Friday, 24 July 2015

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Win 'Moving Pictures', out now on heavyweight vinyl

(Vinyl+Download Code / High Res Digital Audio)

To win a copy of Moving Pictures on 180g vinyl, simply answer the question below:

Rush has two albums listed in '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die'. Moving Pictures is one. What is the other?

a. 2112
b. Permanent Waves
c. Fly By Night

Rush’s eighth studio album, released in February, 1981, also turned out to be their biggest-selling in the U.S., rising to #3 on the Billboard charts (and #1 in Canada), as one of the first discs to receive the RIAA’s first-ever multi-platinum designation, scoring 4 million sales to date in the U.S. on the strength of classics like “Limelight,” “Tom Sawyer” and “Vital Signs.”

Probably one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time and one of Rush's best, Moving Pictures couldn't be a better follow up to Permanent Waves.
All seven tracks on the album are classics, which makes it difficult for us to choose our favourites, whether it's the classic rock staple 'Tom Sawyer', the song with Alex Lifeson's favourite solo 'Limelight' that discusses the pros and cons of stardom, or the highly-praised (and rightly so!) instrumental 'YYZ'.*/*/Moving-Pictures/42120000000

Steve Vai: The Space Between the Notes - Leg 2 (Europe)

Steve Vai - The Space Between the Notes - Leg 2 (Europe) from "The Space Between the Notes" DVD which accompanies "Stillness in Motion" -

Steve Vai - The Space Between the Notes - Leg 2 (Europe)

Masahiro Aoki: Saito musical instrument workshop

Masahiro Aoki

New playthrough video of my new song! I did a demonstration of SAITO GUITARS' new solid guitar S-622. TAB available here.

Saito musical instrument workshop SAITO GUITARS S622 Demonstration / guitar Godspeed from Vivix.

Silvio Gazquez: City Lights - Guitar Synth Solos

Synth Guitar Solos from my original song "City Lights"

Please get my album here:


City Lights - Synth Guitar Solos

Richard Daudé: Lydian X - from Massive Dynamik with Franck Hermanny

Recording a guitar solo for the forthcoming album "Massive Dynamik" with Franck Hermanny

Hope you enjoy ! :)

"Lydian X" ( recording session IV )

Francesco Fareri: Jason Becker - Altitudes - tribute to the shred gods

SHRED GODS | A tribute to the incredible guitarists who influenced my playing and music!

Arpeggio part starting at 1:59 Tab available here:

FRANCESCO FARERI proudly uses and endorses:
ESP GUITARS / EMG Pickups / Blackstar Amps / GHS Strings / Backline

Guitar Lessons in Rome or by Skype
SHRED GODS: Jason Becker - Altitudes

Rob Chapman: Ibanez RGKP6 Guitars - Let the Kaoss Begin!

You absolutely have to wait to the end to see Rabea play this - you will want one then I guarantee!!

For more info on the Ibanez RGKP6 Guitar go here -
For more info on the SRKP4 Bass Guitar go here -

Hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as we enjoyed making it! Feel free to post links to you making crazy noises on your Kaoss pad loaded guitar!


Lee & RobIbanez RGKP6 Guitars - Let the Kaoss Begin!!

Ulisses Miyazawa: Still Of The Night - ripping playing

WHITESNAKE - Still Of The Night (John Sykes´ guitar) - Ulisses D. Miyazawa

WHITESNAKE - Still Of The Night (John Sykes´ guitar) - Ulisses D. Miyazawa