Scott Jones: Footprints Solo

Scott Jones: Weaving Through Chord Changes

Scott Jones: Fictional Characters (feat. Steve Hunt, Romain Labaye, Archibald Ligonnière)

Scott Jones, Steve Hunt: Atavachron - in memory of Allan Holdsworth

Scott Jones: Smooth Jazz - working out some ideas over a looped backing track

Scott Jones: stream-of-consciousness - SJ Fast C7 Latin 1

Scott Jones: Listening to the first sessions for the Project - something wicked this way comes!

Scott Jones: Details Of upcoming project with crowdfunding to be announced soon! - Check out the mouthwatering line up!!

Steve Pruitt, Scott Jones: Snarky Puppy drummer on From Nothing with Scott's outstanding fusion lines

Scott Jones: Think About It - promo video for bandcamp album - top flight fusion

Scott Jones: Convergence GTR and DRUMS - masterful fusion performance

Scott Jones: Just working out some ideas over the changes to Coltrane's "26-2"

Scott Jones: Spoken - Wendell Holmes - an early scratch track w SJ solos

Scott Jones: There are no wrong notes. new article posted

Scott Jones: available for recording on your album or project

Scott Jones: Remember - powered by Carvin HH2

Scott Jones: The bonus tracks With the Carvin HH2 available from bandcamp

Scott Jones: start innovating your own personal language with Scott's sage help and advice

Scott Jones: Carvin HH2 - think you have blues fusion down... think again! great playing from a master!

Scott Jones: Drum Solos For Improv Duets *FREE