Friday, 10 July 2015

Richard Daudé: on jazz guitar - nice!

Richard Daudé: on jazz guitar - nice!

"Monsters Inc" (jazz guitar version)

Paul Masvidal: announces clinic and new Cynic tour

Paul Masvidal
We are ecstatic to be coming to Europe and sharing the Cynic frequency with fans across the pond. Cynic will be performing as a trio with many new surprises yet to be seen and heard in this tight format. Also pleased to have Tides Of Nebula and my new project with Amy Correia called Onward with Love (OwL) to share with the community!

Master class/clinic at Musicians Institute in Hollywood July 14. This is a private clinic for students but if there's any local guitarists that would like to attend please email me at and I can add you to a guest list.

Andre Nieri,Virgil Donati: upcoming US tour announed

Virgil Donati

I'll be kicking off my tour in NYC, on September 2 & 3... more dates to follow...
including Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago!

Joe Marro: added to new Shreyas Skandan project

Joe Marro

I'm excited to announce that I will be apart of Shreyas Skandan's musical endeavors once again. Many months back, I did another guest solo for him and even added some additional atmospheres and layers. I cannot wait to hear the track, I think the solo I laid down is one of my favorites! here is his first EP and I play on the first track. The even more exciting thing is...the new song will be under a different, more familiar name!

1. Astron Nomos 05:15
2. Mariner 05:12
3. The Philosopher's Curse 03:39

This EP features guest spots from some incredible musicians - Joe Marro on Astron Nomos, Rune Berre on Mariner and Shivram Krishnan on pianos throughout the EP.

The EP was mixed and mastered by Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor.
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You can follow The Shreyas Skandan Project:

The photograph used in the album cover was purchased via Can Stock Photo.

TSSP EP was recorded using Daemoness Guitars, Bareknuckle Blackhawk Pickups, Warwick Basses, Fractal Audio AXE FX 2 and Timber Tones plectrums.

I am currently endorsing Timber Tones picks. I highly recommend you check them out and give them a try if you think they might suit you.

released 30 October 2014

Shreyas Skandan, Shivram Krishnan, Joe Marro, Rune Berre, Keshav Dhar

Zac Tiessen: Infinity - Aristides 080 - not sure what I witnessed there, but it was pretty intense!

(Guitar) Zac Tiessen: 18, Canada // (Drums) Benji Fricker: 19, Switzerland
"Infinity" - Single available on...
iTunes: (Link coming soon)

Aristides 080:
When I tried out Aristides Instruments for the first time at NAMM I was blown away by it's unique sound, sustain and clarity, due to the experimentation of their guitars being injected with "Arium" and other composite materials leading to amazing stability. I was excited then when Aristides wanted to send me their new 080 8 string model to try out in the spring. On first impression of playing the 080, I immediately knew that this was the type of 8 string guitar company that I wanted to endorse :)

"Infinity" - Single: Released June 30, 2015.
All music Composed, Performed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Zac Tiessen and Benji Fricker.

© 2015 Zac Tiessen All Rights Reserved.

Zac Tiessen // Infinity // Aristides 080

Doug Steele: Sabbath Mob Rules guitar lesson - the key of rock

Sabbath Mob Rules guitar lesson
Doug Steele