News: Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar -Satriani, Gilbert, Morse, Govan, Hutchings, Gambale, Thammarat and more

Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar -Satriani, Gilbert, Morse, Govan, Hutchings, Gambale, Thammarat and more

Dorian Chiiwahwah Phallic and an incredible guitar cast are featured on this first release for THE EPIC GUITAR SOLO CHALLENGE with their anthem to promote more guitar practice to mums & girlfriends, bf 's etc - Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar.
All profits go to The EJ Whitten foundation for prostate cancer. This track is available on itunes and you can support by buying T-shirts or making donations at or go to for our contest.
We would like to thank all these amazing artists for their time and generosity. Our global cast in order of appearance includes -
Tommy Emmanuel - Australia
Brett Garsed – John Farnham, Nelson, T. J. Helmerich -Australia
Joe Satriani – G3, Chickenfoot - USA
Steve Morse – Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, The Flying Colors– USA
Hack Wanger – Guitar Gods & Masterpieces TV Show - Australia
Mattias Eklundh – Freak Kitchen – Sweden
Chris Cheney –The Living End - Australia
Dave Leslie – Baby Animals- -Australia
Isao – Spark 7 – Japan
Jack Thammerat Solo artist & 2009 Guitar idol winner - Thailand
Manjit Joseph – Heavens Down – India
Rabea Massaad – Dorje - UK
Benjamin Baret - Ne Obliviscaris - France
Adrian Hannan – The Song Store – song producer -Australia
Albare - Jazz Artist – Morocco ,Israel, France, Australia
Chen Lei – Tang Dynasty - China
Syu – Galneryus - Japan
Rob Chapman – Dorje, Chapman Guitars - UK
Mikio Fujioka – Kami Band - Japan
Shinichi Kobayashi, - Jigoku Quartet - Japan
Frank Gambale- Chick Corea - Australia
Irwin Thomas – Southern Sons, John Farnham - Australia
Geoff Achison –Soul Diggers – Australia
Peter Robinson – Electric Mary- Australia
Hedras Ramos - Solo Fusion/metal artist - Guatemala
Ola Englund The Haunted, Six Feet Under – Sweden

Eric Calderone - Erock - USA
Motorman Duo - Simon Hosford – Tommy Emmanuel -Australia
Motorman Duo - James Ryan – Men at work. – Australia
Paul Gilbert – Mr. Big, Racer X - USA
Andy James – Wearing Scars - UK
Alex Hutchings - Alex Hutchings Band - UK
Guthrie Govan – The Aristocrats, Asia, Steve Wilson Band - UK

This is a indie production by Australian public tv show Guitar Gods and Masterpieces.
We hope you love this project and if we have made you smile or feel inspired by the incredible guitar playing we hope you will consider supporting by sharing on social media and even consider donating or buying the track.
Thanks for reading watching and listening.