Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dhalif Ali: Neil Zaza - King Of The World Improvisation - sweet

Playing with an FGN J standard Strat.. pretty amazing.. quite comfortable and th e whammy bar is very responsive

Neil Zaza - King Of The World Improv

Niko Tsonev: One Hot Minute of Guitar Shredding Warm Up

The borrowed extra two strings bring much joy...

One Hot Minute of Guitar Shredding Warm Up

Bireli Lagrene: Mélodie Au Crépuscule

Biréli Lagrène performs Melodie Au Crepuscule for DC Music School. Please note, this video is not related to "In The Style Of Biréli Lagrène."

These are strictly performance videos for our youtube channel.

Rhythm Guitar: Denis Chang
Bass: Paul Van Dyk

Biréli Lagrène is a French guitarist and bassist. He came to prominence in the 1980s for his Django Reinhardt-influenced style on the guitar, as well as for being a jazz fusion virtuoso on the electric guitar. He often performs within the swing, jazz fusion and post-bop mediums.

Check out the following links for news and updates:

Biréli Lagrène - Mélodie Au Crépuscule ( Gypsy Jazz / Manouche)

Robbert Hanenberg: Marshall JVM410h Test / channel OD 2 - orange

The JVM starts at 0:12 min with channel OD 2 (orange).
The arpeggio part around 0:48 min is played through channel OD 1 (orange).

Marshall JVM410h Test / channel OD 2 (orange)

Kelly Simonz: Evil Eye - Yngwie classic at transcendence seminar in Shimamura instrument Hamamatsu No-ten.

Than transcendence seminar in Shimamura instrument Hamamatsu No-ten.

Evil Eye/YNGWIE MALMSTEEN performed by Kelly SIMONZ

Niko Tsonev: Lifesigns - latest tour dates and DVD news

Next Gig - Vilnius/Reichenbach with The Skys

A reminder that the next opportunity to see Lifesigns live is on the 6th November at the New York Rock Café in Vilnius. It’s our first venture into Lithuania where we will be playing along with that great Lithuanian band The Skys.

Then on the 9th we travel to Reichenbach im Gotland, Germany.

So it’s a couple of first’s as this will also be our first gig in Germany.

Again we will be playing along with The Skys.

Please share these gigs as they will be our first venture into both of these countries

For Your Diary

6th November with The Skys - teatro muzikas New York, Vilnius. Information/Tickets
9th November with The Skys - Bergkellar, Reichenbach im Gotland Information/Tickets
14th November CTTE Pre Cruise Party Information/Tickets
15-19th November Cruise to the Edge Information/Tickets
2nd December The Exchange, Bristol
4th December Danfest, The Musician, Leicester Information/Tickets
5th December Crauford Arns, Milton Keynes Information/Tickets
6th December Zephyr Rooms, Leamington Spa Information/Tickets
10th December Zanzibar Club, Liverpool Information/Tickets
11th December The Railway, Bolton Information/Tickets
12th December Fibbers, York Information/Tickets
13th December The Lexington, London Information/Tickets

22nd January King Tuts, Glasgow Information/Tickets
23rd January South Shields Information/Tickets
24th January Robin 2, Bilston Information/Tickets
31st January Talking Heads, Southampton Information/Tickets

Under the Bridge DVD
Roll upon the drums…. At long last after all the hard work, the pain and gnashing of teeth, the DVD has finally arrived. All ordered DVD's will be sent out next week prior to our departure for Lithuania.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and remember it can only be ordered through the band website at

We will also be selling DVD's at shows but will not be back in the UK till late November to ship further orders.