Saturday, 23 May 2015

Kimura Yoshito: KUMOGAKURE guitar - Khufrdamo Notes - JDjent - Japanese Djent

"KUMOGAKURE" is the original song and guitar made and built by us.

This song is mixing Japanese melody and Djent sound.

We called this style "Japanese Djent".

We hope you like it!

Composition:Kimura Yoshito(k1mu)
Mixing:Kimura Yoshito(k1mu)
Original guitar: Naiki Akifumi(Nike)

KUMOGAKUE soundcloud:




Rob Garland: Chord Tone Soloing On The Blues Guitar Lesson

This lesson is taken from Rob Garland's TrueFire Classroom 'Guitar Babylon.'
Guitar lessons and music:

Lesson notes-
Using chord tones as a guide to solo with over a standard 12 bar blues progression in the key of C. Targeting the 3rd and b7th of the I-IV-V chords, connecting them to create lines. Practicing without a backing track outlining the changes then soloing with a backing track increasing the melodic content of your solo. Being aware of movement of tones between the chords such as the half step between the MAJ 3rd of the I chord to the b7th of the IV chord -This could also be thought of as outlining the MAJ 3rd (of the I chord) then dropping it to the b3rd, which is useful for visualizing pentatonic lines. Also the b7th of the I chord moving to the MAJ 3rd of the IV chord is another melodic half step movement. Experiment in different positions on the neck and in different keys. Try to see chord tones along with other devices such as the pentatonic/blues scale, arpeggios and the mixolydian mode. Onscreen captions provide additional information.

In this clip Rob played his Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special custom amplifier, strung his Tom Anderson with D'Addario strings and used Super Black Picks by Hell Guitars.

Chord Tone Soloing On The Blues Guitar Lesson With Rob Garland TrueFire Mesa Boogie D'Addario

Jason Sadites: hammer-on and open string shenanigans

This week Jason shows you an interesting run full of hammer-on and open string shenanigans...enjoy!

Please be sure to check out the websites: to catch the latest episode and Jason Sadites weekly Quick Lick.

Thanks for watching!!!
Amps & Axes Quick Lick #20 with Jason Sadites

Oz Noy: Asian Twistz - Live in Asia Interview from Vienna 2015

Interview with OZ NOY conducted on the occasion of his concert in Vienna on 20 April 2015. We talked with Oz about his live album „Asian Twistz", his playing and style, equipment, and how to evolve as a musician.

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OZ NOY „Asian Twistz - Live in Asia“ Interview

Kerb Ohm: Beatbox Funk Fusion Improvise

Kerb Ohm: Beatbox Funk Fusion Improvise

Beatbox and Guitar Funk rock improvise

Ben Higgins: Barbarian - performance play thorugh

Ben Higgins: Barbarian

From the album "BARBARIAN" out now

Ben Higgins - Guitars, bass
Andrew "Spring" De Carolis - Drums

Solo albums "MR. BADASS" & "BARBARIAN" Out now ! My Band
Badass Guitar Licks DVD out now:

Marco Ferro, Matteo Buti: "Iron Booty" - instrumetal duo strike back

Play-through video of the italian guitar players MATTEO BUTI and MARCO FERRO performing their original song “Iron Booty”.

“Iron Booty” was composed, arranged and performed by Matteo Buti & Marco Ferro
Programming, mix and master by Matteo Buti
Video editing by Marco Ferro

MATTEO BUTI (Schecter C1 6 strings guitar) plays with Thrash-Death Metal band SUBHUMAN (

MARCO FERRO (Ibanez S7721PB 7 strings guitar) plays with prog-djent band SYMBIOTIC (

Marco Ferro & Matteo Buti - "Iron Booty"

Doug Steele: George Lynch-isms - vibrato two and three string chords and trick in E

Doug Steele: George Lynch-isms - vibrato two and three string chords and trick in E

George Lynch-isms: vibrato two and three string chords

Lynch-isms: trick in E

Greg Howe: DV Mark and Carvin - Gear and Equipment 2015

Greg Howe - Gear and Equipment 2015
DV Mark
DV Mark Top-Artist Greg Howe talks us through his current rig, including his fantastic Signature DV MARK Maragold amp!

Eric Calderone: Win a guitar! Streaming concert!

Win a guitar! Streaming concert!

Joe Bonamassa: Remembering B.B. King - great tribute and insight into the connections.

Remembering B.B. King
“For many of us the thought of not having BB King on this earth seemed surreal. A man larger than life who was a constant, something you can set your watch to. The sun will rise and fall and B.B. King will play the blues. Sadly, today the sun rose but the music was silent. To say that the loss of B.B. King is devastating to the blues community is an understatement. He defined the blues, he was the blues. He brought blues to an audience that would never have found the blues if B.B. was not the conduit. Never again will there be another as good, gracious or as kind as Mr. King. When Mr. King came off the road last year I couldn't believe nor wanted to accept that I would never hear his nephew Walter King introduce him again, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the King of the Blues, Mr B.B. King!’ That combined with the fast shuffle and the horn stabs as the man himself walked onstage was enough to convince this kid on May 24, 1990 that a life in the blues was for me. The excitement those words caused over the thousands of shows to the millions of people will never be matched or equaled. Those shows that I saw - almost 50 in total over the past 25 years - changed my life. Thank you Mr. King for the inspiration, the motivation, the support, your friendship and, most importantly, the music which I love so dearly. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Per Nilsson: The Homo Zappians 2005

THE HOMO ZAPPIANS, live at Drömfabriken, Sandviken, Sweden, sometime in 2005

Rikard Sjöblom: vocals and keyboards
Per Nilsson: vocals and guitar
Pär Laurén: vocals and bass
Andreas Bölling: vocals and drums

PER NILSSON and THE HOMO ZAPPIANS live in 2005, part I