Janek Gwizdala, Alex Gunia, Morgan Ågren: Snowguard - The Värmdö Sessions

Snowguard - The Värmdö Sessions
by The Orchestral Trio - Janek Gwizdala/Morgan Agren/Alex Gunia

Recorded over three days in Sweden in the winter of 2013, this album is entirely improvised. Blending shades of Massive attack and Portishead together with the jazz background of three pioneers of modern music, this album sets the soundtrack to a multitude of moods, images, and dreams.

credits released 28 April 2015

Recorded: Värmdö Sweden, April 2013

Mixed: Brooklyn NY, March 2015 by John Davis
Mastered: Phoenix AZ, April 2015 by Nathan James
Artwork: Alex Gunia
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Alex Gunia - Guitar/Ableton Live
Janek Gwizdala - Bass