Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger returns - pre order the new album and other bonuses!


Legenday was released in 2005 and everything started with big bang in 2005. This year we are celebrating it all by releasing Mr. Fastfinger's new instrumental album "Spirit Rising".

Pre-Order and help us get the music released!


1. Pre-Order starts 28th of may.
2. Pre-Order ends 15th of june.
3. Pre-Orderers will get the album on 27th of july (CD delievery is an estimate. a download link will be given for starters)
4. Offical release of the album 5th of august 2015.


“Spirit Rising” continues the musical saga of Mr. Fastfinger. Groovy and melodic instrumental rock with emotional landscapes. Wild guitars are all over the picture it’s all for the sake expression and the power of music. The music exploring the ways of instrumental music mixes various elements and styles of rock, pop, metal, world, and film music. The erupting stereo sounds will take you on a vivid journey.


Mika Tyyskä – guitar
Thomas Törnroos – drums
Lasse Rantanen – bass

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) – keyboards leads on Spirit Hunt.
Michael Angelo Batio - demonic guitar solo on Bad Breath.
Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun) – drums on Great Blue Waves, Bad Breath and Spirit Hunt.
Jan-Olof Strandberg (Strandberg Project) – bass and groove on Rising Feel and Moonwaxer. Also a bass solo on Arise.
Kristoffer Gildenlöw (Solo, ex-Pain of Salvation) – fretless bass on Spirit Hunt.
Kalle Katz (Mr. Fastfinger Band) – kung-fu synth on Be Wind My Friend.
Sami Tupala – musical saw on Jump Like a Frog.
Andrey Sazonov – underwater ocean synths on Great Blue Waves.

Produced and Composed by Mika Tyyskä.

1. Rising Feel
2. Effortless
3. I Natural Wisdom
4. II Jump Like a Frog
5. III Forest Groove
6. Moonwaxer
7. Acoustic Rites
8. Great Blue Waves
9. Bad Breath (feat. Michael Angelo Batio)
10. Be Wind My Friend
11. Silver Cloud
12. Arise (feat. Jan-Olof Strandberg)
13. Spirit hunt (feat. Jordan Rudess)
14. Supervision
15. The Rite of The Exploding Guitar
15 tracks. 54 minutes long.

Coming Attractions: The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt

The album was produced together with another project. a 30 minute long movie which was made together with the master guitar maker, Juha Ruokangas (Ruokangas Guitars). The movie mixing cartoon and live action tells the story of Mr. Fastfinger's new guitar. Most of the music in this album was composed for the movie. Movie premieres 26th of August 2015.


You're not only buying the music. You're supporting my work. Pre-odering will help me to put this album out as it deserves to. This musical project has been going on since august 2012. By taking part in the pre-order you'll help me finance the mastering and the CD dublication costs. You will also me to be able to focus on the release and work on the nessecary marketing material such as editing together making of -material and produce play through videos of as many tunes as possible!


Animation character Mr. Fastfinger is guitarist Mika Tyyskä's alter-ego and channel of expression. Mr. Fastfinger's mission is to inspire and re-define the instrumental rock guitar scene. Mika Tyyskä is internationally well respected guitarist, know for his work for Jam Track Central and Guitar Bots -game and collaboration with companies like Hughes & Kettner and TC Electronic. Mika uses both visual and musical methods to tell stories. Mika also teaches guitar and is also know for his international guitar workshops.

“Mika Tyyskä is one of the most talented people that I know. He is a phenomenal guitar player as well as an accomplished graphic animator… If you have never checked out his work, you will be thanking me soon because this man is a one-of-a-kind and everyone should know about the creative light that shines from his inner being”-Jordan Rudess
More about Mika and Mr. Fastfinger

To further help this mission, please do let everyone know about the pre-sales.

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