Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mamoru Goriku: Lightening - Live DVD performance

Please use [HD].
April 10, 2015 (Friday) Nishinakajima was performed at Live Bar D.Ⅲ than "Goriku protect BAND Spring Live 2015"
Lightning - MAMORU GORIKU(Live at D.Ⅲ 2015-4-10)

t-cophony: New encounter - T-cophony (solo play) 2015

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New encounter - T-cophony (solo play) 2015

Andy James: Ultimate Metal Improvisation - Volume 2

Ultimate Metal Improvisation - Volume 2

Ready to learn how to create your own blistering solos? Learn Andy's personal approach, thought process and techniques!

- 5 Solos
- 5 'In Depth' Lessons
- 5 Backing Tracks
- 5 'Extended' Backing Tracks
- 5 PDF's with 100% accurate transcriptions + analysis
- 5 Guitar Pro files (lead + rhythm parts)
OVER 2 Hours of HD Video Material

Learn more than just the solos Andy plays, he teaches his approach to each track so you can create your own blistering solos!

BONUS #1 - Over 100 Fretboard Charts, Scales, Modes, Arpeggios

BONUS #2 - FREE Access to 'Andy James Live' monthly webinars!

BONUS #3 - Access To The 'Private Members ONLY' Facebook Group, where you can post unlimited questions and videos to Andy for feedback, critique and advice!

Track 1 - Silverback (32:54)
Track 2 - Recoil (40:12)
Track 3 - Quarterised (27:38)
Track 4 - Ethereal (21:32)
Track 5 - Shadow Company (29:06)

Total running Time Approx - 142 minutes

Ultimate Metal Improvisation - Volume 2

Ultimate Metal Improvisation - Volume 2 - Ready To Create Your Own Blistering Solos?

Jeff Loomis: Stolen Life Play Through and Signature Pedal Introduction
Guitarist Jeff Loomis and effects pedal manufacturer Pro Tone
Pedals have joined forces to create an overdrive pedal designed to
operate under the highest of gain situations.

The Jeff Loomis Signature Overdrive is an extension of Pro Tone’s
flagship pedal- the Dead Horse Overdrive. Assembled by hand in the USA, Jeff's pedal features custom artwork from “Mister-Sam” Shearon, true hardwire bypass operation, durable construction, and the traditional volume, tone, and gain controls with the addition of a bass contour switch.
The stand-out feature unique to the Jeff Loomis Overdrive is its bass filtering toggle switch allowing users to select the low frequency response between 339 Hz and 72 Hz. This allows the tone-stack to cover the full frequency range of a typical 7 string guitar rather
than the bass cutting sweep found in most overdrives.

The Jeff Loomis Signature Overdrive is a limited edition of only 200,and will be available in 2 colors: Green and Blue… only 100 of each color will be produced.

Pro Tone Pedals Jeff Loomis Arch Enemy Stolen Life Play Through and Signature Pedal Introduction

Irene Ketikidi: Scuttle Buttin - online music lesson package available

It’s definitely been a while, but here I am! Back with a lesson on this amazing tune by the absolute blues legend Stevie Ray, I’ll be taking you through some key points in this challenging yet somehow straightforward and of course exciting track.

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the greatest blues players of all times and "Scuttle Buttin" is one of my favourite tunes of his - in fact I very often play this live with my band! You'll definitely enjoy learning to play this classic track as well as expand your blues vocabulary and improve your rhythm playing.

Main video in full speed
20 slow, close-up videos demonstrating the different sections in 4 tempos
Full tab in Guitar Pro 5 and PDF format
5 speed backing tracks
Detailed lesson description in Word format

Have fun and don't forget to check out the rest of my lessons

Rick Graham: Shredding Again - Do you even shred bro?

Got a new improvisation 101 series planned for my channel, stay tuned! LINKS:
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Shredding Again

Derryl Gabel: 12 Key Mastery Promo Clip

http://www.derrylgabel Okay, you have some chops, you know some licks but you find yourself getting lost unless you are playing in certain keys. Why? Want to be comfortable in every key? In this one hour video I show you my system for mastering harmonic devices such as scales and chords in all 12 keys. This is a time tested, proven method that I have used with my students for years and it works! It doesn't matter what style you play. If you are constantly getting lost playing over changes or you just want to be comfortable in every key not just a few and you're looking for a systematic approach for learning and memorizing scales and chords on the fretboard, this video is for you. This system not only works for scales and chords but can be applied to arpeggios, interval training, and licks. You'll also learn how to practice inversions and the harmonized scale or "chord scale" in all 12 keys. This is tremendous for comping! As I explain these ideas you'll have on screen neck diagrams to make it easy to follow along. I'd also like to mention one of the chords that I show is a triadic 7th(no5) which was not shown in my Mastering Chords and Harmony video. This triad is used by Allan Holdsworth and I'm going to show you how to create a chord scale with it. Included with the video are transcription files in guitar tab and standard notation. These transcription files are in the PDF and Guitar Pro formats. Also included are neck diagrams, charts, and backing tracks to make learning easier and fun. You'll also get to hear one of my newly unreleased guest solos at the end. If you are serious about becoming a better musician and guitarist let's get started today!

A promo video will be posted on youtube next week. I'll send out another email letting you know. Go to my Shop/Online Tuition page to read my student reviews that have learned this system.


2.Mapping Out Key Centers
3. Phase 1
4. Phase 1 Ascending the Key of C
5.Phase 1 Ascending in 12 Keys
6.Phase 1 Descending the Key of C
7.Phase 1 Descending in 12 Keys
8.Phase 2 - 12 Keys in Each Position
9.Chord Practice in 12 Keys
10.Major7th(no5) Inversions in 12 Keys
11.Chord Scale Practice
12.7th(no5) Chord Scale in 12 Keys
13. Credits and unreleased guest solo

Go here to order

12 Key Mastery Promo Clip

Billy McLaughlin, Rhett Butler: amazing players ... overcoming adversity!

One World
Rhett Butler
Billy McLaughlin and Rhett Butler at the One World Theater Sunday, April 26th. Tickets at www.OneWorldTheater.­com

Dhalif Ali: HRJAMS Fender Japan Telecaster

jamming to a funky backing track with my fender tele

HRJAMS Fender Japan Telecaster

Eric Calderone: Mortal Kombat Meets Metal (2015)

Mortal Kombat Meets Metal (2015)
Hey guys!

So as many many of you know, there is a new Mortal Kombat game coming out very soon. As many many of you know as well, Mortal Kombat is my favorite game of all time. I have owned every one since its inception and totally pretended I was Johnny Cage haha. I think I got across what I was trying to do the first time around with this tune but couldnt. I wanted to do it "in the style of the game" so I gave it a shot....again. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the world. Big BIG ups for ALWAYS rockin my casbah!

Best to ya


Joe Bonamassa: with Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

High Voltage 2011
Victoria Park London
Jethro Tull play a surprise encore with Joe Bonamassa on the Prog stage

Jethro Tull & Joe Bonamassa - Locomotive Breath

Scott Mishoe: Alien Licks -scored and tabbed lessons available

Demonstrating New And Over The Top Licks. Now Available, Scott Mishoe Lesson Packets. All Licks Are Scored And In Tab. Audio Is Included. Contact Scott At For More Info And To Place Orders For CDs And Lesson Packets.

Scott Mishoe Alien Licks