Brad Jurjens,Robert Rodrigo,Janne Nieminen, Emil Pohjalainen: just some of the names who will go on to perform at the Guitar Gods

The votes are in from our judges - the guitarists who will go on to perform at the Guitar Gods Festival and compete for a chance to play on the Axes & Anchors Music Cruise have now been chosen!

In no particular order...

- Brad Jurjens
- Elmo Karjalainen
- Tyler Morris
- Jorge Almarales
- Joey Lodes
- Pareidolia
- Robert Rodrigo
- Janne Nieminen & Emil Pohjalainen

Also featuring judge favorites:

- Dario Pardini

Thank you to all of which have participated! Fret not if you weren't chosen - to provide you with the maximum exposure, your videos will remain on the official Guitar Gods YouTube channel. Don't give up the end of the day, you are all winners, and we've got some very interesting stuff lined up soon, so stay tuned, and keep rocking!

We'll see you on February 19th!