Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Anita Weisz: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Anita Weisz, Budapest

Why I'm crazy about my Ibanez 450S WH guitar?
Well, It's my first serious instrument that I've got about a year ago.
The super thin neck and body are very comfortable for me.
It's kind a girl guitar, if you know what I mean! 😉

My idols like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons and of course Marco Sfogli use(d) iconic Ibanez guitars, so I always loved the brand.
I develop myself every day and my first goal is to become a succesfull musician. Ibanez guitars inspire me to reach that aim.

Used Gear:
-Ibanez 450S WH
-DiMarzio pickups
-Kempler Profilter
-Elixir Strings
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-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weiszani/
Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Anita Weisz, Budapest, HUN

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banez Flying Fingers 2016 Anita Weisz, Budapest, HUN

News: Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar -Satriani, Gilbert, Morse, Govan, Hutchings, Gambale, Thammarat and more

Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar -Satriani, Gilbert, Morse, Govan, Hutchings, Gambale, Thammarat and more

Dorian Chiiwahwah Phallic and an incredible guitar cast are featured on this first release for THE EPIC GUITAR SOLO CHALLENGE with their anthem to promote more guitar practice to mums & girlfriends, bf 's etc - Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar.
All profits go to The EJ Whitten foundation for prostate cancer. This track is available on itunes and you can support by buying T-shirts or making donations at http://www.ejwhittenfoundation.com.au/ or go to http://www.epicguitarsolo.com/ for our contest.
We would like to thank all these amazing artists for their time and generosity. Our global cast in order of appearance includes -
Tommy Emmanuel - Australia
Brett Garsed – John Farnham, Nelson, T. J. Helmerich -Australia
Joe Satriani – G3, Chickenfoot - USA
Steve Morse – Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, The Flying Colors– USA
Hack Wanger – Guitar Gods & Masterpieces TV Show - Australia
Mattias Eklundh – Freak Kitchen – Sweden
Chris Cheney –The Living End - Australia
Dave Leslie – Baby Animals- -Australia
Isao – Spark 7 – Japan
Jack Thammerat Solo artist & 2009 Guitar idol winner - Thailand
Manjit Joseph – Heavens Down – India
Rabea Massaad – Dorje - UK
Benjamin Baret - Ne Obliviscaris - France
Adrian Hannan – The Song Store – song producer -Australia
Albare - Jazz Artist – Morocco ,Israel, France, Australia
Chen Lei – Tang Dynasty - China
Syu – Galneryus - Japan
Rob Chapman – Dorje, Chapman Guitars - UK
Mikio Fujioka – Kami Band - Japan
Shinichi Kobayashi, - Jigoku Quartet - Japan
Frank Gambale- Chick Corea - Australia
Irwin Thomas – Southern Sons, John Farnham - Australia
Geoff Achison –Soul Diggers – Australia
Peter Robinson – Electric Mary- Australia
Hedras Ramos - Solo Fusion/metal artist - Guatemala
Ola Englund The Haunted, Six Feet Under – Sweden

Eric Calderone - Erock - USA
Motorman Duo - Simon Hosford – Tommy Emmanuel -Australia
Motorman Duo - James Ryan – Men at work. – Australia
Paul Gilbert – Mr. Big, Racer X - USA
Andy James – Wearing Scars - UK
Alex Hutchings - Alex Hutchings Band - UK
Guthrie Govan – The Aristocrats, Asia, Steve Wilson Band - UK

This is a indie production by Australian public tv show Guitar Gods and Masterpieces.
We hope you love this project and if we have made you smile or feel inspired by the incredible guitar playing we hope you will consider supporting by sharing on social media and even consider donating or buying the track.
Thanks for reading watching and listening.

Paul Gilbert: Blues Solo

O guitarrista Paul Gilbert, mostra sua performance no Blues. Se inscreva no canal, deixe seu like e compartilhe. Acesse para ver mais em www.guitarshred.com.br

Paul Gilbert - Blues Solo

Al Joseph: Half Price Skype Lessons with JTC

So you want to learn from the best? Then how about some half price Skype Lessons with JTC artist AL Joseph for HALF PRICE in conjunction with JTC! Limited time availability so get signed up quick!

Al Joseph Half Price Skype Lessons with JTC

Jørn Viggo Lofstad: Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic Mission - Guitar Playthrough

Pagan's Mind guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad plays through 'Enigmatic Mission' of the Enigmatic: Calling album that was released in 2005.

This video was part of the Indiegogo campaign Pagan's Mind did for their live BluRay/DVD/LP release of 'Full Circle - Live At Center Stage'.


Pagan's Mind are:

Vocals: Nils K. Rue
Guitars: Jørn Viggo Lofstad
Bass: Steinar Krokmo
Drums: Stian Kristoffersen
Keyboards: Ronny Tegner

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Nik Nocturnal, Sithu Aye: Calamity new album available

Nik Nocturnal, Sithu Aye: Calamity new album available

1. Bestow 00:52
2. Calamity 04:29
3. Eclipse 04:18
4. Ethereal (FEAT. Sithu Aye) 04:06
5. Antimatter 03:26
6. Infernal Ruins 04:01

CALAMITY! My second album/ep! If you're a fan of Born of Osiris/ERRA/Periphery/The Browning/Northlane/Architects/Polyphia/Elitist, then this album is for YOU! Every track is different and unique in it's own way, with influences from many different types of modern music. If you enjoy it be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel here:

Nik Nocturnal | CALAMITY | (FULL ALBUM STREAM) Djent/Progressive Metal

released July 15, 2016
Nik Nocturnal - Composing/Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Producing
Sithu Aye - Guest Solo (Ethereal)

Adrian Belew: has recently scored the music to “Piper”

Nashville - Guitar icon Adrian Belew has recently scored the music to “Piper”, a short movie by animation studio Pixar, which was released on June 17th! The six-minute production tells the story of a small bird that lives on a beach, and must challenge herself to find food while avoiding treacherous waves. It was screened before “Finding Dory”, the full-length sequel to 2003's “Finding Nemo”. Says Adrian, “I've visited Pixar four times and it never ceases to thrill me – so much creativity and technology in one place.” Adrian Belew's soundtrack to “Piper” is now available digitally: https://www.amazon.com/Piper-Adrian-Belew/dp/B01IPIDUAA/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1470589084&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=adrian+belew.+piper Meanwhile, Belew continues work on the latest additions to his FLUX project, including an album called FLUXbybelew and an in-app addition entitled FLUXation. FLUX is 'music which is never the same twice'. To accommodate the original concept FLUX was released on iTunes as a music app for iPhone and iPad (the only one of its kind, available on iTunes at bit.ly/FLUX_cd) with the app downloaded, you press Play to activate 30 minutes of music, songs, sounds, and visuals which will never happen again in quite the same way. that's because of some very clever algorithms and a huge amount of content. But it is not feasible to have the same thing occur on a CD, so Adrian asks that you always play the CD in “shuffle” mode. This will give as close an approximation to the way he intended this music to be experienced as can be offered in this format. FLUX is not meant to be listened to in the same running sequence every time. In order to eventually make all FLUX material available on CD, this will be an ongoing series, updated as needed. Adrian's hope is that you will make your own playlist from the content of all the CDs, then put the entire playlist in shuffle and enjoy FLUX: music that is never the same twice! Says Adrian, “For those who only have the first FLUX CD, this will double your fun. For those of you who have the FLUXbybelew app, the FLUXation pack will add another half an hour of music and visuals to your FLUX stream, creating even more possibilities. Also included in both these releases are new songs not available anywhere else.” Adrian Belew finally launched his FLUX music creation environment after 36 years of planning and development. It's now available as an iOS mobile device app, and promises “a new and exciting way to experience music.” Says Adrian, “Technology has changed our lives so dramatically. Our ability to multitask is greater, but our attention spans are shorter. Modern music does not reflect these changes – most music has remained unaltered, still made in the same format used for over 60 years: the three to five minute song. Nothing wrong with that, but how about an alternative? “FLUX is an ever-changing variety of songs, sounds and visual art that comes at you in quick, exciting pieces. You get exposed to a lot of content quickly and every listen is new. It will never happen the same way for you or anyone else. While the system currently features only Belew's music, and isn't open to any other input, he hopes the concept can be expanded. He told Something Else Reviews: “I really believe it's something that could be used in many different artistic mediums, and that people will use it different ways.” Adrian Belew is a legendary guitarist well-known for his diverse travels around the musical map. He is a multi-instrumentalist whose solo records are critically acclaimed. His moving singing voice and prolific songwriting has endeared a loyal fan base of music lovers. His music is being discovered everyday by more and more listeners thirsty for great music with a creative standard not often pushed by the commercial music industry. Adrian first appeared on the guitar-world radar when he toured with Frank Zappa who later said, “Adrian reinvented electric guitar”. Adrian's signature tones, unique use of effects and whammy bar remains completely different, and his techniques continue to be a huge influence on today’s guitarists. He was guitarist, songwriter and frontman Progressive Rock Powerhouse King Crimson for over 30 years. “Discipline”, Adrian's first record with King Crimson, is listed among the most important rock records ever made. Adrian has had a career that commands both awe and respect from fellow musicians and loyal fans, from his first solo record “The Lone Rhino” to The Atlantic Records hit album “Mr. Music Head” or any of his other 20 solo records that push sonic boundaries while maintaining artistic integrity. Adrian shreds on guitar but also writes beautiful songs that will make you cry. Yes, Adrian has taken his fans on a wild ride through countless world tours and albums with David Bowie, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, NIN and Paul Simon. He truly is the Twang Bar King! For more information: http://www.adrianbelew.net/ http://adrianbelew.net/shop http://adrianbelew.net/shop/cds/fluxvol1/