Monday, 13 July 2015

Jakub Żytecki, Richie Allan: explosive Jam session UK Tech Fest 2015

One of the after party jams - UK Tech Fest 2015.

UK Tech Fest 2015 - Jam

Luke Fortini: Into The Obscure Abyss - high speed shredding original

Composed and performed by italian guitarist Luke Fortini.
July 2015.
Luke Fortini : guitar,bass,keyboards and drum programming.
Recorded with Cubase.

Into The Obscure Abyss

Joop Wolters: PRS shredjam - tasty sevenstring noodle

Joop Wolters: Prs se 7 string shredjam - tasty sevenstring noodle

Prs se 7 string shredjam

Paul Gilbert: Mr Big Demo - guitar as it was before Kevin Elson studio polish

Paul Gilbert: Mr Big Demo - guitar as it was before Kevin Elson studio polish

Paul Gilbert - Mr Big Demo

William Stravato: will present the new album live at the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2015

William Stravato and fusionxperience band
Uranus the new album
The 28 th of July to Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2015

Jared Dines, Ryan Bruce: 10 Recording Tips (for beginners)

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10 Recording Tips (for beginners)

Bruce Kulick: talks about the difficulties of distributing music is South America

Bruce Kulick talked about the most sensitive subjects on this interview. Part 1
Entrevista donde Bruce habla de temas bastante particulares. Primera parte.

Incredible Declarations of Bruce Kulick

Walter Trout: Returns To The Stage - just 13 months after he underwent a successful life-saving liver transplant

Thirteen months ago Walter Trout underwent a successful life-saving liver transplant. Last night, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the esteemed Bluesman took the stage for the first time following a long, arduous path of extensive rehabilitation and recovery. The crowd welcomed him with a standing ovation, followed by two more during his performance. This event was staged to benefit the Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice Care, and with Trout's altruistic commitment to participate in events that benefit good causes, this made the evening more meaningful than ever.

Walter Trout Returns To The Stage

Walter Trout Returns To The Stage at Royal Albert Hall

Brody Uttley, Jon Topore: Rivers of Nihil - Perpetual Growth Machine Playthrough - chunky Death Metal

Check out this sick playthrough of the song "Perpetual Growth Machine" by Rivers of Nihil.

Jake Dieffenbach - Vocals Brody Uttley - Lead Guitar Jon Topore- Guitar Adam Biggs - Bass/Vocals Alan Balamut - Drums

Check our Rivers of Nihil on facebook:

Directed, shot and edited by Paul Chrismer

Rivers of Nihil - Perpetual Growth Machine Playthrough

Zac Tiessen: TSU - Guitar Playthrough

Zac Tiessen: 17 years old, from ON, Canada
"TSU" - Single available on...

Ask Fm:

Main melody uses the Eric Johnson Koto Technique.The riff starting at 2:00 uses a new technique I'm working on called "Double-Hand Thumb Tapping." This is a rerecorded/rearranged/remastered version of my composition "TSU," the 4th song off of my EP "Courage" originally released December 10th, 2013.

TSU (Remastered): Released July 22nd, 2014.
All music Composed, Performed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Zac Tiessen.

© 2014 Zac Tiessen All Rights Reserved.

Zac Tiessen // TSU // Guitar Playthrough

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide Solo - stunning UK fusion band

A short clip from a gig at the Mau Mau Bar (Jazz Re:freshed), London 04.12.2014

David Preston - Guitar
Kevin Glasgow - Bass
Laurie Lowe - Drums

Please visit for tour dates and other info
and get in touch so we can give you updates!
Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide Solo (Live)

1. Silvertide 05:20
2. Sigur, Scruff and Shadow 07:08
3. Within You 01:29
EP 2013

David Preston - Guitar
Kevin Glasgow - Bass
Laurie Lowe - Drums

Recorded and Engineered by Adam Peters at Concrete Jungle Studios

Mixed by Paul Stacey at Strangeways
released 15 January 2013

David Preston
Kevin Glasgow
Laurie Lowe

Eric Gales: "Swamp" performance presented by John Page Classic

Written by guitar virtuoso Eric Gales for his upcoming LP and performed at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ. The Ashburn, played by Eric Gales here, is designed by John Page, formerly Fender Custom Shop co-founder and among the greatest custom luthiers.
Eric Gales - "Swamp" performance presented by John Page Classic

Dimitar Nalbantov: Live soundcheck with Jack Daniels chaser

Check the guy on the right 0:26 enjoying some Jack Daniels :) no doubt warming up for the rest of the show !

Dimi Nalbantov - Live soundcheck

Andy James: Micro Lesson Super Speed Lick - careful of that speed camera

Micro Lesson | Speed Lick | Andy James
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons
Its Micro Lesson Monday, can you keep up with Andy James teaching you this pentatonic speed lick guitar lesson. Its quick so try and keep up! For more lessons by Andy James Click here

For the ultimate in guitar lessons, tutorials, and instruction visit our main site here LickLibrary is the premium online guitar school offering lessons and tutorials from beginner to advanced Level. Improve your playing now!

Jon Gomm, Tom Quayle: Telepathy

Jon Gomm & Tom Quayle - Telepathy (Jon Gomm)
Tom Quayle
Hey folks! Here's a really fun jam that Jon Gomm​ and I had recently over his stunning tune, Telepathy. Jon and I have known each other for around 15-16 years now but this is actually the first time we've jammed together like this. In actual fact this was literally the second time we'd ever played this tune or anything else together for that matter! Jon is a true innovator on the instrument and a seriously top bloke so I can't recommend highly enough that you check out his music.

We hope you enjoy our fun jam - I recently shot a great interview with Jon for The Guitar Hour​ so expect that soon too.

Richard Daudé: My 40th Birthday party @ Guitar Academy :)

My 40th Birthday party @ Guitar Academy :)
Richard Daudé
Family and friends :)

Filmed @ Guitar Academy (Nimes - France)

music by Joe Satriani "Summer Song"

Dallton Santos: "The Inner Things" details about the new fusion album - English Subtitles Dallton Santos talking about "The Inner Things" album release, musicians, concept and more.

Pre-order in Itunes
Album release date is August 01, 2015.

Dallton Santos "The Inner Things" About the album

Eric Calderone: Hatsune Miku - World Is Mine Meets Metal

Hatsune Miku - World Is Mine Meets Metal
Hey guys!!

So ever since PonPonPon, I've seen the vocaloid suggestions quite often. I'll be honest, this is the one I knew can could translate better than the other ones in my opinion. So I gave it a go :) and I wish my hair was as long as Miku's haha. Thank you all so much for everything! It means the world. Big ups for ALWAYS rocking my casbah!

Best to ya


***Streaming Concert August 23, 2015: http://www.worldmeetsmetal.­com


Stuart Hamm,Alex Skolnick,Joel Taylor: Confirmation of Stu Hamm East Coast Tour dates




“The Book of Lies” Out Now

Having stunned audiences across the world with his innovative playing, STU HAMM has made a name as the go-to bass player for the world’s great musicians. Time spent playing with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani has cemented his place among the greats and gave HAMM the platform to display his pioneering bass techniques to adoring crowds worldwide. Now, promoting the release of his newest solo album, The Book Of LiesHAMM takes to the road with new music and will also debut his petite suite for solo bass. 

The breadth of HAMM’s range is legendary and is what is at the heart of The Book Of Lies. The title track introduces a fine style, complete with a subtle blues bass-line, later evolving into a funk jam with horns and guitar. “Back To Shabalalla” owes a debt to the loping, infectious rhythms of Afrobeat, while “Etude” is a classical piece of the type that made HAMM famous. The amazing final piece, a seven-minute epic titled “L.S.D.” ranges from a Beatles homage to a fully-leaded bass shredfest.

A gut rumbling mix of new and old hits, mixed with HAMMs trademark humor, make for a unique show like no other.  The Tour will begin on July 6 in Largo, FL and wind its way up the east coast to a grand finish at The Iridium in New York on July 16th.  Joining Stu in The Stu Hamm Band are Alex Skolnick (Testament) on guitar and Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, Al DiMeola) on drums.

The STU HAMM Band East Coast Tour Itinerary:
July 6      Largo Cultural Center                          Largo, FL
July 8      Neighbourhood Theatre                     Charlotte, NC
July 9      The Rusty Nail                                       Wilmington, NC
July 10    The Saint                                                Asbury Park, NJ
July 11    Van Dyck                                                Schnectady, NY
July 12    L’alize                                                     Montreal, QU
July 14    Havana                                                   New Hope, PA
July 15    Regattabar                                             Cambridge, MA
July 16    The Iridium                                            New York, NY

STU HAMM Solo Dates:
July 5      Sam Ash (Clinic)                                    Tampa, FL
July 7      Sam Ash (Clinic)                                    Atlanta, GA
July 23    Music Café                                            Conroe, TX *
July 25    The Rear Window                                Ganado, TX *
July 26    The Live Oak                                         Dallas, TX *

*Stu Hamm Solo Dates