Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Brad Jurjens,Robert Rodrigo,Janne Nieminen, Emil Pohjalainen: just some of the names who will go on to perform at the Guitar Gods

The votes are in from our judges - the guitarists who will go on to perform at the Guitar Gods Festival and compete for a chance to play on the Axes & Anchors Music Cruise have now been chosen!

In no particular order...

- Brad Jurjens
- Elmo Karjalainen
- Tyler Morris
- Jorge Almarales
- Joey Lodes
- Pareidolia
- Robert Rodrigo
- Janne Nieminen & Emil Pohjalainen

Also featuring judge favorites:

- Dario Pardini

Thank you to all of which have participated! Fret not if you weren't chosen - to provide you with the maximum exposure, your videos will remain on the official Guitar Gods YouTube channel. Don't give up hope...at the end of the day, you are all winners, and we've got some very interesting stuff lined up soon, so stay tuned, and keep rocking!

We'll see you on February 19th!

Steve Bello: announces new album - Layers Of Time

Steve Bello
LAYERS OF TIME can be purchased through my website, as well as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Of course, any cds ordered directly from www.stevebellorocks.com get autographed smile emoticon Inbox me on how you can get your copy! **You can also leave a review of the cd if you wish on either the CD Baby or iTunes pages

Bill Hoffman: samples from the Cosmic Jams albums

Bill Hoffman

I play guitar, bass, drums and a little keyboards. I used a drum machine or drum software on a lot of the tracks. I've been playing guitar for many years. The music is mostly improvised and done fairly quickly. I record at home in my spare time as a hobby. There's a variety of styles including rock, funk, fusion and acoustic music. I have 8 albums out now, Cosmic Jams (2015), Dreamscape (2014), Mo Funkabilly (2013), Torpedo (2012), Gimme Some (2012), Power Funk (2011), Inside Groove (2010), and Too Much Guitar (2009). My music is available for purchase at most online stores. CD's are available from Amazon on Demand for only $8.98 plus shipping. You can find me on Facebook. There is a media player on this page where you can listen to all 8 albums for free. I greatly appreciate the support of my fans. Thank you and enjoy the music !


This is an alternate take of a track off the Cosmic Jams album (2015).

Atom Smasher

Keith Whalen: Raked Licks Pt. II

Another 9 examples with some raking, sweeping, and some diatonic passages with larger intervals. There's also two extended pentatonic examples - one minor, one major - with raking, slides, and groupings of four notes. Tabs already done, just not uploaded to the blog.

Raked Licks Pt. II

Ryuuta Sasaki: #HufschmidGlowbuckers competition

Ryuuta Sasaki: #HufschmidGlowbuckers competition - Hope you enjoy!

#HufschmidGlowbuckers competition-Ryuuta Sasaki

Daniele Gottardo: The Dunlop Booth NAMM 2016

Italian guitar virtuoso, composer, and instructor Daniele Gottardo is making fans right and left these days. We were grateful to have him sitting on the Dunlop booth stage, plugging into some new pedals leaving a NAMM audience fully entertained.
For more about Daniele:

Daniele Gottardo
Mesa Boogie Amplification and their Mark V 35, http://www.mesaboogie.com/
Universal Audio (Apollo & 4-710D), http://www.uaudio.com/
Wishbone Workshop Amp Hooks, http://www.thewishboneworkshop.com/
Shure microphones and their KSM 313

NAMM 2016: Daniele Gottardo Live At The Dunlop Booth

Viacheslav Kavlenas: Chocoslayc - 12 string tapping Monday XXL

Me on : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/slayc.kavlenas
VK - https://vk.com/chocoslayc
Instagram - http://instagram.com/chocoslayc

My bands:
WILDWAYS - https://www.facebook.com/wildwaysoffial
Fail Emotions - https://www.facebook.com/FailEmotions
Change Of Loyalty - https://www.facebook.com/changeofloyalty