at ! Full transcriptions (Guitar Pro + .PDF), videos and insights into how I approach improvising are included

in this package! Please consider supporting this project as I plan to release several volumes smile emoticon Thank you guys, so much!— with Nick Johnston.

Enjoy this version of his classic track filmed at NAMM

Nick Johnston: Atomic Mind - Schecter Seymour Duncan NAMM 2015

Tassos Spiliotopoulos: Other Ways- original - excellent fluid legato

Hi here is a new video I made. The song is called 'Other Ways' and is an original written by me. It first appeared on the 2006 album 'Wait for Dusk' on Konnex Records

Tassos Spiliotopoulos: Wait for Dusk

Chris Brooks: Tones by request: Neoclassical Shred ft. Kemper Amp, Seymour Duncan Fury pickups

Over at, I asked for tone requests using the Kemper Profiling Amp and here's your first one: Neoclassical Shred tone featuring
Fender Guitar
Seymour Duncan pickups
Kemper Amps using a Marshall 1987x profile from The Amp Factory.

Tones by request: Neoclassical Shred ft. Kemper Amp, Seymour Duncan Fury pickups- Chris Brooks

Nick Johnston: talks all Seymour Duncan at NAMM 2015
Footage courtesy of :

NAMM 2015 - Seymour Duncan - Nick Johnston

Jess Lewis: Valdez In The Country - George Benson - stunning!

Just amazing, another incredible cover version from Jess Lewis (Jess Barker)

Valdez In The Country (George Benson) Cover By Jess