Monday, 22 June 2015

‎Øyvind Owane Pedersen: Summer Jam - promo video for a future CD - classy playing and composition

Now that most of my job with the EP is done, I caught myself having some extra sparetime left hehe. So I decided to make this video of a new country song that will be on my next EP/album. Not the upcoming, but the next after that. EP is hopefully out in July! Have a nice summer!

Owane - Summer Jam

Shinichi Kobayashi: Koin Gotoshi Arrows

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hope landlord會喜歡strongest guitar audition legendary "GIT MASTERS ( http: / /Mi-japan.Com/gitmasters/ ) " This is the MI JAPAN Osaka School GIT instructor Goriku protect teacher version of the repertoire by Shinichi Kobayashi is the Jury President "Koin Gotoshi Arrows".Commentary and exercise of sheet music Young guitar June 2015 issue ( Http://Youngguitar.Jp/yg/yg-201506 have been posted on).

GIT MASTERS 2015 repertoire "of Koin arrow Gotoshi" baboon king

Sam Coulson: Back Home... The Screaming Strat - New Modifications!

I just bought back this amazing guitar.

I sold it in 2012 when I was about to move back to England for a while. So pleased to have it back

The Screaming Strat - New Modifications!

Frank Fleckenstein: Kiesel Lithium KL12 Pick up Demo on V6 Kiesel Vader

Kiesel Lithium passive KL12 pickups loaded in a Kiesel V6 VADER The new Kiesel Lithium Series Passive pickups are truly amazing, great focus, articulation, tone and sustain. These are available in 6, 7 or 8 string both Neck and Bridge.
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Player: Frank Fleckenstein
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Kiesel Lithium KL12 Pick up Demo on V6 Kiesel Vader

Niko Tsonev: Improv over a Jimmy Herring - Aquarium Rescue Unit

A "sit and start playing" Improv over a Jimmy Herring (Aquarium Rescue Unit) tune. Using my Suhr Custom into the amazing Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 Head (at 1W setting and at really low neighbour-friendly levels, hence the cab mic picking the chair squeaks).

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Improv over a Jimmy Herring (Aquarium Rescue Unit) tune.

mprov over a Jimmy Herring (Aquarium Rescue Unit) tune.

Francesco Fareri: Alternate picking sequence on two strings

SHRED ACTION supported by Guitar School TotalShredGuitar

Alternate Picking: this an alternate picking sequence based on G Major scale on two strings. I hope you enjoy it.

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SHRED ACTION #02: Alternate picking sequence on two strings

Rob Chapman: The Chapman ML-1 Norseman

In collaboration with Evenstad Musikk in Norway, Chapman Guitars is pleased to announce the ML-1 Norseman!

This guitar will be exclusively available from Evenstad Musikk-Distribusjon in Norway for the first 3 months of production. After that all Chapman Guitars retailers will be able to order the guitar.

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Greeting I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Joe Satriani,Doug Doppler: Full Concert - Golden Gate Park 1991

Joe Satriani - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 11/3/1991 - Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, CA)

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0:00:00 - Always With Me, Always With You
0:04:09 - The Crush Of Love

Joe Satriani - lead guitar
Randy Jackson - bass
Denny Carmassi - drums
Jeff Campitelli - percussion
Doug Doppler - rhythm guitar

From the first public Mime Troupe events in 1965, to his untimely death in 1991, Bill Graham set the standard for excellence in concert presentations and in doing so, redefined the art of communication for an entire generation. To honor Bill Graham, Steve Kahn, and Melissa Gold, the BGP staff organized a free concert in Golden Gate Park for Sunday, November 3. Mother Nature cooperated and provided a comfortable and cloudless day as 300,000 people gathered in the Polo Field of Golden Gate Park.

Although the Grateful Dead were expected to make an appearance, the list of performers was kept well under wraps and few had any idea who exactly would be performing. It didn't seem to matter though, as the feeling that permeated the crowd was one of quiet reflection. It was to be a peaceful day in beautiful surroundings with plenty of friends and live music.

This concert marked the end of an era, but also memorialized Bill Graham in a manner that was fitting -- a free concert in the heart of where it all started. The sad circumstances aside, this was truly a celebration of Graham's life and as the poster for this event noted, it was to be a day filled with Laughter, Love, and Music.

With the words "Time to get electric!," Jerry Pompili introduces guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani to the stage. Accompanied by the friends assembled for this special performance, Satriani opens with the appropriately titled, "Always With Me, Always With You." This mournful, yet celebratory instrumental, features Satriani's usual soaring guitar work, but here sounding more spiritual and introspective than his usual fare.

After introducing his band members, which include Randy Jackson (now well known for his seat as an American Idol judge) on bass, and drummer, Denny Carmassi, as his rhythm section, the group launches into "The Crush of Love," a pummeling instrumental workout, again featuring extraordinary guitar work from Satriani, while raising the bar for all the performers yet to come.

Joe Satriani - Full Concert - 11/03/91 - Golden Gate Park (OFFICIAL)

Jordan Smith: Red Barrage Aquarium - impressive Brett Garsed Solo Cover

Link to the "Fernandes/Hallebeek/Fierabracci/Ga­alaas ft. Brett Garsed" arrangement:

Love what those insane musicians did with their interpretation of this track from 'Sonic Adventure (Sega, 1998)' so thought i'd learn Brett Garsed's solo from it. Was a real challenge for me to transcribe (and attempt to play!)
"Red Barrage Aquarium" - Brett Garsed Solo Cover (Fernandes/Hallebeek/Fierabracci/Gaalaas)

Keith Merrow: The Mirelands - Driftwood Purple Nightmare Amp Demo, Metal

The song is called "The Mirelands" and is from an unreleased project.

Signal Chain- Schecter KM-7 with Duncan Alpha/Omega pickups- Driftwood Purple Nightmare- ISOcab with Celestion Creamback- SM57 Mic- UA Apollo Quad- Studio One DAW.

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The tuning is A E A D G B E. Strings are Ernie Ball Cobalt 9-46 with a 62 low.

Keith Merrow- Driftwood Purple Nightmare Amp Demo, Metal

Scott Mishoe: Now accepting students for lessons on skype.

Scott Mishoe
Now accepting students for lessons on skype. For info about lessons, lesson packets and cds please contact me at scottymishoe@gmail.Com. My lesson packets are one of a kind. Highly advanced licks that will give you insight into my approach to soloing. All licks are written out in tab and include audio of each lick played fast and then slow. At this time i am offering package deals at great prices. Enjoy my video of my slap grooves and techniques i commonly use for this unique style of playing. Take care and look forward to hearing from you my friends. Thank you for your support.

Scott Mishoe 05/31/12 " Slap Guitar Grooves "

Gus Drax: Siggi Braun Little Crow 20th - Beyond The Darkest Sun

Gus Drax - Siggi Braun Little Crow 20th (Beyond The Darkest Sun)
Gus Drax
Hello my friends!

Check out my first official video with Siggi Braun - Fine Young Guitars performing "Beyond The Darkest Sun" from SUNBURST and announcing my new Signature model with this Incredible Guitar Brand.
In this one I'm using the "Little Crow" 20th Anniversary 6string model and its the first time performing "BTDS" on a 6string guitar!!
So...check out th HD video and Share!!!
emoticon grin

Huge "Thank You" to Mr Siggi Braun for having me in the family and everyone for welcoming me and the great time I had in the Siggi Braun Factory shooting this video(s). And of course to Mr Martin Winkler for his amazing and hard work on the audio and the video that you are about to watch.
More video material and exciting news...Soon!!

- Siggi Braun Little Crow 20th Anniversary guitar

- Engl Amps Invader II Head

Eric Calderone: talks about Facebook issues and new goodies coming up on YouTube

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Free Stuff, Good Stuff, and the Ugly

Paul Wardingham: Cyber Licks Episode #2 - Convergence - extreme exotic licks

Episode #2 of my Cyber Licks video series is now live!

It's a guitar lick from a song called "Convergence", the next single soon to be released from The Human Affliction.

Cyber Licks Episode #2 (video + free tab)

Each week, I'll demonstrate a new lick and give away a free guitar tab.

If you missed Episode #1 from last week, you can watch the video and download the guitar tab here:

Cyber Licks Episode #1 (video + free tab)

I've had some excellent suggestions for licks to cover in future Cyber Licksepisodes so far. Keep them coming! You can suggest anything from Assimilate Regenerate, Interactive or any of my guest solos.

A full list of my guest solo appearances can be found here:


Paul Wardingham
The Human Affliction

Jared James Nichols: UK tour dates June 2015

Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jared James Nichols, who just released his critically acclaimed new album Old Glory & The Wild Revival, is set to play three concerts in the UK in June.


London, The Blackheart
Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Tel: 0207 428 9730
3 Greenland Place, Camden Town, London, NW1 OAP

Leeds, Duck & Drake
Wednesday 24th June 2015
Tel. 0113 245 5432
43 Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DR

Southampton, The Hobbit
Thursday 25th June 2015
Tel: 023 8023 2591
134 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0JZ