Saturday, 27 June 2015

Arjen Lucassen: announces Guilt Machine vinyl pre-order!

Arjen Lucassen announces Guilt Machine vinyl pre-order!
We've got a special announcement from Arjen Lucassen especially for you!

Yes, that's right! On September 18, 2015 Mascot Records will finally release Arjen Lucassen's Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day on glorious vinyl!
Only in the Guilt Machine shop, you can get the vinyl in 3 different colors (orange, gold and green), as well as bundles with a specially made T-shirt. Each vinyl color is limited to 100 numbered copies.

But wait, that's not all.... They will all be autographed by Arjen Lucassen and Lori Linstruth!

The regular shop will have 80 of each vinyl, and the US/Canada shop will have 20 of each available.

We expect these to go fast so PRE-ORDER NOW!

Andy James: Extreme Tapping Technique Lesson

Extreme Tapping Technique | Andy James Lesson
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons
Learn killer tapping techniques with Andy James! From one string scale and arpeggio ideas to full blown multi fingered taps blazing across the fretboard. Learn more techniques here

Do you wan't to improve your playing? Why not join as a member of lick library, there's a package that will suit everyone. Click here for more details

Ignazio Di Salvo: Donna lee challenge

Hello everybody!
Here's my video answer to this challenge on facebook started by Tom Quayle, Luca Mantovanelli and many others.
I hope you'll enjoy the solo, sorry for the camera video.

Ignazio Di Salvo - Donna lee challenge

David Maxim Micic: new album EGO - Teaser #1

David Maxim Micic | EGO | Teaser #1
David Maxim Micic
EGO | July 12

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Stay fab!

Roma Ivakov: Deconstruct from up coming album Soldier - featuring Andrey Sazonov

Hey guys, this is the second last track off 'Soldier'. The album will drop July 7, 2015!
Roma Ivakov - Deconstruct (ft. Andrey Sazonov)

Matt Cafissi: new album Flesh + Bone announced

Matt Cafissi
New album FLESH + BONE out now!
Album available as a digital download:
Google Play
Xbox Music
Tim Music
Official Store


Luca Mantovanelli: 20 Sax Inspired Funky Licks

20 Sax Inspired Funky Licks

We have something very cool and different for you that you're not going to want to miss! We all know that saxophone players are renowned for their inspirational phrasing, articulation and groove. Now, Luca Mantovanelli shows you exactly how to take these 20 fantastic saxophone licks and interpret them into your own playing.

Luca says 'Learning saxophone lines for guitar is one of the best ways to improve your improvisational skills. We gave this funky backing track to British sax player Rob Hughes who created 20 awesome licks that I could then interpret on guitar. What we end up with is a lot of great new lines, ideas and ways to get you playing and thinking outside of the usual improvisational box.'

On the theory and technique front you can expect lots of Dorian, Pentatonic and Blues scales, slides, bends, chromatic passing tones, triad lines, and a few exotic sounding scales like Harmonic Minor and Altered fragments.

In each lick video, Rob Hughes plays the lick on his saxophone, and then Luca shows you exactly how to play the lick on your guitar! We have also included slow versions of the licks, accurate TAB/Notation and bonus lick notes, all to help you analyse, study and master these inspirational and creative saxophone licks.

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Jeff Kollman: announced for Sebastian Bach tour

We are pleased to welcome guitarist Jeff Kollman to the band! I first saw Jeff play with Chad Smiths' Bombastic Meat Bats at the Baked Potato in Studio City California a couple weeks ago. He plays in the Meat Bats along with my bass player Kevin Chown, who is also joining us tonight in Kansas City with Bobby Jarzombek on the drums. Jeff Kollman has played with Tony MacAlpine, Asia, to name a few. He's a shredder of the highest order and we are psyched to rock with him!"

Bach has added a string of live dates in Australia and New Zealand this September as part of his 18 And Live World Tour 2015. HIs schedule is as follows:

18 - Christchurch, New Zealand - Bedford
19 - Auckland, New Zealand - The Studio
22 - Brisbane, Australia - Tivoli Theatre
23 - Sydney, Australia - Metro Theatre
25 - Melbourne, Australia - Forum Theatre
26 - Adelaide, Australia - The Gov
27 - Perth, Australia - Astor Theatre