Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Janek Gwizdala, Alex Gunia, Morgan Ågren: Snowguard - The Värmdö Sessions

Snowguard - The Värmdö Sessions
by The Orchestral Trio - Janek Gwizdala/Morgan Agren/Alex Gunia

Recorded over three days in Sweden in the winter of 2013, this album is entirely improvised. Blending shades of Massive attack and Portishead together with the jazz background of three pioneers of modern music, this album sets the soundtrack to a multitude of moods, images, and dreams.

credits released 28 April 2015

Recorded: Värmdö Sweden, April 2013

Mixed: Brooklyn NY, March 2015 by John Davis
Mastered: Phoenix AZ, April 2015 by Nathan James
Artwork: Alex Gunia
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Alex Gunia - Guitar/Ableton Live
Janek Gwizdala - Bass

Luke Fortini: MOTO ROTATORIO - picking etude

Composed and performed by Luke Fortini. 2015

MOTO ROTATORIO by Luke Fortini

Pop the Sun, Remy Hansen: Jamming Red House

Ripping Blues edition with Pop the Sun, Remy Hansen Jamming Red House

Pop the Sun and Remy Hansen Jamming Red House

Dan Patlansky: Voodoo Chile,SA style... @ The Borderline

..Dan detail on this link: htto:// ...iTunes Download link:

Patlansky - Voodoo Chile,SA style... @ The Borderline

Tristan Klein: TC Electronics - Viscous Vibe demo

Tristan Klein demos the Viscous Vibe pedal from TC Electronic.

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Viscous Vibe demo by Tristan Klein

Zendhy Kusuma: very tasty Stratocaster tweakings

Zendhy Kusuma: very tasty Stratocaster tweakings

Zendhy Kusuma

Mark Kroos: Pedals Press the Floor - two hands, two necks tapping is back

Mark Kroos performs his piece "Pedals Press the Floor" from his album "Down Along the Lines of Joy" available at

Find Mark at
Mark Kroos - Pedals Press the Floor

Mike Gianelli: performs "Manipulator" live on EMGtv - nine string gains

Mike Gianelli gives EMGtv another nine string guitar performance featuring the EMG 909X pickups. Mike showcases how well EMG pickups hold together in the low register in this performance of "Manipulator". Check out this live performance and others ever week on EMGtv. Subscribe to EMGtv for automatic updates.
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Mike Gianelli performs "Manipulator" live on EMGtv

Evgen Tsibulin: Etude Gm asty legato

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Evgen Tsibulin - Etude Gm (Legato).

Angel Vivaldi: An Erisian Autumn - play through

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An Erisian Autumn play-through from "Universal Language" EP

Marshall Harrison, Troy Grady: Pickslanting and Sweeping - The Marshall Harrison Interview

Pickslanting and sweeping join forces in both directions to enable mesmerizing harmonic excursions in the playing of the amazing Marshall Harrison. Watch the complete interview now in Masters in Mechanics!

Pickslanting and Sweeping (The Marshall Harrison Interview, Chapter 1)

Misha Mansoor: Guitar Messenger- Periphery: Interview 2015 - Follow the link to check out the full interview with Periphery's Misha Mansoor, where he reveals the writing process behind Juggernaut, and shares his thoughts on marketing music in the digital age.

Misha Mansoor - Periphery: Interview 2015

Jeff Kollman: Kollmanation pedal+Arcane pickups - tasty soloing from a master

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Kollmanation pedal+Arcane pickups

Steve Vai, Akira Takasaki , George Lynch: Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2016 (East) Shredders From The Deep

Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2016 (East) Shredders From The Deep

Come sail with Tesla, Steve Vai, Queensrÿche, DORO, Y&T Kingdom Come, Lynch Mob (Official), Gus G, Dangerous TOYS Uli Jon Roth, Jeff Scott Soto Official Tyketto (The Official), Dio Disciples Vixen Killer Dwarfs, Lillian Axe Anvil Helix, Hellion ....MORE TO COME!

Guitars, great music and all the fun you have come to know that is TheMonsters of Rock Cruise and sailing on the Ncl Pearl,