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Andy Timmons, Mike Daane: WHO tribute: Baba O'Riley

The TIMMONATOR. If you're watching this, you already know all about Andy's reworked Beatles' material, which is fabulous. Here's an "in process" reworking of some WHO Classics, a la Timmons mash - up style. I will say, with all due respect, there is likely no clearly better player than Andy right now. I'd never say anyone in particular is the BEST, but I think nobody's CLEARLY better.
Too cool.............. little video problem at the beginning.
2015 Dallas Guitar Show

Andy Timmons / Mike Daane WHO tribute: Baba O'Riley

Tony Iommi, Mario Parga: Great Lefty: Live Forever - Tony heaps praise on Mario's work

Photo from the 2005 Fused sessions
Tony Iommi

A few words about the "Great Lefty: Live Forever" charity tribute CD that is out now. You can pick up a copy here:


Tony Iommi - Great Lefty Live Forever

great lefty live forever – tribute to tony iommi godfather of metal - Scarlet Pimpernel

Chelsea Constable, Grace Constable: Taylor Guitars - A Tribute To Jerry Reed - Jerry's Breakdown - stunning!

Hey it's Chelsea. Wanted to let everyone check out this new video featuring my 13 year old sister, Grace. This is our tribute to one of the all time greats...Mr. Jerry Reed (c.g.p.). It seemed that Jerry enjoyed playing nylon string guitars and Grace is going to be using one today in memory of Jerry. The guitars used are a Taylor 214ce-N and a Taylor 714ce. Looking forward to seeing everyone at CAAS (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society) in Nashville, July 8-11!

A Tribute To Jerry Reed - Jerry's Breakdown - featuring Grace and Chelsea Constable - Taylor Guitars

Ivan Mihaljevic, Julio Stotz: teaser and solo for new EP.

Progressive metal keyboard player Julio Stotz has posted a short audio sample from his second EP to SoundCloud. Apparently the new EP is 100% recorded and is only waiting to be mixed. It features a guest guitar solo by Ivan Mihaljevic. Check out the audio clip below:

And here's Ivan's solo:

Jake Bowen: Isometric - Periphery guitarist with new ambient electronic electronic trip hop album

Jake Bowen: Isometric

My name is Jake Bowen and this is my electronic music. I also play guitar for the band Periphery.

1. Mare Tranquillitatis 05:02
2. Angry God 04:30
3. Ganzfeld 06:07
4. City 1816 04:11
5. Tengu 04:01
6. Ligature 04:35
7. Omnitopia 05:06
8. Productable 03:45
9. Red Giant 06:24
10. Gravity and Friction 04:54

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: announce new EP - expect classy fusion

Preston Glasgow Lowe PGL EP 2013. 

Our new album (coming soon) will have more of this and other surprises too. Thanks to the 15k who've tuned in so far.

EP by Preston-Glasgow-Lowe

Luis Galang: ESP Teenage Guns contest winner - Guthrie Govan's "Waves"

Luis Galang: ESP Teenage Guns contest winner - Guthrie Govan's "Waves"

For those who were not able to attend the event, here's how 15-year-old Luis Galang nailed the championship title at the ESP Teenage Guns 2015 at Lyric Ayala Fairview Terraces on May 15, 2015.

#‎esp #‎ltd #‎espltd #‎guitars #‎guitarist #‎teenager #‎teen #‎philippines #‎lyricph #‎lyric50th

Luis Galang covering Guthrie Govan's "Waves" (ESP Teenage Guns contest)

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders - reissue of debut album due in July

On July 10, Prosthetic Records will release an expanded "encore edition" of the groundbreaking self-titled debut album by instrumental progressive metal pioneers ANIMALS AS LEADERS. It will include three bonus tracks -- the live setlist standard "Wave of Babies" (previously unavailable on CD), a 2001 demo called "Orea" and the never-before-heard "Kalimba," a short teaser for which can be seen above!

Physical editions of the album will include enhanced artwork featuring 3-D imagery and custom AAL 3-D glasses. Pre-orders are now available at

Gatefold digisleeve, "encore dition" of the band's groundbreaking debut includes three bonus tracks -- "Wave of Babies" (first time on CD!), the previously unreleased "Kalimba" and a 2001 demo called "Orea" -- as well as enhanced artwork featuring 3-D imagery. Custom AAL 3-D glasses included as well!

- CD + T-Shirt Bundle -
Bundle includes AAL s/t "encore edition" cd plus the classic "Gridlock" t-shirt



Animals As Leaders - "Kalimba" Teaser

Tom Caufield: Breakthrough Release ‘Things I Heard While in the Womb’

Contemplative Guitarist Tom Caufield Expands his Sonic Palette on Breakthrough Release ‘Things I Heard While in the Womb’

"Los Angeles - Tom Caufield is a contemplative guitarist with an uncommonly melodic style, and though his music shares traits with ambient music, one still walks away humming identifiable melodies that float in an effortless dream-stream, built into traditional verse-chorus-bridge structures. “I grew up on the popular rock, pop, folk and soul of the times,” says Caufield of his musical boyhood, “so even when I make contemplative mood music, I can’t help but infuse it with a strong melodic storyline.” That’s good news for listeners who love relaxing music and memorable hooks.

Blessed with an ineffable touch on the fret board, Caufield’s 6th release ‘Things I Heard While in the Womb,’ represents a breakthrough, bringing to fruition the promise of his earlier albums and giving birth to something wholly unique – his own distinctive take on what can be done with the modern, acoustic guitar based album. After four sparse, contemplative, ‘guitarist alone in a cathedral’ albums, Caufield desired to capture more of the depth of engagement on offer from the side-long tracks of classic ‘70s prog-rock and ambient albums (think: Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports,’ and Mike Oldfield’s ‘Ommadawn’), and so created and released the 22 minute single ‘Rust of the New Babylon.’

“I thought of my favorite artists, and reimagined the context,” says Caufield. “I wondered what it would sound like were Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana to grab a couple of acoustic guitars and trade licks, after hours, backed up by ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ era Pink Floyd.”

The whole thing works – with blues and Spanish tinged phrases dancing like lace and pain over a soft, natural, wooden bass, brush-kit drums, Fender Rhodes and Hammond organ backing, creating a groove that sounds like ‘giant seaweed swaying.’ In addition to a larger sonic palette, Caufield also discovered another crucial element in making a sound all his own: improvisation, adding this to his already formidable compositions skills.

“Music to slow the relentless pace of life” – Bruce Gall, Atmospheres/One World Music

“My foundation, my most crucial starting point, is that I try and emulate the dynamics, cycles and patterns of nature,” says Caufield, “and reinforce the idea that metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics are simply different languages expressing the same idea. It’s hopefully, all together, a way of giving a voice to the inarticulate speech of the heart.”

The new album journeys farther into this sonic territory. From the 24 minute opener “Waif Among the Reeds”, one is swept into a seductive dreamworld of spiraling, elegant, Spanish, pop, folk and blues tinged guitar, composed and improvised soloing, accompanied by creamy, retro Moog synthesizers and Arp synth strings. The phrases echo the minimal Zen restraint of Weather Report era Wayne Shorter – more suggestions than finished melodies.

The poignant reverie ‘Rubies on Fallen Leaves’ and epic ‘Palace of Broken Mirrors’ round out the collection.

Citing Harold Budd, Mike Oldfield, Tony Banks, Vangelis, & Brian Eno as his primary musical models, Caufield admits to relating more to ambient music artists and their aesthetic ideals than other acoustic guitarists, who he feels are “more structured, roots-based or conversely, adventurous and explorative than I’m aiming to be.” His main influence as a guitarist is probably Carlos Santana, and “the simplified Andres Segovia pieces that were assigned to me when I first took lessons.” He also cites as influences, and offers admiration for Will Ackerman, Ralph Towner, and Pierre Bensusan.

Caufield’s first four albums all charted in the Top 20 of Zone Music Reporters’ Top 100 Radio Airplay Charts, with his debut, ‘The Slow Dance of Time’ making the Top 10. His music has been featured on John Diliberto’s syndicated NPR program ‘Echoes,’ and is a regular feature on Music Exchange’s streaming network ‘Soundscapes,’ in addition to receiving airplay on over 50 airwaves based stations nationwide.

“There is a level of emotional clarity in this music that is a rare find.”– RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

Caufield’s aim is to convey emotion as directly as possible, yet leave lots of space for listeners to find room for themselves inside the music. Eschewing busy arrangements and speedy passages, his compositions are minimalist, sparse and create an experience that is relaxing, yet involving.

Offering a chill blend of creamy, retro yet modern music that will amplify the sound of your heart and soul, Caufield’s sound is a 21st century take on contemplative instrumental music. Wooden and natural, peaceful and evocative, ancient yet modern (i.e.: timeless), accessible, yet hinting at life's complexity, Tom Caufield’s music will transport you to a place you probably don’t visit enough - your deeper self.

Watch Tom Caufield in Live Performance

Video:“The Weakness That Leads to Strength”

To purchase Tom Caufield’s “Things I Heard While in the Womb”:

Artist Information:

Stuart Hamm, Alex Skolnick, Joel Taylor: Stu announces East Coast Tour Dates

“The Book of Lies” Out Now


Having stunned audiences across the world with his innovative playing, STU HAMM has made a name as the go-to bass player for the world’s great musicians. Time spent playing with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani has cemented his place among the greats and gaveHAMM the platform to display his pioneering bass techniques to adoring crowds worldwide. Now, promoting the release of his newest solo album, The Book Of LiesHAMM takes to the road with new music and will also debut his petite suite for solo bass. 

The breadth of HAMM’s range is legendary and is what is at the heart of The Book Of Lies. The title track introduces a fine style, complete with a subtle blues bass-line, later evolving into a funk jam with horns and guitar. “Back To Shabalalla” owes a debt to the loping, infectious rhythms of Afrobeat, while “Etude” is a classical piece of the type that made HAMM famous. The amazing final piece, a seven-minute epic titled “L.S.D.” ranges from a Beatles homage to a fully-leaded bass shredfest.

A gut rumbling mix of new and old hits, mixed with HAMMs trademark humor, make for a unique show like no other.  The Tour will begin on July 6 in Largo, FL and wind its way up the east coast to a grand finish at The Iridium in New York on July 16th.  Joining Stu in The Stu Hamm Band are Alex Skolnick (Testament) on guitar and Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, Al DiMeola) on drums.

The STU HAMM Band East Coast Tour Itinerary:
July 6      Largo Cultural Center                          Largo, FL
July 8      Neighbourhood Theatre                        Charlotte, NC
July 9      The Rusty Nail                                    Wilmington, NC
July 10    The Saint                                             Asbury Park, NJ
July 11    Van Dyck                                             Schenectady, NY
July 12    L’alize                                                   Montreal, QU
July 14    Havana                                                  New Hope, PA
July 15    Regattabar                                             Cambridge, MA
July 16    The Iridium                                            New York, NY

STU HAMM Solo Dates:
July 5      Sam Ash (Clinic)                                    Tampa, FL
July 7      Sam Ash (Clinic)                                    Atlanta, GA
July 23    Music CafĂ©                                            Conroe, TX
July 25    The Rear Window                                 Ganado, TX
July 26    The Live Oak                                         Dallas, TX

More dates TBA

News: Popdose Compilation to Raise Funds to Fight Multiple Myeloma to Be Released June 2

You Can’t Live on Love Alone: Songs for the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma features previously unreleased recordings by Don Dixon, Jim Peterik, Jules Shear and Steve Poltz

Popdose, one of the Internet’s leading websites for pop culture, has brought together many of its favorite musicians to raise funds to combat multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer that is incurable, but treatable. You Can’t Live on Love Alone: Songs for the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma will be available as a digital-only release on June 2 on Amazon.

The compilation will also be made available at a later date for purchase on iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp.

The project began in March 2014 when former music publicist Pigeon O’Brien, a longtime friend of many of the site’s staff, was diagnosed with the disease. Wanting to help with her medical bills, Popdose founder and editor-in-chief Jeff Giles came up with the idea of releasing a benefit CD built around acoustic performances from the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour interview podcast he hosted at the site with Matt Wardlaw. The duo reached out to the musicians for permission, and other writers for the site contacted publicists and artists they knew for contributions.  All that was asked was that it not be a sad song.

“This was a true labor of love for a wonderful friend in need,” says Wardlaw. “We both knew that we were sitting on a nice archive of live performances from our podcast that we could easily get permission to use. Beyond that, Popdose reached out to some of those longtime favorite artists that had become friends and connections over the years. “

The 19 songs on You Can’t Live on Love Alone come from artists ranging from multi-platinum and Grammy-winning musicians and producers to some of the most innovative up-and-coming artists of today. Its title track comes courtesy of Justin Currie of Del Amitri, who contributed a demo of an unreleased song.  Jim Peterik (Survivor, Ides of March) and Steve Poltz (Jewel) are among those whose performances have been heard on the podcast.  Jules Shear (Cyndi Lauper, the Bangles) and Don Dixon (R.E.M., the Smithereens) donated previously unreleased songs.

In addition, Blue Sky Riders, featuring Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr, gave permission to use “Dream,” from their Live at the Rutledge EP. Scout, who performed on The Sopranos in 2001 (as “The Miami Relatives”), donated a cover of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” from their out-of-print “All I Want Is You” maxi-single. Joshua Jesty recorded his take on Starship’s “We Built This City” specifically for the project.

The immediate proceeds from sales of You Can’t Live on Love Alone will go directly to Pigeon to help defray her medical expenses. In the long-term, they will be donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Once compiled, the recordings were sent to engineer Jacob Detering at Red Pill Entertainment, who gave the tracks a degree of sonic consistency and turned it into what Giles described as a "crazy quilt." Music business veteran George Howard, a friend of Popdose for many years, offered advice.

Wardlaw adds, “We just wanted to create a good collection of music that people would enjoy and, hopefully, send them away with a few new groups and artists to learn more about. That's a pretty appropriate goal, considering that Pigeon spent part of her career similarly seeking to introduce music fans to bands that she loves.” 

You Can’t Live on Love Alone: Songs for the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma Track Listing

1. “Let Me Be Your Witness” — Brandon Schott. Previously unreleased live track recorded in 2009 during Schott’s dates in support of his album Dandelion, which was recorded over the one-year anniversary of Brandon’s own diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer.
2. “Swallowing Pride” — Don Dixon. Previously unreleased demo recorded in 1983 for the Me & Dixon project featuring Dixon on bass, Parthenon Huxley on guitar and Rob Ladd on drums.
3. “Little to the Left”— Nat Osborn. Previously unreleased. Recorded live for the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour on 03/22/13.
4. “No Rest for the Wicked” — Donnie Iris & the Cruisers. Released on the Ellwood City album.
5. “Home”— Jason Myles Goss. Demo of a track from Jason’s 2012 release, Radio Dial.
6. “Honky Tonking Tonight” — Philip Gibbs. Released on the Box Canyon Blues album.
7. “Blame It All on the Wind” — Jay Nash. Previously unreleased. Recorded live for the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour on 02/12/13.
8. “I Take It on Faith” — Roscoe Born. Previously available only on YouTube. One of many recordings from the Emmy-nominated actor and songwriter.
9. “Do What You Gotta Do” — Don Rosler & Jay Ward. Recorded in 2007 and previously only available on their websites.
10. “Vehicle” — Jim Peterik. Previously unreleased acoustic version of the Peterik-penned No. 2 hit for the Ides of March. Recorded live for the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour on 12/06/12
11. “Dream” — Blue Sky Riders. Released on the Live at the Rutledge EP
12. “Any Way You Want It” – Scout. Cover of the Journey hit from the out-of-print All I Want Is You CD maxi-single.
13. “Cut and Dry” — Patti Rothberg. Released on the Overnight Sensation album.
14. “Good Will” — Emily Hurd. Released on the Any Given Day album.
15. “You Can’t Live on Love Alone” [Demo] — Justin Currie. Previously unreleased demo recorded during sessions in between What Is Love For and The Great War.
16. “Rock Paper Scissors” — Julian Velard & Bleu. Recorded in 2007 and released on the 15 Years of B-Sides compilation.
17. “Do You Wrong” — Jules Shear. Previously unreleased song from the Longer to Get to Yesterday sessions.
18. “Conversations with the Moon” — Steve Poltz. Previously unreleased. Recorded live for the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour on 06/05/12.
19. “We Built This City” — Joshua Jesty. Cover of the Starship hit recorded specifically for this compilation.

News: PRS Guitars 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift Event

PRS Guitars 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift Event
(STEVENSVILLE, MD) June 1, 2015 – This summer PRS is saying thank you to everyone who buys a NEW PRS Archon amplifier and/or a NEW PRS Custom 24 guitar* with a unique gift.
In continued celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we are commemorating the model that started it all – the Custom 24. The PRS “Custom” was the first model Paul Smith sold back in 1985 and has been a consistent best seller since. The iconic Custom 24 has the versatility to handle the needs of artists as diverse as Tom Johnston (Doobie Brothers), Ryan Knight (Black Dahlia Murder), and Jeff Czum (Cute is What We Aim For). The thank you gift for purchases of any new PRS Custom 24 guitar* from an Authorized PRS Dealer during the promotion period includes:
• Twelve (12) sets of PRS electric guitar strings in the standard gauge of your choice (gauge options: 9-42, 9.5-44, 10-46, 11-49, 12-52, DGT, 12-String)
 • A PRS 30th Anniversary t-shirt (black. size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
Approximate retail value of this 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift is: $150.22
While the Custom 24 represents 30 years of guitar making, this is also a time to look to the future with the PRS Archon amplifier family. Whether you are looking for a 100-watt high-gain monster or a low-wattage tube amp that is as responsive and flexible as its big brothers, you can find your fit within the Archon family. The Archon was immediately embraced by a host of top tier players, including Dustie Waring (Between the Buried and Me), Ryan Johnson (The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show), and Trevor Young (SOJA). Check one out to experience what got their attention. The thank you gift for purchases of any new PRS Archon amplifier from an Authorized PRS Dealer during the promotion period includes:
            • A PRS amp cover
            • A PRS 30th Anniversary t-shirt (black. size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
            Approximate retail value of this 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift is: $65.18
To receive a PRS 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift, simply purchase a new PRS Custom 24 guitar or a new PRS Archon amplifier between June 1, 2015 – August 31, 2015 and mail your receipt, including the serial number of the instrument/amplifier, string gauge choice (if applicable), shirt size, a valid home address, name, and phone number or email address to:
PRS Guitars
Attn: 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift
380 Log Canoe Circle
Stevensville, MD 21666

Upon submission of your receipt, you will be sent a PRS 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping. All information must be postmarked no later than September 12th to qualify.

The “PRS 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift” is open to legal U.S. residents currently residing in the 50 United States including the District of Columbia who are the age of majority in their jurisdiction or territory of residence as of the date of entry.  Sponsor reserves the right to verify the eligibility of winners. Certain PRS Custom 24 models are excluded from this promotion; see website for details and Official Rules:

Simone Dow: The Deluxe Limited Edition Double Vinyl version of "V" is available now.


Tone Deaf, Beat, The Brag, Metal Obsession, Incendia Music Management,
Bird’s Robe Records & Wild Thing Presents

'SEASONS OF AGE' Australian Tour

Thursday, May 21: Adelaide - Jive
Friday, May 22: Canberra - The Basement
Saturday, May 23: Sydney - The Factory Floor
Friday, May 29: Melbourne - The Evelyn
Saturday, May 30: Brisbane - The Brightside
Friday, June 5: Perth - Amplifier
Saturday, June 6: Bunbury - Prince Of Wales

Tickets are onsale now via, Oztix & the Venues.

Official Event Page

Paul Wardingham: new album details announced

Introducing, THE HUMAN AFFLICTION By Paul Wardingham

It's here. I am pleased to announce that my new album The Human Affliction is finally finished.

I feel this is by far my best work to date.

The Human Affliction will feature 11 tracks, plus 1 bonus track will also be released.

Look out for info which will include an album sneak peak and pre-order release date.

In the meantime, here is the amazing album cover by Colin Marks. You're the first in the world to see this!

Thanks for your continued support.

Paul Wardingham
The Human Affliction

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Tom Morello: RUSH perform spine surgery on Tim Commerford Future User - Voodoo Juju

Debut album #SteroidsOrHeroin available now on iTunes:
Stream it now on:

Future User - Voodoo Juju

Samantha Fish: Wild Heart CD - pre order

Wild Heart CD (2015) PRE-SALE!


Track listing
1. Road Runner
2. Place to Fall
3. Blame it on the Moon
4. Highway's Holding Me Now
5. Go Home
6. Jim Lee Blues Pt. 1
7. Turn It Up
8. Show Me
9. Lost Myself
10. Wild Heart
11. Bitch on the Run
12. I'm In Love With You

Jason Sadites: ngwie inspired diminished craziness

This week Jason tries his hand at some Yngwie inspired diminished craziness to satisfy all your neo-classical fusion cravings :-) Enjoy!

Please be sure to check out the websites: to catch the latest episode and Jason Sadites weekly Quick Lick.

Thanks for watching!!!

Amps & Axes Quick Lick #21 with Jason Sadites

Tom Quayle: updated the gear section of the web site!

Tom Quayle

Finally got round to updating the gear section of my site.