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Tom Morello, Tony MacAlpine: special guest for the Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine!

Tony MacAlpine

We're excited to announce Tom Morello as one of the special guests taking part in the all star jam at the Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine! Welcome aboard Tom!

Get your tickets now at:

Chris Kelly, Mike DeMaria: Alustrium - A Tunnel To Eden Guitar playthrough and hot gear overload!


Only a few shows left this year! Looking forward to making some new friends in the coming weeks!
11/27 - Reading, PA @ Reverb (w/ Rivers of Nihil)
11/28 - Hamden, CT @ Spaceland Ballroom
12/04 - Stafford, VA @ Grog and Tankard
12/05 - Halethorpe, PA @ Fish Head Cantina

A video for the nerdiest of guitar nerds, Alustrium presents a guitar playthrough for the title track of their latest release, 'A Tunnel To Eden'. This video features a plethora of searing riffs, crushing rhythms, and most importantly, mouth watering gear.

Copyright 2015 Alustrium, LLC

Jerry Martin (Vocals)
Chris Kelly (Guitar/Vocals)
Mike DeMaria (Guitar/Vocals)
Kevin Penny (Bass)
Chaz Squillace (Drums)

Alustrium - A Tunnel To Eden (Guitar Playthrough)

Julien Damotte: with a smoking solo for a Sunday Afternoon One-take Jam

Very first take of a Sunday afternoon jam over a 80s Hard Rock backing track. It's far from being flawless but wtf :)

Julien Damotte - Sunday Afternoon One-take Jam :)

plus in case you missed it a small excerpt from a jam between Pierre Danel and Julien Damotte on a backing track by Andy James

Jam between Julien Damotte and Pierre Danel

Jakub Zytecki: Disperse - Touching the Golden Cloud - Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France 2015

Live 11.07.15 @ Voisins-le-Bretonneux, Fr.

DISPERSE - Touching the Golden Cloud (Live 11.07.15)

DISPERSE - Message from Atlantis (Live 11.07.15)

Jakub Zytecki jamming

Disperse - Jam w/ Pierre Danel

Vladimir Krylov: impressive improvisation on the track Guardian Angel by John Mclaughlin

Vladimir Krylov: performs improvisation on the track Guardian Angel by John Mclaughlin

A little bit practicing with one of my favourite guitar tunes by John Mclaughlin - Guardian Angel from Friday Night in San Francisco

Vladimir Krylov - Guardian Angel (by John Mclaughlin) improvisation sample

Ben 8tapping: some pretty fluid 8 finger solo tapping performances

Ben 8tapping: some pretty fluid 8 finger solo tapping performances

8 finger tapping guitar solo (heavy blues).

8 finger tapping guitar solo in A minor 2.

Enver Izmailov: 30 minutes of extraordinary performance for the enigmatic two handed guitar player

Enver Izmailov, 30 minutes of extraordinary performance for the enigmatic two handed guitar player

NO COPY!!!!!!!! Enver Izmailov NO COPY!!!!!!!!!

Juninho Afram: three ripping live performances from the Brazilian Expomusic 2015

Juninho Afram: three ripping live performances from the Brazilian Expomusic 2015

Juninho Afram - Expomusic 2015 Parte #1

Juninho Afram - Expomusic 2015 Parte #2

Juninho Afram - Expomusic 2015 Parte #3

Istvan Alapi: Spain and DV Mark Multiamp demonstration Budapest Music Expo 2015

Syma Hall, Budapest, Hungary
Recorded and edited by Christeve27

István Alapi - Spain ( C.corea ) Budapest Music Expo, DV Mark booth

István Alapi - Multiamp demonstration at Budapest Music Expo 1st day

Francesco Artusato: interviews with Metal Temple Magazine and Metal Wani

Terry had a bit of a chat to Francesco from the band Devil You Know.We talk about the writing and recording process for the new album. Soundwave festival is remembered as well is the announcement of their return to the festival. They discuss Becoming a musician and some of his influences and hero’s as well as career highlights, and at the the end of the interview we get some words of advice for young musicians.

Interview with Francesco Artusato of Devil You Know

Metal Wani Editor In Chief Owais 'Vitek' Nabi had a chat with DEVIL YOU KNOW and ALL SHALL PERISH Axeman Francesco Artusato. He discusses all things DEVIL YOU KNOW, songwriting, guitar tone, solos, "The Way We Die" music video, Howard Jones' vocals, upcoming touring and much more.

DEVIL YOU KNOW's Francesco Artusato On 'They Bleed Red' & Songwriting (2015)

Matt Marshall: instrumental version of Hearteater - metalcore progressive djent from Burton Upon Trent, UK

Buy it here:

Guitar playthrough along to the instrumental version of my latest single, Hearteater!

My Facebook:

.strandberg* Boden OS 7
Axe-Fx Ultra
Drop A Tuning
Canon Legria HFR606

Fayeed Tan, Anton Davidyants: Fran Merante - Tears of Joy

The Lowdown:

I first heard this tune written by Jerry Goodman of Mahavishnu played by Todd Sucherman on his Methods and Mechanics DVD. His performance immediately made me completely aware of his incredible ability behind the kit. From the day I first heard it, I knew that if I could learn to play this tune, and do it any kind of justice, it would mean that my skill set behind the kit would most certainly advance a few levels.

The time signature is in 13 from start to finish. If that isn't hard enough, the way 13 is felt completely changes in different sections. On top of the time signature, you have the issue of dynamics to deal with. As in any tune, you have to be completely sensitive to the dynamic changes and contrasts throughout the tune. However, the spectrum of dynamics for this tune is much larger than most. Then you have the moments of drum breaks which need to be powerful to underscore the climax of the tune, but at the same time must flow in order to not disrupt the groove.

The gauntlet was definitely laid down before me when I decided I would learn this tune. THEN, in order to record the tune, I would need a backing track which did not exist. I summoned the help of my very good friend Bobby Parrs of Bobbys Backing tracks to help me along in my journey. When he heard the tune, he was apprehensive at first due to its complexity, but accepted the challenge nonetheless. We mapped it out together and he laid the foundation. Next was the hurdle of finding the cats to play on it with me. Bobby and I called upon bass phenom Anton Davidyants, and guitar wizard, Fayeed Tan. The boys came through in fine fashion!!

Although our version has a bit of a different attitude than the original, it still burns in my humble opinion! I hope you like it!


Mixed by Bobby Parrs

Fayeed Tan (guitar)

Anton Davidyants (bass)

Kit Walker (keyboards)

List of my Gear:

Drums: Yamaha Recording Custom.
Sizes: 8x7, 10x9, 12x10, 14x12, 16x14 Floor, 14x6.5 Acoutin Custom Stave Cherry Brushed Stainless Steel Snare , 22x17.5 Kick.

Sticks: Vic Firth American Heritage (maple) 5A or American Classic (hickory) 5A

Heads: Remo clear Ambassadors on the tops of all the toms and bottoms of all toms except the 8" and 10" toms. Clear Diplomats on the bottoms of the 8" and 10" toms. Coated Ambassador on the snare with an ambassador medium snare side hazy on the bottom. Clear Powerstroke 3 on the kick drum.

Kick drum microphone mount:

The Kelly SHU

SLEEVED WASHERS on ALL drums tops and bottoms

Microphones: Audix Microphones

My AUDIX Microphones:

Hi Hats and Overheads: ADX 51

Rack Toms: D2

Floor Tom: D4

Kick Drum: D6

Snare: I5

Mounts: Audix D-Vice Rim Mounts

Fran Merante - Tears of Joy (cover) by Jerry Goodman / Todd Sucherman

Gabriel Pietrzak, Zack Brannon, Connor Gilkinson: Perseus Octave progressive metal from Vancouver, British Columbia - Perseus Octave - "Third Equinox" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video site,! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube!

Free! Uncensored! Retarded!!

Perseus Octave - "Third Equinox" feat. Connor Gilkinson - Official Playthrough Video - A KrankTV Feature!

Gabriel Pietrzak --> Guitar (@gpmusyk - Instagram)
Zack Brannon --> Guitar (@brackzannon - Instagram)
Arthur Delahooke --> Drums (@arthurdelahooke - Instagram)

Devon Clarke --> Bass (@devonjclarke - Instagram)

Artist city, country: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Artist Biography: Perseus Octave is a project that wants to explore many elements of music, from various genres. All of the members are from a jazz background. They are all very intrigued by intense harmony and chord structures. Their goal is to make music that is fun for them, but also fun for the listener.

Director Name: James Araujo-Lawrence
Producer Name: Connor Gilkinson
Producer Link:

About The Video: A guitar Playthrough of "Third Equinox" from the EP titled "Triangulum"


1. Methuselah (ft. Seb Chamney) 04:40
2. Third Equinox (ft. Connor Gilkinson)03:31
3. The Planck Constant (ft. Matt Perrin of Threat Signal) 03:59

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Perseus Octave - "Third Equinox" feat. Connor Gilkinson - Official Playthrough Video

Adam Aaron: The Ancient Mental - We Don't Need Order Guitar Playthrough - progressive guitar from Hong Kong

This is my new song of my project - The Ancient Mental ,I am a Guitarist/Composer/Recording engineer from Hong Kong.

Also,feel free to visit
my soundcloud :
The Ancient Mental soundcloud :

If u wanna jam with me,feel free to add my facebook and pm me! :D
Guitar,Synth,Bass composed / mixed by me
Drum composed and programmed by Rus Ho
Video filmed by Karena
Video Edited by me

The Ancient Mental - We Don't Need Order (Guitar Playthrough)