Monday, 21 March 2016

Adrian Weiss, Jen Majura: Jen recording some guitar solos for Adrian Weiss's upcoming album

Jen Majura Official
Had a great time laying down some cool metal guitar tracks in studio today for the upcoming album of my shred-buddy & ENGL-family bro Adrian Weiss (Guitarist).

This is gonna be killer!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon stay tuned like :)

Silvio Gazquez: The Promise - Guitar-Keyboard Solos - smooth jazz

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Silvio Gazquez: Guitar
Carlo Peluso: Keyboards
Damian Righi: Bass
Tulio Gazquez: Drums
David Catena: Percussion-Minxing & Mastering

The Promise (Original Song) - Guitar-Keyboard Solos

1. Night Sky 04:51
2. City Lights 04:06
3. The Promise 04:45
4. Cry of Hope 05:07
5. Spring Day 05:29
6. Summer of 09 05:48
7. You Are My Life 05:07
8. November 04:31
9. In My Dreams 05:00
10. Sunset 05:20

Silvio Gázquez: Electric, Nylon String and Synth Guitar - Keyboards
Damián Righi: Bass
Tulio Gázquez: Drums
William Catena: Sax
Carlo Peluso: Piano/Keyboard Solos
David Catena: Percussion Programming

All songs were written and arranged by Silvio Gázquez

Mixed and Mastered at by David Catena
Cover Artwork by Betina Colombo
Produced by Silvio Gázquez
Co-Produced by David Catena

Especial thanks to: Betina Colombo for all her support and the art work. The great musicians who have helped me to give life to this project. David Catena for all his hard work and patience. Also to Claude Johnson, Darrin Goodman, José Montaño, my family, my friends and all the musicians who have inspired and influenced me through all these years.
released July 4, 2015

John Goodsall: with the Turnaround playing Fire Merchants Flame Keeper 1996

John Goodsall performing with the band Turnaround. Chuck Turner keys, Mick Linden bass, Carter Aristei drums. Playing the Fire Merchants cover Flame Keeper @ The Pasadena Baked Potato March 1996. Filmed by the late Pat Marcoe.

John Goodsall & Turnaround performing Flame Keeper by the Fire Merchants

Nicolas Pirlet: Suasion - Mirabilia Guitar Playthrough

Members: Steven Rassart | Vocals Nicolas Pirlet | Guitar Julien Dejasse | Bass Louis Jassogne | Drums

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Location: Brussels, Belgium
Genre: Progressive Metalcore

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Suasion - Mirabilia (Guitar Playthrough)

Paul Gilbert: Conversation At MI

Uploaded on Sep 8, 2015
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Paul Gilbert: Conversation At MI

Ryan Carraher: Vocturnal by Berklee jazz fusion improvisation from Boston

Vocturnal by Ryan Carraher

1.Equuleus 01:17

2.Valantis 14:08
3.9 Thermidor 05:43

4.Sagitta 01:09

5.Vocturnal 07:22
6.Pangolin 06:15

7.Gdansk 09:56

8.Aquila 01:27

The debut release from guitarist/composer Ryan Carraher
released March 16, 2016

Ryan Carraher- Guitar
Steve Wilkinson- Drums
Evan Waaramaa- Keyboard
Brandon Wilkins- Alto Saxophone
Greg Toro- Bass

All compositions by Ryan Carraher
Arranged by: Ryan Carraher, Steve Wilkinson, Evan Waaramaa, Brandon Wilkins and Greg Toro

Produced by Ryan Carraher and Keith Asack

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Keith Asack

Recorded at Keep the Edge studios in Quincy, MA

Troy Grady: Science of Speed! Coming Soon in Masters in Mechanics

Why are some players seemingly super-powered? In Science of Speed, we try to find out! Watch the complete feature in Masters in Mechanics:

Science of Speed! Coming Soon in Masters in Mechanics

Fabien Courtois: two handed touch style improvisation

Fabien Courtois: two handed touch style improvisation

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