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Sarah Longfield, Rob Scallon: talks with about Fanned frets? True Temperament?

Answering one/or some of your questions every Thursday!
Totally original. No other YouTubers do anything like this.
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Fanned frets? True Temperament? w/ Sarah Longfield

Beau Diakowicz: Creative neosoul guitar Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Creative neosoul guitar, Vol. 2
10 popular Instagram improvisations that dive through extended harmony and technique.

This video course is made up of 10 new improvisations from Beau’s popular Instagram channel. Each one showcases contemporary guitar flair unlike any you’ve come across before. Beau’s chord voicings, rhythmic approach, use of legato, and economy of motion will challenge you to understand new ways of connecting the literal dots.

When you internalize the content of these improvisations, you’ll find yourself with more creative options that draw from the idioms of jazz, R&B, hiphop and soul.

As in Volume 1, 10 examples of Beau’s unique guitar style are transcribed for you to loop, play along with and absorb. At the end of each example, Beau slowly plays the improvisation again, note for note, pausing so you can fully reproduce every slide, shake and chord extension.

Volume 1
Volume 2

Mateus Asato: Interlude of Beautiful Things - Tori Kelly

Video by Andrew Rose.
April 17th, 2016. The Filmore - Miami Beach.

Mateus Asato - Interlude of Beautiful Things - Tori Kelly

Fabiano Andreacchio: Negrini Guitars GNG Fëanor 7 Test - Hell is Now

Custom made for Fabiano Andreacchio and the Atomic Factory. Multiscale bass 37"-33" tuned high to low EBGADEB. Swamp Ash body, multilayer (9 pieces) Maple/Amaranth/Wenge neck. Carbon Fiber neck reinforcements. Jescar frets jumbo stainless steel. Double jack inputs. Birdeyes maple fretboard, Ebony custom Inlay and dots, T4M (Technology for Musicians) Italian made bridges and locknuts, GNG custom wound pickups, Bartolini electronics, Go-Pro fixed attachment, oil finish.

Negrini Guitars GNG Fëanor 7 Test - Hell is Now - Fabiano Andreacchio

Richard Daudé: Guitar Lick Lesson - Melodic Minor Legato Lick

Check out this awesome lick lesson from Richard Daude.
Richard will be releasing his first full course with Licklibrary later this month and for those that know Richards guitar lessons from our members lessons you know how good he is.
For those that don't check out this Killer Melodic Minor Legato lick and remember if you like what you see make sure you subscribe to our channel.
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Richard Daude | Guitar Lick Lesson | Melodic Minor Legato Lick

Demetrio Dimitry Scopelliti: SL8 Live at Frankfurt Musikmesse - Hotone booth

Dimitry playing @ Frankfurt Musikmesse..
Song: SL8, from "the art of complications".
Amp: Hotone Heart Attack
Pedals: Xtomp, grass, vow press, harmony.

Demetrio Dimitry Scopelliti - SL8 Live at Frankfurt Musikmesse - Hotone booth

Kelly Simonz: H-I-K-A-R-I ~ Anything Goes

Kelly Simonz: transcendence format was held at April 24, 2016 Shimamura instrument Aeon Mall Kasukabe shop than ter seminar.

H-I-K-A-R-I ~ Anything Goes - Kelly SIMONZ

Eduardo Kusdra, Terry Bozzio: Face to face John McLaughlin's Shakti

Eduardo Kusdra's cover of Shakti's song Face to face from the Natural Elements album with Terry Bozzio on drums.

Eduardo Kusdra - Fretless bass, acoustic guitars and synth
Terry Bozzio - Drums

Arranged & Produced by Eduardo Kusdra
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Arte Master Home Studio by Eduardo Kusdra

Drums recorded at Drum Channel's Studio by Chris DeNogean

Video - Jose Altonaga & Sebastião da Rocha Jr.
Editing - Sebastião da Rocha Jr. (5 por 4 Produções)

Giacomo Castellano: The Venue 77 featuring the Ibanez ARZ6UC - SCI-FI video for latest instrumental song

Almost a SCI-FI video for my latest instrumental song!
Video and music by Giacomo Castellano
Download the song on all digital stores

music composed, arranged and mixed
by Giacomo Castellano
(©2016 all rights reserved)
Mastering by Michael Conn

Marco confetti (Drums)
Elisa Montaldo (keyboards)
Dado neri (bass)
Giacomo Castellano (guitars, keyboards, programming)

Susanna pignattai Elisa Manuela carola Teresa la Marca Lorenzo Tordini

Jacopo Fallai
Giacomo Castellano
Lorenzo Desiati
Chiara Benelli


3D MODEL “ED-209” by x-n-a
Lorenzo Tordini (audio)
Filippo Pacciani (drums)
Emanuele Filippi (stage)
Noah Tortelli (stage)
MAKEUP AND HAIR Federica Lippi Elisa Montaldo
STYLIST: Teresa Scuccimarra
SOUND AND LIGHT:Mauro Forte-Officine Giovani

Special thanks to:
“Il Pentolone”
Andrea Bertini
Officina Giovani
Federico Baracchino
Mezzabarba amps and Pierangelo Mezzabarba
Ibanez Italy
Mogar Music and Luigi Panico
Essetipicks ans Steve Tommasi
Reference Cable and Angelo Tordini
Elixir Strings and Eve Cobo
Barbara Zuccaro
laria zorzin
Fedrico Sago Sagona
New generation Drum school
David Salvatori
Ufip Cymbals
Giovanni Bucci and Surfaced Studi

Giacomo Castellano - The Venue 77 (feat. Ibanez ARZ6UC)

Martin Miller: Ibanez Mighty Minis: The CSMINI

In this video, professional guitarist Martin Miller gives us a rundown of the new for 2016 Ibanez CSMINI, a chorus effect pedal inspired by the classic Ibanez CS9. Martin's in-depth demonstration includes some of the pedal's best features, including it's wide range of control, all-analog design and true-bypass circuitry.

Ibanez Mighty Minis: The CSMINI with Martin Miller

Adam Nitti: Ibanez Signature Basses

Adam Nitti’s credits as a sideman and session player read like a playlist of some of the most acclaimed artists of the past four decades. His ability to effortlessly jump from studio to stage, from genre to genre, and from performer to professor of the musical arts has made him one of the most in-demand bassists of our time. In this video, Adam runs through the many facets of his Ibanez ANB1006 and ANB306 signature basses, and the logic that lies behind their design.

6 Minutes With Adam Nitti and his Ibanez Signature Basses

Daniele Gottardo: announces The Nuts - Giant Nuts album

The Nuts - GIANT NUTS release on May 15!

Very excited to announce that the new album with my trio The Nuts will be released on May 15! It will be available on Daniele Gottardo's website:, and in digital stores! Some previews will be posted in the next few days!

Jess Lewis: Milestones - Jamie Findley Arrangement - Eternal Guitars hollow strat

Jamie Findley Arrangement

Guitar is a Eternal Guitars hollow strat
Jess Lewis - Milestones

Gretchen Menn: Minor Swing performed

Minor Swing (D. Reinhardt and S. Grappelli) performed by Gretchen Menn
Audio available at

Video by Anthony T. Perretta

Music mixed and mastered by Ugo Bolzoni at New Frontiers Recording Studio, Rovigo, Italy

Stephen Strahm Eros acoustic guitar

Music Man Silhouette Special electric guitar

DiMarzio Pickups

Two-Rock Amps

GHS Strings

Minor Swing performed by Gretchen Menn

Matheus Novaes: Erudite Stoner by Erudite Stoner instrumental neoclassical post-rock shoegaze from Brazil

Erudite Stoner
by Erudite Stoner

1. Spiritual deliverance 03:22
2. Alienist 02:54
3. Ride to Nowhere 04:19
4. Far away from city walls 03:09
5. There is no home 03:58
6. Waiting for the storm 02:51
7. Sand Path 04:13
8. Roads to Somewhere 07:16
9. Left Behind 01:41

released December 8, 2015
tags: metal doom instrumental neoclassical post-rock shoegaze Brazil

Tom Hess: Make Your Guitar Practice Fun Again And Become A Better Guitarist Faster

Make Your Guitar Practice Fun Again And Become A Better Guitarist Faster
Are you starting to become tired, bored or annoyed with practicing guitar? This is certainly not what any guitarists wants, and of course will cause you to make slow progress towards becoming a better player... here are the 2 main reasons why:

1. If you are bored with practice, you will avoid it. As a result, you will practice less and make progress very slowly.

2. If things get any worse, you might end up quitting guitar. Many players do this, because they become frustrated with not getting any results. You certainly don’t want to end up like this.
One of the best ways to make practicing guitar fun again is to keep track of your guitar playing progress on a consistent basis. This helps your guitar playing in the following important ways:

1. You become much more focused as you practice. To start tracking your progress, you’ll need to first create goals to work towards. This will help you get better at guitar much faster because it gives you something to compare your current level to. Get this free resource about improving your guitar speed to find out more on how this is done.

2. You begin competition against yourself to get better results. When you track your musical progress consistently, it becomes like a game to see how much results you can get every week. Think about playing a game, but never bothering to keep scoreů it wouldn’t be as exciting would it? With that in mind, this is precisely what most guitarists are doing by not tracking their progress.

3. You will feel massively motivated to improve at guitar by getting feedback on your playing every single week.
As you get more and more results from your practice, your motivation to continue will grow. This is what makes the process of measuring your progress so vital for becoming a better guitarist.

4. Your confidence for becoming a better guitarist will skyrocket. By having a positive attitude towards becoming a better player, you plant the seeds for your musical future.

These Are The Eight Easy Steps For Tracking Your Progress On Guitar:

Step 1: Go over your guitar playing goals and determine the specific skills you need to work on master (this is something a guitar teacher will help you with).

Step 2: Locate all the best exercises that will help you attain these skills as effectively as possible (you will need to determine HOW to practice these exercises as well). Remember, not all exercises come in the form of physical things you must play on guitar – you may also need to find exercises that help you better understand music theory, improvisation, fretboard memorization, etc.

Step 3: Achieve your largest goals in less time by first determining smaller, short-term goals that will help you along the way (until you finally get to where you want to be). Read this article about achieving your biggest musical goals to learn how to do this.
Step 4: Practice the exercises you decided to use from step two for a short period of time (one or two weeks).
Step 5: Next, see how much progress you have made towards achieving your goals from step three above. If you need to test skills that are technique related, employ a metronome. Otherwise, you will need to assess your progress using a much more specialized approach (discussed below).
Step 6: Create and update a chart that displays your progress, so that you know how much progress you’ve made over the past week. This is the “score-keeping method” that makes getting better at guitar like a game.
Step 7: Look at your progress, then tune your oncoming guitar practice schedule in response. When you do this, you guarantee that you will make progress every new week.
Step 8: Go through steps 4-7 again while focusing on each shorter goal you have, until you’ve finally achieved all of your larger goals.

If you want to make this process even smoother and easier, use a tool that will track everything for you with the most precise assessments for analyzing all aspects of your guitar playing. Read this page on making faster overall guitar playing progress to learn how it works.

When you frequently track your guitar playing progress, you’ll be shocked at how fast you begin transforming yourself into an awesome guitarist.

Learn how to get results in your guitar playing fast utilizing this process by downloading this free resource about improving your guitar speed.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a professional touring musician, recording artist and online guitar teacher who teaches guitarists from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. On his website,, you can get additional free tips about guitar playing, guitar playing resources, mini courses and surveys.