Beau Diakowicz: Creative neosoul guitar Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Creative neosoul guitar, Vol. 2
10 popular Instagram improvisations that dive through extended harmony and technique.

This video course is made up of 10 new improvisations from Beau’s popular Instagram channel. Each one showcases contemporary guitar flair unlike any you’ve come across before. Beau’s chord voicings, rhythmic approach, use of legato, and economy of motion will challenge you to understand new ways of connecting the literal dots.

When you internalize the content of these improvisations, you’ll find yourself with more creative options that draw from the idioms of jazz, R&B, hiphop and soul.

As in Volume 1, 10 examples of Beau’s unique guitar style are transcribed for you to loop, play along with and absorb. At the end of each example, Beau slowly plays the improvisation again, note for note, pausing so you can fully reproduce every slide, shake and chord extension.

Volume 1
Volume 2