Sunday, 27 December 2015

News: Guitar Addiction 2 - 60 of the most talented musicians - let this be your first album of 2016

1. Take Care Of Her
2. Ruud Panda
3. Full Moon
4. Euphoria
5. Beyond
6. Himalaya
7. High Damper
8. Crawl To The Hills
9. Guitar Solo Contest
10. Gimmick
11. Afrodiziak
12. The Storm Blender
13. Spanish Castle Magic

4 years after the 1st volume, GuitarEuroMedia is very proud to present the new volume of "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" album! Once again, this phenomenal project features more than 60 of the most talented musicians of our time, playing on many music styles such as blues, rock, fusion, metal... !!

The album comes with a very detailed and illustrated 16 pages booklet.

Musicians by alphabetical order:

Adrian Weiss
Alessandro Benvenutti
Alex Masi
Andre Nieri ( Virgil Donati Band )
Atma Anur ( Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe... )
Aymeric Silvert
Benoit Pol
Bruce Bouillet ( Racer X )
Charly Sahona
Chris Poland ( Megadeth, OHM )
Chris Rime
Christophe Godin
Dave Martone
Derryl Gabel
Enrico Galetta
Eric Bricout
Fabrizio Bicio Leo
Feodor Dosumov
Franck Karmattitude
Frank Gambale
Hans Van Even
Jack Gardiner
Jack Thammarat
Jani J. Szentkiralyi
Jean Fontanille
Jean-Claude Rapin
Jeff Kollman
Joel Hoekstra ( Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Rock Of Ages ... )
John Huldt
Joop Wolters
Justin Derrico ( Pink, The Voice USA)
Kenny Serane
Kyoji Yamamoto
Leonardo Guzman
Loic Lempereur
Ludovic Briand
Ludovic Egraz
Marco Iacobini
Martin Miller
Michael Manring
Mika Tyyska "Mr Fastfinger"
Mike Lepond ( Symfony X )
Pascal Vigné
Patrick Rondat
Petr Henych
Renaud Louis-servais
Richard Daudé
Richard Hallebeek
Roland Grapow ( Masterplan, Helloween)
Roman Rouzine
Samuel George
Simon Depys
Stéphan Forté ( Adagio )
Timo Somers
Tom Quayle
Tristan Klein
Victor Lafuente
Vincent Fabre
William Kopecky
Yossi Sassi
Youri De Groote
Yvan Guillevic

Jared Dines: Christmas, does it djent?

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Djent Goes Christmas

Henri Aalto: Practising 8 finger tapping - Training my right hand to become equal with the fretting hand

Clips from my practise session 26.12. Training my right hand to become equal with the fretting hand on the guitar fretboard

Practising 8 finger tapping

Practising to obtain control in both hands on the guitar fretboard.

8 Finger Tapping and Strict Legato

Dmitry Andrianov: My new guitar - SD Teleseven - tasty rock fusion soloing

Guitars SD 
Pickups Fedor Chernyshev 
Body - alder (alder) Neck - maple (maple) 
Fretboard - Ebony (ebony) 
Lada stainless steel ( stainless School 
My teams
Dmitry Andrianov: My new guitar - SD Teleseven

Franck Hermanny: Christmas Bass Solo - Silent Night, Holy Night

Merry Christmas ! Working on a new Christmas Video , but it only should be online tonight or tomorrow .
So for now, i thought it would be cool to share and post last year's Christmas video based on "Silent Night" tune. Hope you enjoy !
Please Subscribe/like/share if you like it ;) Merry Christmas !

Christmas Bass Solo - Silent Night, Holy Night

Robert Marcello: Kristmas Kracker - Kitchen Sink for Hughes & Kettner and GJ2 guitar

Robert Marcello: Kristmas Kracker - Kitchen Sink for Hughes & Kettner

Robert Marcello Kitchen Sink (Hughes & Kettner)

Gavin Iedema: Feeling dead - super smoking hot shredathon

filmed by Gitarisina
using : CR guitar, Dominger pickups, Blacksmith strings, Vox amp.

Gavin iedema - Feeling dead

Kristian Larsen: The Thief - super hot fusion promo video

Hello my festive friends!
Here's a colorful video for you all.

Merry Christmas!

Kristian Larsen - The Thief

Ozielzinho: 7 Themes drawings and games on guitar

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7 Themes drawings and games on guitar | Ozielzinho

Justin Liew: All The Things You Are on the Morten Faerestrand produced backing track

Playing a must know jazz standard my crooked way. Got the backing track from by the awesome Morten Faerestrand.

'All The Things You Are' playthrough by Justin Liew

Adrian Weiss: Gloryful - ENGL TV - MetalMaster Head demo

Great demo of the amazing sounding MetalMaster by ENGL endorser Adrian Weiss from the band Gloryful. He is playing his song "Immeadiate Measures" from his second solo album "Easy Game".

Guitar used in this video:
'TS Customs - Orthos Big Time'

Effect pedals:
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
XVive V5 Delay

Backing Track credits:
Bass - Marcel Willnat
Drums - Lars Zehner

ENGL TV - MetalMaster Head demo by Adrian Weiss (Gloryful)

Sanae Kitano: Five G - Bill Bruford - Holdsworth live and rehearsal

Bill Bruford のFive Gをカヴァーしました。

Sanae Kitano - Five G (Bill Bruford) Cover

Sanae Kitano - Five G(Bill Bruford)