Ryan Carraher: Vocturnal by Berklee jazz fusion improvisation from Boston

Vocturnal by Ryan Carraher

1.Equuleus 01:17

2.Valantis 14:08
3.9 Thermidor 05:43

4.Sagitta 01:09

5.Vocturnal 07:22
6.Pangolin 06:15

7.Gdansk 09:56

8.Aquila 01:27

The debut release from guitarist/composer Ryan Carraher
released March 16, 2016

Ryan Carraher- Guitar
Steve Wilkinson- Drums
Evan Waaramaa- Keyboard
Brandon Wilkins- Alto Saxophone
Greg Toro- Bass

All compositions by Ryan Carraher
Arranged by: Ryan Carraher, Steve Wilkinson, Evan Waaramaa, Brandon Wilkins and Greg Toro

Produced by Ryan Carraher and Keith Asack

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Keith Asack

Recorded at Keep the Edge studios in Quincy, MA