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Bob Gjika: Shawn Lane - first and last remake of the stereo gold push pull amp

Description first and last remake of the stereo gold push pull amp

Gjika push pull stereo gold amp [ Shawn Lane] Gibson br9 lap steel

Li-sa-X: Polyphia "Aviator" - scary good Japanese 10 year old is back!

Polyphia さんの「Aviator」にチャレンジしてみました☆

Japanese 10 year old Li-sa-X plays "Aviator" by Polyphia.
Hope you enjoy it ☆
Polyphia "Aviator" cover / Li-sa-X (Japanese 10 year old girl)

John Petrucci: At Guitar Center - interview

John Petrucci dropped by the Carle Place, NY GC Platinum room and talked to us about his musical beginnings, the genesis of his sound, and signature guitars with Ernie Ball Music Man. For more info on John's signature Music Man Majesty go to and the JP15 go to Be sure to follow John Petrucci at http://www.JohnPetrucci.comand

John Petrucci At Guitar Center

Yngwie Malmsteen: Monsters of Rock 2015 - possibly the biggest number of Marshall's assembled in one place?

Yngwie Malmsteen with possibly the biggest number of Marshall's assembled in one place?... Must have 6 heads on top of one stack! :D

Yngwie Malmsteen Monsters of Rock 2015 Sao paulo brasil 0

Yngwie Malmsteen Monsters of Rock 2015 Sao paulo brasil 0

Yngwie Malmsteen Monsters of Rock 2015 Sao paulo brasil 0

Yngwie Malmsteen Monsters of Rock 2015 Sao paulo brasil 0

Jeff Loomis: Arch Enemy Stolen Life Play Through

Jeff Loomis demos Pro Tone Pedals with a performance of Arch Enemy's Stolen Life

Pro Tone Pedals Jeff Loomis Arch Enemy Stolen Life Play Through

Paolo Schianchi: 49-string guitar - Michael Jackson Tribute

Solo guitar Paolo Schianchi (
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Entirely performed live and recorded by myself while Artist in Residence in the USA.
No playback, no overdub, no fx, except for a stereo-delay and comp in the last part.
37-string (now 49-string) guitar designed by myself and the brilliant Argentinian luthier Carlos Roberto Michelutti.
Arrangement, audio & video recording (on a single camera, Canon 550D with a Sigma objective), DMX light programming, and video sync/editing (for the different camera angles, always shot totally live) by myself.
99% of camera movements were virtually post-created simply through video editing... during the video I was busy on the 49 strings...
Recorded with no mics, just an LR Baggs Element and a K&K system with an RME FireFace UFX using a Samson wireless system (to allow a super small and cheap kind of "dolly" to be thrown just in time... ...
Potpourri re-elaborated and completely rearranged for this special instrument by Paolo Schianchi as a tribute to the genius of Michael Jackson.

This is a DIY video, the first one I have ever shot. I am not a videomaker: I did my best with this camera while playing.
Hope you find it enjoyable, and if not, my apologies for wasting your time!

Oh, and by the way, the drummer's '60s permed hair style is just a microphone windscreen... :)
49-string guitar - Michael Jackson Tribute on 49 strings - impossible guitar cover - Paolo Schianchi

Dave Martone: Nacimiento - acoustic album featuring Satriani, Batten and Howe amongst others

• Dave Martone - Guitar, Cajon, Percussion
• David Spidel - Bass

Special Guest:
• Mike Michalkow: Percussion - "Threesome"

"Nacimiento" means birth or beginning. For Dave Martone, that means returning to his musical roots and revisiting his love of the nylon string guitar. The acoustic nylon string guitar has a warm, organic sound which fits the passion of the flamenco style on Dave’s new album. Dave brings his sense of style and musical energy to familiar movie and television tunes such as “Spider-Man”, “Rocky” and “The Godfather”; as well as hard rock favorites with Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and Europe’s “The Final Countdown”. Dave also performs guitar standards such as “Classical Gas”, “Maria Elena” and “Malagueña”. And, even Boney M’s lush disco classic “Rasputin” gets the flamenco treatment.

“My father started me off at age 6 on the nylon guitar and that is where I needed to return. I hope you can enjoy this album for what it means to me, and how I find the sound of the nylon guitar so inspiring, so raw, so pure, so beautiful."
Thank you
Dave Martone

• Dave Martone - Guitar and Vocals
• David Spidel - Bass
• Daniel Adair - Drums ("Clean")
• Gary Grace - Drums ("Live At Metalworks"

Special Guests:
• Joe Satriani: Guitar - "Clean"
• Billy Sheehan: Bass - "Clean"
• Jennifer Batten: Guitar - "Clean"
• Ric Fierabracci: Bass - "Clean"
• Greg Howe: Guitar - "Clean"
• Glen Drover: Guitar - "Live At Metalworks"

Influenced by San Francisco-based guitar demigod Joe Satriani and six-string trickster Steve Vai, Canadian instrumental guitar firebrand, Dave Martone, pelts us with a plethora of exceedingly fast riffs while drilling us with copious amounts of metallic overdrive. Since releasing his Magna Carta debut Clean, in 2008, Martone has garnered accolades from numerous music publications.
He's floored enthusiastic audiences across the globe with his obvious passion, superior technical ability and animated stage presence, and was handpicked to be the opening act for Joe Satriani's 2010/2011 Canadian tour.

The Martone express keeps rolling. On Sunday, September 25 at 3PM EDT, Martone and his labelmate Glen Drover (Megadeth, Testament) will perform live from the North Auditorium of Toronto's famed Metal Works studios for a special Internet Webcast sponsored by Magna Carta. Martone and Drover will each perform separate sets and then combine their talents for a final superjam with soon-to-be-announced special guests. "I'm looking forward to playing my butt off for everyone who signs on," says Martone. "I know I'm going to have as much fun as legally possible during that Internet broadcast."

Over the last decade, Martone has recorded several independent instrumental guitar records spotlighting his originality and fluidity on the instrument, including A Demon's Dream, Shut Up 'n' Listen and When the Aliens Come for labels such as Lion Music and Guitar Nine Records. Martone eventually inked a deal with Magna Carta Records and emerged with the critically lauded Clean, a record that marks a new beginning in Martone's life.

Featuring drummer Daniel Adair (3 Doors Down, Nickleback) and bassist David Spidel (Bo Bice), as well as special guests, guitarists Joe Satriani, Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) and Greg Howe (Justin Timberlake), and bassists Billy Sheehan and Ric Fierabracci (Dave Weckl, Yanni), Clean is a rare achievement, indeed.

"It takes commitment and a little bit of luck to establish a career in this musical vein," says Martone. "Anyone who plays instrumental guitar music is doing it for the love of the music."

“Live At Metalworks” captures audio/video performances by Dave Martone and Glen Drover which were streamed live over the internet on September 25, 2011. This show was viewed by over 25,000 people in over 63 countries around the World.

Dave Martone (a true modern guitar hero) performs with his band on such guitar virtuouso tracks as “The Goodie Squiggee Song” and “Dinky Pinky” from Martone’s Magna Carta debut, “Clean” (MA-90972). Other highlights of Martone's set include a cover of Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. Another special moment occurs when Martone brings Glen Drover on stage for an encore version of Joe Satriani’s “Crush Of Love”.

Dave Martone - "Rasputin" performance video

Milan Polak: Fake - live @ La Scimmia Nuda 2015

Milan Polak - vocal, guitar
Andrea Querin - bass
Alfredo Macuz - drums

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Copyright © Milan Polak 2015 All Rights Reserved

Milan Polak - Fake (live @ La Scimmia Nuda)

Denis Shvarts: Spiral Structures - Guitar Playthrough

Hey Guys! This is my new guitar playthrough. If you like it-please share this everywhere))))) Thanks for a watching \m/ STAY F**KING METAL!


Denis Shvarts ''Spiral Structures'' Guitar Playthrough

Rob Scallon: MAY-tallica is on! - Enter Sandman in reverse

MAY-tallica is on!

This video forwards:
Commentary, mp3, song stems, early access:

Mix by Fluff:
Packing peanut spilling & silly string spewing by Jory Caron:
Putting the rad in Skatebrading by Liam Walsh.

Solo was played on a Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Michael Christie, Rob Harper, Kipley, Brian Arsuaga, Michael M. Morgan, Charles Jones, James Bryant, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Lirielle, Syahmi Sadikin, John Hendrix, Amit Kumar, Justin Madsen, Vaughan Anthony Davies, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Cody Melcher, John Edward Farrago, Simon Johansson, Mitchell Riddell & many other awesome people on my patreon page
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Metallica - Enter Sandman (BACKWARDS cover)

Rick Graham: Joe Satriani - Time

Hey guys, I had so many requests to put this out there, so here it is. This is the improvised solo, with tabs by Jordan Baker, that I played to the incredible cover version made by Alan Sacha Laskow.
    Joe Satriani - Time (Solo with tabs)

    Wes Thrailkill: Fatal Flaw Exposition

    Fatal Flaw Exposition by Wes Thrailkill
    1. A Djeneric Changing of a Lightbulb05:17
    2. Unobserved Reactions 02:32
    3. Fiending for a Placebo 03:15
    4. Watdufucbra, Where's the Chupacabra? 01:49
    5. That's Miles Davis, Rolling in His Grave01:59
    6. Hamartia 02:00
    7. Nonexistential High Fives 03:15
    8. Only a Pawn 02:10

    Written/Performed/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by: Wes Thrailkill
    released 03 September 2014

    'Cheeba' Guitar Play Through

    Wes Thrailkill: Mammoth - inate - great new progressive metal digital album

    Pre-order of Innate. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.  releases 19 May 2015

    4 Panel CD Wallet with Inside Panel Portraits of the band by Matt Shaheen of Pomegranate Tiger. Front/Back and Disc Images by the Hubble Space Telescope. CD Design by Wes Thrailkill

    Includes digital pre-order of Innate. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.
    shipping out on or around 19 May 2015
    edition of 50
    Pre-order Now $10 USD or more
    Send as Gift

    1. Innate
    2. Ceremonial Design
    3. Repetition in Regression
    4. Dispositional
    5. Paradigm 05:25

    Guitars - Wes Thrailkill
    Bass - Chase Bryant
    Drums - Aliyar Kinik

    Drums Tracked by Mikal Reid in Woodland Hills, CA
    Strings Tracked by Wes Thrailkill in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
    Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Balsz in Chino Hills, CA
    Quotes and Inspiration taken from Frank Herbert's - Dune
    Inside CD Panel Art by Matt Shaheen in Windsor, Ontario
    Album Front/Back images by Hubble Space Telescope
    CD Designed by Wes Thrailkill
    Copyright Mammoth 2015

    New Mammoth EP 2015 Teaser

    Xavi Reija, Dusan Jevtovic: XADU - Random Abstract

    Xavi Reija, Dusan Jevtovic: XADU - Random Abstract

    A key advantage of playing complex instrumental music in a trio or quartet is the luxury of having one player free to keep the ball of melody in play while granting the other instrumentalists the freedom to harmonize, play counterpoint or just cut loose. This was the case for Dusan Jevtovic and Xavi Reija, when, along with bassist Bernat Hernandez and under Xavi’s name, they recorded 2014’s MoonJune release Resolution. Prior to that, though with Marko Djordjevic drumming, Dusan offered up 2013’s Am I Walking Wrong. Both of these trio releases pointed the way to a style of composition emphasizing melodic interplay and rhythmic complexity while not sacrificing the improvisatory nature that makes the music such a thrilling listen.

    In choosing to work as a two-man configuration called XaDu, Xavi and Dusan establish each composition with its intrinsic melodic and rhythmic components, then allow it to partially deconstruct as they explore the vast sonic palette of guitar and drumkit. Dusan’s guitar and pedalwork conjure a soundscape that can range from the introspective and almost ambient/atmospheric to the urgency of careening snowblind through a maelstrom of sound. Xavi is right in the vortex, coaxing riffs into life, laying chase to Dusan’s frenetic runs with his supremely musical tom work, or just falling away in a wash of cymbals when the wave of energy has crashed on the shore.

    Random Abstract bears witness to two musicians, working together to economically craft a very cinematic piece: math metal jazz and fuzzy fusion at the highest level. There is great joy to be found in listening to these two highly talented players coax only the very best from each other. XaDu is a most enthralling musical pairing, indeed.

    Agam Hamzah,Ade Irawan: LIGRO "Dictionary 3"

    LIGRO "Dictionary 3"
    After a nearly three-year absence, Indonesian jazz and fusion guitarist etraordinaire, Agam Hamzah, and his scintillating power trio make a powerful return to the spotlight with guns blazing! Ligro's Dictionary 3 makes good on all of the promise suggested by their 2012 international debut on MoonJune Records, Dictionary 2 – finding the group in commanding form, delivering a soulful, ambitious effort that rocks with brute force and conviction. Featuring a special guest appearance by the young Indonesian jazz keyboard prodigy, Ade Irawan (who is now based in Los Angeles, and was 18-years-old at the time of the recording), the album ventures to domains which highlight the amazing versatility, depth and unbridled sense of adventure that has become this multifaceted group's trademark. Highlighted by the sometimes-explosive, sometimes-syncopated, but always highly engaging rhythms of renowned players, master bassist, Adi Darmawan -- one of the Indonesia's busiest and most in-demand bass players -- and legendary drummer, Gusti Hendy (of the Indonesian mega pop-rock sensation Gigi), Dictionary 3 sees the band propelling each other to new musical heights, as they embark on a fresh journey that probes previously unexplored sonic terrain while keeping the accelerater mashed down to the floorboard!

    AGAM HAMZAH: guitar
    ADI DARMAWAN: bass guitar
    GUSTI HENDY: drums
    with Special Guest
    ADE M. IRAWAN: piano (Track 1)