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Paul Wardingham: Recording Spiritual Machines #1

Short video of me recording a solo for SYSTEM ERROR from my new album SPIRITUAL MACHINES - Out Nov 21
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Following on from his critically acclaimed albums Assimilate Regenerate (2011) and The Human Affliction (2015), Spiritual Machines is the new cyberpunk-inspired instrumental guitar album by Paul Wardingham.

Complete with the melodic choruses, mechanical metal riffs and hi-tech futuristic shredding that Paul has become known for, Spiritual Machines is perhaps his most accessible work to date.

“I really wanted to get back to a style that I was doing a few years before writing Assimilate Regenerate. More focused on melody and riffs than on lots of guitar solos. Spiritual Machines is more metal, very song orientated and has a kind of raw industrial quality to it”

“There’s an energy to this album that’s very different to my previous works”

Spiritual Machines: Track Listing:
1. The Awakening
2. Spiritual Machines
3. My Sanctuary
4. Break The System
5. Ghosts Of A Concrete World
6. Prophecy
7. System Error
8. Prisoners Of The Future
9. The Edge Of Human
10. Off-World

Paul Wardingham is creator of future metal shred, Assimilate Regenerate and The Human Affliction.

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Paul Wardingham is creator of future metal shred and the critically
acclaimed guitar albums Assimilate Regenerate and The Human Affliction


It’s been called “the best instrumental guitar album in years” by Christian Muenzner (Necrophagist and Obscura) and “the best guitar discovery of 2011” by Andy James, along with praise from guitar legends Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) and Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Conquering Dystopia).

Described as instrumental cyber metal, Wardingham’s style combines 7-string mechanical riffing, melodic choruses, industrial synths and otherworldly solos to create visions of a futuristic world.


The Human Affliction is Paul Wardingham’s highly anticipated concept album released July 14th 2015. Featuring 11 tracks and incredible guest solos by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and Stephan Forte (Adagio)

“The Human Affliction is a continuation of the themes that inspired Assimilate Regenerate: The future, technology and it's effect on humanity. More than that, it's a soundtrack to a dystopian future. Set in a high-tech low-life world, where humanity is blissfully unaware of the dangers of technological progress and the rise of artificial intelligence.....until it's too late. The Human Affliction is my vision of this cyberpunk inspired landscape landscape and post- apocalyptic digital age where the listener can escape reality, amongst cyber metal grooves, cold atmospheric synths, futuristic electronica, emotional melodies and of course...hi-tech shred guitar solos!”

Paul uses 7-string and 8-string guitars, EMG pickups and Jim Dunlop strings and picks.

Paul's music is for guitar fans of artists like Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Mnemic, Meshuggah, Disarmonia Mundi, Universum, Sybreed, and guitar players like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Loomis, John Petrucci & Andy James

Paul Wardingham | Recording Spiritual Machines #1

Fabrizio Leo: Zaneta - Tales From The Sun - Japanese Edition 2016 Promo

ZANETA's debut album "Tales From The Sun" is out NOW for the Japanese market with 2 bonus tracks !

To order the album you can visit

ZANETA is a melodic rock band from Italy formed by singer Simone Roman, drummer Danilo Marinotti, 6-strings-wizard Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo (first italian guitarist to be signed by Shrapnel Records,3 solo albums and tons of collaborations with the best artists from Italy) and keyboards player Steff Brusa (from EVA). Music of ZANETA was born by the passion of the 4 musicians for the great AOR bands of the past but their own influences gave the album a personal sound.

Zaneta - Tales From The Sun - Japanese Edition 2016 Promo

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix - G5 Project 5th album “G5 2016” - astounding new video!

G5 Project 5th album “G5 2016” available on November 2.


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Music Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki
Recording Production Company SoundtRec Boston
Production Director/CEO Shota Nakama
Production Assistant Emily Shibata
Recording Studio WGBH Fraser Performance Studio
Recording Engineer Robin Moore
Assistant Engineer Ian Brown
Studio Rental Manager Thomas Devlin
Videographer Ernesto Galan
Videographer Assistant Sandra Michaela Frei
Conductor/Orchestrator Shota Nakama
Guitar Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki

Bass Louis A. Ochoa
Drums Blaize Collard
Keyboard Eren Basbug

Concertmaster Sho Omagari
Violin I Heng-Han Hou
Violin I Farley Masterton
Violin I Alina Psaros
Violin I Travis Rapoza
Violin I Subaiou Zhang
Violin II Principal Tudor Dornescu
VIolin II Aleksandra Labinska
VIolin II Nelli Jabotinsky
VIolin II Xue Chen
Viola Principal Sam Kelder
Viola Rebecca Hallowell
Viola Evan Perry
Viola Carrol Lee
Cello Principal Jake Charkey
Cello Steve Marotto
Cello Jeremy Harman
Double Bass Principal Evie Huang
Double Bass Nash Tomey

Mixing Engineer Kenji Nakai
Mastering Engineer Yasuji "YASMAN" Maeda

Filmeditor Ryo Asakura (Seventhgraphics)

For more information, visit our web site at


01 Determined (Produced by Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki and SoundtRec Boston)
02 Act of God (Composed and arranged by ニケ)
03 All in the Demon (Composed and arranged by 大和)
04 Destino (Composed and arranged by Takajii)
05 Surge (Produced by Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki and SoundtRec Boston)
06 Outburst (Composed and arranged by Takajii)
07 Across the Horizon
(Composed and arranged by a2c)

Produced by Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki
Design & Artwork by swingwings and Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki
VIVI-0010 / STEREO (11.02.2016)
10.30.2016開催M3 2016秋A-03bにて先行販売

G5 Project - Surge (Official Video from G5 2016)

Brion James: Dan Reed Network - are pleased to announce a nationwide 11-date UK Tour


Dan Reed Network are pleased to announce a nationwide 11-date UK Tour in March 2017 to promote their recent studio album “Fight Another Day”.
Tickets are now on sale via - Special guests on all dates (except Sheffield) is VEGA.

DRN is thrilled to be returning to Europe this next March, says Reed. “Dan Pred, Brion James, Melvin Brannon II, Rob Daiker and I are really looking forward to playing many new and unique venues throughout the UK, and rockin' up the funk hard core and meeting all those who are able to attend and bring down the house with us. We thank you for the many years of support and especially believing that we had new music in us to offer! We are forever grateful for you all being there with us on this journey!”

Frontiers Music Srl released Dan Reed Network’s latest studio album “Fight Another Day” on Friday June 3rd, 2016. The album marked a significant and anticipated return of one of the most infectious and gifted bands to come out in the melodic rock world in the second part of the 1980’s.

Originally formed in Portland, Oregon, Dan Reed Network packed out local clubs from late 1984 through 1986 with their compelling mix of musical styles ranging from hard rock, funk and soul. In 1987, the first single, “Ritual”, peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Charts and became a staple of the funk rock.

While attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum induction ceremony in NYC in January 1989, Dan Reed met up with producer Nile Rodgers (Duran Duran, Madonna, David Bowie) which led to the creation of the second album “Slam”. Produced by Rodgers, it better represented the Dan Reed Network’s live sound and accelerated the band’s growing status in Europe. Dan Reed Network opened the European leg of Bon Jovi’s ‘New Jersey Tour’ in 1989 and The Rolling Stones’ European Urban Jungle Tour in 1990.

DRN’s third album “The Heat”, produced by Bruce Fairbairn in 1991, was their biggest success in the UK, mostly due to the single“Lover” which was accompanied by a live video from Wembley Stadium filmed when they opened for the Stones.


Wednesday 1 March Level 3 Club, Swindon
Friday 3 March Warehouse 23, Wakefield
Saturday 4 March Live Rooms, Chester
Sunday 5 March The Globe, Cardiff
Tuesday 7 March The Cluny, Newcastle
Wednesday 8 March Oran Mor, Glasgow
Friday 10 March 100 Club, London
Saturday 11 March Local Authority, Sheffield
Sunday 12 March The Robin 2, Bilston
Tuesday 14 March Ruby Lounge, Manchester
Wednesday 15 March Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Steackmike: Scuttle Buttin' - Srv & Double Trouble - the one man band returns

Scuttle Buttin' - Srv & Double Trouble (STEACKMIKE ONE MAN BAND)

Just playin' and livin' music on this amazing blues rock song of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble!!!

I play drum foot and guitar at same time.
Bass is overdub.

This video is dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughan and all his family,Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton!
Thank you so much guys,God Bless You!!!
You are amazing musicians!!

Using an Mini Galaxy II for Laser Effect.

Fender Squier Stratocaster Vintage,scalloped neck by myself,Texas Special Pickups.
Fender Super Champ XD with 4X12 Marshall G12M 25 Greenbacks Celestions Speakers. Settings are:
Channel:2/Vol:3/Gain:3/Mod:3(Bassman)/Bass:8/Treble:10/Reverb mod 3 and 3

Line 6 PodXT on my own preset.
Radial Big Shot ABY
Line 6 M-5 (i use the treble Boss Comp 80% =sensitivity 100%= level)
Roland PK5-A (Midi Controller on drum foot )
Midi AudioSport (midi usb cable)
PC ASUS an old 2006 with windows7
Yamaha AWG recorder
The T Bone SC-400 mic condenser on my 4X12.
Ibanez SoundGear Bass
D'addario Strings 9-42
XLN Audio Addictive Drums

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Merci à tous de votre soutient depuis le début!!!!

Rock For Ever!!!

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Scuttle Buttin' - Srv & Double Trouble (STEACKMIKE ONE MAN BAND)

Billy Gibbons: Orange Amplification - Billy Becomes a New Ambassador

Orange Amplification: Billy Gibbons Becomes New Ambassador

Orange Amplification are delighted to welcome ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons as an Ambassador for the Orange Bax Bangeetar pedal. He has recently discovered Orange’s new British made guitar and bass Pre-EQ pedal and said ‘Lovin’ this thing!! It’s revealed itself as a true tone chameleon ….. super versatile.’

Billy Gibbons is best known as the guitarist and lead singer with the American Rock band ZZ Top, which he formed in the late sixties with bassist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard. They remain one of the very few major recording groups to have retained the same line up for more than 45 years. ZZ Top were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 with four of their albums certified gold, three as platinum and two as multi-platinum. Their songs have become classic and hard rock staples.

As a guitarist, Billy Gibbons is a respected blues scholar with an instinctive touch. His legendary mastery of his instrument is something many guitarists spend a lifetime achieving. Regarded as one of rock’s leading tone-meisters, Billy honed signature sound, drawn from a deep knowledge of blues / rock traditions, is full of catchy, meaty riffs and sublime solos. He is not known for using pedals and effects so Orange is particularly proud that he has chosen to use the Bax Bangeetar, both on stage and in the studio.

The Orange Bax Bangeetar was the company's first foray into the pedal market in more than forty years. Handmade in the Orange Custom Shop, England, the pedal feels and behaves like an Orange amp, delivering natural break-up, without any hint of stifling compression. The Bax Bangeetar has a huge dynamic range producing classic Orange crunch and vintage overdrive at moderate gain settings, increase the drive levels to yield a wealth of outrageous modern tones with insane amounts of distortion on offer. It has a unique flexible gain structure, giving it extensive tweaking capabilities. With the Baxandall EQ and full parametric mid controls allowing complete command over a broad frequency range its response is almost infinite.

Check out ‘a great pedal that nails the Orange sound’ (Total Guitar) at where you can hear designer Adrian Emsley putting it through its paces.

Al Joseph: Stopwatch Training Method For Beginners

Al Joseph "Progressive Soloing" - Stopwatch Training Method For Beginners

Hey Folks,

Here's a little snippet from my latest "Progressive Soloing Masterclass" at

Here's just one video you'll come across in my new masterclass that talks about how to improve your dexterity on the guitar. I show you how you can use just a stopwatch to increase your stamina and accuracy at your own pace.

The exercise here is to do a light jog for 10 seconds then a manageable sprint for the next 10, then repeat as long as you like. Like a sprinter, you'll increase your stamina and correct any faulty muscle memory. Remember that this exercise shouldn't hurt or strain you. What you are truly practicing here is the discipline of relaxation and accuracy with ease.

I want you playing well and I want it to look easy!

So make sure to head over to and grab this package and learn more ways to reach your true potential as a guitar player!

Subscribe and comment for any questions.



Al Joseph "Progressive Soloing" - Stopwatch Training Method For Beginners

Marchristian Ligutan: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2016

would love to write and record with Strandberg guitars...

Strandberg Guitar Competition 2016 - Marchristian Ligutan