Fayeed Tan, Anton Davidyants: Fran Merante - Tears of Joy

The Lowdown:

I first heard this tune written by Jerry Goodman of Mahavishnu played by Todd Sucherman on his Methods and Mechanics DVD. His performance immediately made me completely aware of his incredible ability behind the kit. From the day I first heard it, I knew that if I could learn to play this tune, and do it any kind of justice, it would mean that my skill set behind the kit would most certainly advance a few levels.

The time signature is in 13 from start to finish. If that isn't hard enough, the way 13 is felt completely changes in different sections. On top of the time signature, you have the issue of dynamics to deal with. As in any tune, you have to be completely sensitive to the dynamic changes and contrasts throughout the tune. However, the spectrum of dynamics for this tune is much larger than most. Then you have the moments of drum breaks which need to be powerful to underscore the climax of the tune, but at the same time must flow in order to not disrupt the groove.

The gauntlet was definitely laid down before me when I decided I would learn this tune. THEN, in order to record the tune, I would need a backing track which did not exist. I summoned the help of my very good friend Bobby Parrs of Bobbys Backing tracks to help me along in my journey. When he heard the tune, he was apprehensive at first due to its complexity, but accepted the challenge nonetheless. We mapped it out together and he laid the foundation. Next was the hurdle of finding the cats to play on it with me. Bobby and I called upon bass phenom Anton Davidyants, and guitar wizard, Fayeed Tan. The boys came through in fine fashion!!

Although our version has a bit of a different attitude than the original, it still burns in my humble opinion! I hope you like it!


Mixed by Bobby Parrs

Fayeed Tan (guitar)

Anton Davidyants (bass)

Kit Walker (keyboards)

List of my Gear:

Drums: Yamaha Recording Custom.
Sizes: 8x7, 10x9, 12x10, 14x12, 16x14 Floor, 14x6.5 Acoutin Custom Stave Cherry Brushed Stainless Steel Snare , 22x17.5 Kick.

Sticks: Vic Firth American Heritage (maple) 5A or American Classic (hickory) 5A

Heads: Remo clear Ambassadors on the tops of all the toms and bottoms of all toms except the 8" and 10" toms. Clear Diplomats on the bottoms of the 8" and 10" toms. Coated Ambassador on the snare with an ambassador medium snare side hazy on the bottom. Clear Powerstroke 3 on the kick drum.

Kick drum microphone mount:

The Kelly SHU

SLEEVED WASHERS on ALL drums tops and bottoms

Microphones: Audix Microphones

My AUDIX Microphones:

Hi Hats and Overheads: ADX 51

Rack Toms: D2

Floor Tom: D4

Kick Drum: D6

Snare: I5

Mounts: Audix D-Vice Rim Mounts

Fran Merante - Tears of Joy (cover) by Jerry Goodman / Todd Sucherman