Friday, 13 March 2015

Tony Martinez: Lsl tele, Carr Rambler and Jan Ray

Quick video we did this morning testing a Lsl, Vemuran Jan Ray and Carr Rambler

Lsl tele, Carr Rambler and Jan Ray

Neil Zaza: I Spy - Alive In Denmark - Blu-Ray

Preorder now for the May 1 release and not only get the Blu-Ray disc for a 10% off discounted price of $17.99 (regularly $19.99), but you will be sent a link for an immediate download of the "Alive In Denmark!" CD in the audio format of your choice (mp3, WAV or FLAC)!

Also, the first 212 copies sold in this special preorder will be autographed and numbered by Neil. Order today!

This performance of "I Spy" by Neil Zaza and his band was captured at a small club named Harder's in Svendborg, Denmark while on his spring 2014 European tour and appears on the full length Blu-Ray concert release "Alive In Denmark!"

Neil Zaza-Guitar
Walter Cerasani-Bass
Enrico Cianciusi-Drums

Recorded live at Harder’s in Svendborg, Denmark on May 9, 2014

Filmed by:
Thomas Kure Jacobsen, Kenneth Sørensen and Mathias Tegtmeier

Editing and post production by Thomas Kure Jacobsen

DVD authoring by Thomas Kure Jacobsen

Audio mixed by Neil Zaza at The Audio Kitchen (Akron, Ohio)
Mastered by Tommy Wiggins at Tommy's Tracks, Nashville, TN. Assisted by Dave Towne

Photo Credit: Andrea Pensalfine , Andrea Stevoli and Roberto Scorta

A huge thank you goes out to Neil’s fans around the world for the continued love and support of his music!

A big thanks to:
Thomas Kure Jacobsen, Emile Vennicke, Pete Falk, Lead Freak, Lej Wt Lig, Rod Flauhaus

Packaging design by Rod Flauhaus

The Gear:
Kiesel/Carvin guitars, Blackstar amps, Dean Markley strings, Meridian guitars, Galli strings, Di Berardino Drums

Please visit Neil online at:
Neil Zaza-"I Spy" from Alive In Denmark! concert Blu-Ray

Rick Graham: Some Lydian Legato Love

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Jared Dines: Guitar Solo Contest

Key of C Minor
Tempo: 182

- 1 SET4LYFE shirt of your choice
- 1 PEAKED APPAREL shirt of your choice
- 2 boxes of Cleartone Strings
- 1 Cleartone shirt
- 3 Monkey Man Guitar Straps
- 74 Everly Star Guitar Picks
- 1 shirt and CD from ARTERY RECORDS
- Both Dissimulator albums
- Your video posted on my YouTube channel

TAKE YOUR TIME! It's not about who uploads their video first. It's about who does the best solo over the entire track.

Download Links:


Davide Pagano: JTC Solo Contest 2015 - classy soloing

This is my entry for the JamTrackCentral guitar solo contest.

I recorded a first take on the nice fusion backing track.

If you like maybe you could check out my new solo album: "The Broken Bottle". Excerpts from all the songs are in this video:

To buy it:

- CD baby:

- iTunes:

- Amazon (.com):
- Amazon (.it) :

- Nimbit:
(On Nimbit you can also buy uncompressed 44.1 kHz - 24 bit audio files available)

My Facebook page:

JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Davide Pagano

Davide Pagano: The broken bottle

The album is called "The broken bottle" and contains 9 instrumental songs, ranging from jazz/fusion to progressive/rock. It will be available on the major platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc...) in the next days, BUT you can already buy it on CD Baby:

Uncompressed 44.1 kHz - 24 bit audio files will be also available for purchasing on Nimbit in a couple of days:

More news will follow on:

Track list:

- The bottomless pit
- Watching the moon
- Nepal Winter Breeze
- The broken bottle
- 24 hours in Paris
- Encrypted message
- Equilibrium
- Welcome to my dreams
- Black rain

Lukasz Kulczak: sizzling solo for Jtc Solo Contest 2015

Hi this is my entry for the JTC solo contest 2015

Jtc Solo Contest 2015 - Lukasz Kulczak

Ryuuta Sasaki: JTC Guitar Solo Contest 2015 - another hot solo!

Vote for me here:
I hope you enjoy ;)

JTC Guitar Solo Contest 2015 -Ryuuta Sasaki

Scott Jones: The bonus tracks With the Carvin HH2 available from bandcamp

Scott Jones


Track SIX in this evolving Bonus Release is a NEW CARVIN re-track. "S'Corea"

Digital Album
Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

This is an evolving project, Check back for new uploads. If you do wish to donate and the track number increases, just come back and grab the new ones for free. If you've already purchased either incarnation of "Freedom", please download without any sense of obligation to pay further. DONATIONS ARE WELCOME FOR FIRST TIME DOWNLOADERS. YOUR SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED. PAY WANT YOU WANT. ***NOTE: Track samples on Bandcamp are streamed using 128kbps mp3's (causing that wispy sound in the highs) and do NOT represent the audio quality of the final lossless, high quality download.**
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Scott Jones: The bonus tracks With the Carvin HH2

Mateus Asato: JTC - 20 Licks Melodic Freedom - cool tones and playing styles

20 Licks Melodic Freedom

JTC is incredibly proud to bring you this hotly anticipated JTC release from the up and coming artist Mateus Asato!  Mateus has shocked and astounded us with his super melodic, fresh and inspiring approach to modern guitar playing .

Using his trademark stylistic combination of fingerstyle, double-stops, smooth melodies and bending, Mateus has created 20 licks that will push the musical boundaries of your playing.

Featuring plenty of modal playing, wider interval melodies, smooth bluesy guitar lines, tasteful shred passages and arpeggios that adhere to the underlying harmony.  These licks will encourage a lateral insight into how you can approach your improvisations, and help you to achieve the rhythmic and melodic freedom that every player desires to obtain.

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

Akihiko Onji: stunning two handed solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015

JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Akihiko Onji
Akihiko Onji
My entry for JTC Guitar Solo Contest.

Javier Reyes: ESP Guitars - signature LTD JR-608

Javier Reyes, the amazingly innovative guitarist from Animals As Leaders as well as his own band Mestis, gives you a complete walkthrough of his new LTD Signature Series guitar, the 8-string JR-608. Also available: the JR-208. See Javier's LTD Signature Series models here:

ESP Guitars: Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders) demos his signature LTD JR-608

Tom Quayle: Guitar Retreat Spain 2015 Promo

Guitar Retreat Spain 2015 Promo
Tom Quayle
Here's the info about this year's Guitar Retreat week long sessions that I'll be doing in July and October - would be great to see some of you there. Check outhttp://www.guitarretreatspa­ for more info and to book your place.

Sam Birchall: hybrid finger stretching performance for JTC Solo Contest 2015
My entry for the JTC contest! Please vote if you like!

JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Sam Birchall

Yohei Kimura: classy fusion entry for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Guitar: Suhr J Select Series J Standard 510
Effects pedals:BOSS GT-001
cable: Xotic XGC-1


JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Yohei Kimura

Rick Graham: stunning Pedal Point/Hybrid Picking Lickage

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3) Rick's Quick Instagraham Licks - Pedal Point/Hybrid Picking Lickage