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Tom Hess: How To Make More Progress In Your Guitar Playing By Using More Effective Practice Exercises

How To Make More Progress In Your Guitar Playing By Using More Effective Practice Exercises

One of the biggest reasons why you struggle to improve your guitar playing is that you never learned which of your guitar practice exercises are helping your improve your playing and which ones are not. Take these 5 steps and get back on track towards reaching your musical goals:

STEP 1: Determine Your Guitar Playing Goals

Before even picking up your guitar to practice, you need to clearly define your musical goals. This will motivate you to take action towards improving your guitar playing consistently. Do you think a ship captain would set sail without clear coordinates? No. This same idea applies to your guitar playing progress. Not setting clear goals for yourself sets you up to fail before you even get started. Once you set your goals, you will be able to clearly see the areas of your guitar playing that need most of your attention and adjust your guitar practice accordingly.If you don’t fully understand how to start, download this free eBook to playing guitar more accurately.

STEP 2: Determine How Far You Are From Reaching Your Goals

After setting clear goals for yourself, you need to determine where you are now and exactly how far you are from reaching them. Don’t do what most guitarists do and simply use a metronome to find your maximum guitar speed. This is a vastly incomplete method due to the fact that your maximum guitar speed is only ONE of the many elements you must track in this area.

Think about how the ship captain needs the exact coordinates of his destination. He doesn’t simply “sail East”and HOPE he stumbles upon his destination. So why would you do the equivalent of this to your guitar playing progress? Tracking only your maximum speed on guitar is the same thing as the ship captain “sailing East”.

The “exact coordinates”you must track in your guitar playing are elements such as your:

• Creativity in your guitar playing (yes, this can be tracked!)
• Music theory knowledge
• Your ability to visualize scales, arpeggios and chords on the fretboard without hesitation
• Overall lead guitar skills. Hint: this involves so much more than your maximum speed on guitar
• Ability to play rhythm guitar
• Ability to integrate all of your guitar techniques together fluently
• Ability to develop your “musical ear”

Start tracking your guitar playing progress in great detail so you can make more progress in your guitar playing.

STEP 3: Close The Gap Between Your Ideal And Current Skill Levels

After you know the size of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, start using the most effective guitar practice exercises so you can improve your playing faster. Most guitar teachers don’t know how to provide these kinds of exercises to their students and instead give all of their students the same exercises with zero customization.

If you are actually serious about reaching your musical goals, seek out a qualified guitar teacher who knows how to properly customize your exercises to help you reach your goals faster.

STEP 4: Create A Customized “Road Map”

After finding the practice exercises that are guaranteed to improve your guitar playing, you need to organize them by using a highly effective guitar practice schedule that ensures you reach your goals. Think of this practice schedule as a “road map”that leads you to your goals. Without it, you are just as lost as the ship captain without coordinates.

While using the best guitar practice exercises will certainly help you improve your guitar playing, it’s only ONE of the steps you need to take to truly become a great guitar player. Developing an effective guitar practice schedule is crucial to you actually benefitting from these exercises and reaching your goals.

STEP 5: Keep Track Of The Progress You Make

Just as the ship captain must get constant updates on his coordinates to make sure he stays on course, you need to be constantly tracking and assessing the progress you make in your guitar playing. Understanding exactly how much you know and exactly how much you are improving is the best way to reach your long-term musical goals. To make this much easier, use the most powerful invention for helping guitar players reach their goals since the invention of guitar lessons: The Guitar Playing Accelerator.

Taking all 5 of these steps will guarantee that you become an awesome guitarist faster than you thought possible and reach all of your musical goals. To guarantee that your guitar practicing sessions are as effective as possible, download this free eGuide about playing guitar perfectly.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player and composer. He trains musicians to reach their guitar playing goals in his rock guitar lessons online. Visit his website, to read more articles about guitar playing, get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.

Sean Ashe: Memory Lane - first full sample of the musical sounds on my album 'Flux'.

NEW SONG DEBUT - 'Memory Lane'

I'm so happy to share this song with you, the first full sample of the musical sounds on my album 'Flux'.

If you haven't preordered already, Pre-orders are still available (physical & digital) at . Every pre-order is entered to win a set of Tom Anderson HF1 & HF2 pickups or a Rockbox Boiling Point.

I'm so blown away at the response to the new music so I want to say THANK YOU.. It sounds cliche but it really wouldn't be possible without the wonderful people who support what I do (you!).

Truly, thank you! There is so much more to come, and additionally I will be putting out another song next week before the full release on January 12, 2016.

Hope you enjoy Memory Lane :D

Paul Bielatowicz: Concert Window live Streaming Concerts Every Tuesday

Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you well.

I'm writing to wish you a VERY Happy New Year. May 2016 be full of kindness, happiness and lots & lots of good music!

Speaking of music, I'm excited to say that my weekly LIVE online streaming concerts, will be starting up again in the new year. Through the wonders of modern technology I'm going to be playing 'LIVE In Your Living Room' every Tuesday at 3pm & 8pm EST (8pm & 1am GMT), via the fantastic Concert Window website.

The shows are an hour long and thanks to a live chat window, I'm able to interact with viewers as they comment, ask questions and request music - it really is a concert experience like no other!

There's no set ticket price, but to help cover costs you can 'tip' as much or as little as you like to watch the show (starting at $1). As a way of saying thank you for your support I'm offering some unique Concert Window "tip rewards", not available anywhere else. These include guitar picks used in the show, unreleased recordings and the opportunity have me write and record an original piece of music just for you.

Here's a link to the concert page:

Christian Muenzner, Jimmy Pitts, Hannes Grossmann: Eternity's End - The Fire Within with Ian Parry on vocals - indiegogo fundraiser

Christian Muenzner, Jimmy Pitts, Hannes Grossmann: Eternity's End - The Fire Within indiegogo fundraiser

This is a short teaser for the power metal album I'm working on with Ian Parry (Vocals), Jimmy Pitts (Keyboards), Linus Klausenitzer (Bass) and Hannes Grossmann (Drums) to be released in late 2015. Here I am playing one of the many guitar solos in the song "Demonblade".

Eternity's End - The Fire Within

About Eternity's End
My name is Christian Muenzner, I'm a guitar player and composer from Bad Neustadt, Germany. I used to play guitar for the bands Obscura and Necrophagist. currently I play with the band Alkaloid and I have released 2 instrumental solo albums, Timewarp and Beyond The Wall Of Sleep.

In 2014 I put together my own band "Eternity's End". It's the realization of a dream I've had for many years to return to the style of music which has been my first love, that is neoclassical power metal with a progressive twist and a powerful, classic metal vocalist. Between fall 2013 and winter 2014/2015 I wrote 10 songs for our debut album "The Fire Within", which we recorded between December 2014 and May 2015. The album was, like my last solo album, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry.

The line up of the band consists of:

Ian Parry - vocals

Christian Muenzner - guitars

Jimmy Pitts - keyboards

Linus Klausenitzer - bass

Hannes Grossmann - drums

It is basically the same line up as my last solo album "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep" with the addition of Ian Parry on vocals. As many of you will know, I also play together with Linus and Hannes in the band Alkaloid, and I used to play with Hannes in Necrophagist and Obscura as well. Ian Parry used to be the vocalist of dutch prog/power metal legends Elegy and also has his own group "Consortium Project", as well as a long solo career and guest contributions for Ayreon and many others.

The music on "The Fire Within" is a blend of 90's European power metal, 80's neoclassical guitar&keyboard wizardry, powerful classic metal vocals, thrashy riffing, progressive elements and a combination of Dio-esque dark, fantasy inspired lyrics and philosophic themes. Speed, aggression, virtuoso musicianship, epic melodies and memorable songwriting with catchy hooks are the cornerstones of the band's sound.

Here you can listen to a medley with snippets from various songs of the album:

Noemi Terrasi: Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon - Guitar solo

This is my cover of this amazing solo by John Petrucci ( Dream Theater ) I love Images and Words album, this is one of my favorite solo of ever. I hope you like it!

Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon - Guitar solo - By Noemi Terrasi