Tuesday, 10 January 2017

George Marios: Kody's Killer Licks #4 - Smoothie Tappin

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Welcome to my new series, "Kody's Killer Licks", where I get to share some of my favourite guitar pyrotechnics with you lovely people.
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Kody's Killer Licks #4 - Smoothie Tappin

Fernando Molinari, Bruno Valverde, Davi Filho: Tropical Rain - super fusion trio!

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Music - Tropical Rain
album- Built by Elements
Bass and composition - Fernando Molinari
Drums- Bruno Valverde
Guitar- David Son

Master Ton Silva
Video edition- Fernando Molinari


Claudio Cordero: DesEnlace "Live Concert 2009"

1. Psychoswing 06:39
2. 7 Dias 03:26
3. Zenith 04:42
4. Ayer 08:55
5. Atardecer 04:59
6. Adicción 05:27
7. Sueña 06:23
8. Intoolerancia 04:33
9. Viaje Astral 08:44

Recorded live at "Metalfest 2009",
16-12-2009, Teatro Oriente, Santiago, Chile
Claudio Cordero: Guitar
Felipe Constanzo: Guitar
Jorge García: Bass
Ignacio García de Cortazar: Drums
released October 28, 2011
Produced by Claudio Cordero
Serio Peña: Live Mixing
Francisco Barrientos: Audio Recording
Bruno Piccoli: Video Recording
Iñaki Elgueta: Lights

Keith Merrow: Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation

Get it straight from us- http://keithmerrow.com
Get it on iTunes- https://goo.gl/ET8D0z
Get it on Amazon- https://goo.gl/YmqUgC
Get it on CD- https://goo.gl/S00LfQ

Dark and emotionally-driven instrumental metal album featuring Keith Merrow and Wes Hauch. Release Date- January 6th, 2017.

01. Colony
02. The Deep Longing For Annihilation
03. Lila
04. Mirelands
05. In Penitence
06. Occlusion
07. As the Crow Flies
08. Encumbrance
09. Compound
10. Gabrielle

For news and updates on the project, go to - https://www.facebook.com/alluvialmetal

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Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation (Full Album 2017 Official)

Burned Out Golfer: Fender American Elite telecaster Cherry Burst Stratus Jam

Just messing around with the amazing fender American elite tele and the fender super reverb reissue combo amp over the legendary Billy Cobham tune "Stratus".

Fender American Elite telecaster Cherry Burst Stratus Jam

Frank Steffen Mueller: Gravity Guitar Picks "The Edge"

"The Edge" Gravity Picks are some of the best Guitar Picks on the market. Check them out here: http://bit.ly/2i9cAix
Polished vs. Master Finish:
The bevels on each pick are shaped on a grinding wheel which creates rough bevels. Those bevels are then polished or left unpolished (which we call 'Master Finish'). The Polished version glides across the strings with very little effort. The Master Finish (unpolished) version is a bit brighter and creates a different release off the string. It allows you to 'dig in' a bit more. You get that dirty „scratchy“ sound. It is just a personal preference.
Using the Shoulder of you pick:
The Edge has a 60 degree bevel, which is noticeably sharper. You can use the round "shoulders" of the pick as well. It gives a fatter & warmer tone with a lot of bottom end.
Reasons To Use A Gravity Pick:
- Hand-Shaped And Polished By Professionals
- Great grip
- Instant Tone Improvement
- Play Faster And Louder With Our Unique Material And Bevel Design.
- Proprietary Beveling System
- Lasts Much Longer Than A Regular Pick.
Here are the time codes for the different picks:
00:06 - 01:26 Gravity Picks Edge polished
01:26 - 02:49 Gravity Picks Edge Master Finished
02:49 - 03:21 Gravity Picks Edge polished
03:21 -03:59 Gravity Picks Edge Master Finished
03:59 - 04:15 NoName 0.4mm
Gear I used: Knaggs Kipawa Steelstring Guitar | D'Addario Strings | RME Fireface | Neumann KM184 Mic | Sennheiser MD 441 Mic | Piezo sound from the guitar | Pro Tools | No EQ, FX or any processing!
If you're looking for a guitar player for your band or want me to play some nice guitars on your music, feel free to contact me.
Please check out my socials below - THANKS!
All the best and see you around :-)
Gravity Guitar Picks "The Edge" | Comparison | Polished vs. Master Finish

Claudio Pietronik: Tao Inception - Falling Stars - classy original

Greetings viewers!!
This is our brand new song, named Falling Stars!
We met for the composing and recording of our outcoming album... As We sat and began to improvise, this is what came out!
We loved it and so here We share it!
Hopefully, You'll enjoy it too! ;)

Mike and Claudio

Tao Inception - Falling Stars (Original)

Dario Lorina: Shrapnel Records - Black Label Society guitarist set to release second instrumental album

Black Label Society guitarist Dario Lorina set to release second instrumental album February 24th, 2017

Dario Lorina’s second instrumental record “Death Grip Tribulations” is set for physical and digital release February 24th, 2017 on the legendary Shrapnel Records, known for discovering and recording guitarists of extraordinary ability.


Dario’s new record is a powerful show of songwriting infused with shred guitar, vintage modern influence, and a richly musical band consisting of long time musical partner Dan DC Conway (Drums), fellow Black Label Society band mates John JD DeServio (Bass) and Jeff Fabb (Drums), former Lizzy Borden band mate Marten Andersson (Bass), and features a song with guitarist Phil Campbell (Motorhead/Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons). Engineered and mixed by Fred Archambault, known for his work with Alice Cooper and Avenged Sevenfold, among others. This record is a sheer embodiment of this high caliber guitarist’s vast skill set.

“Death Grip Tribulations makes it clear that Dario Lorina has become a force to be reckoned with, as at twenty seven years of age he draws from experience far beyond his years, creating a collection of songs built on forceful rhythms, strong melodies and an arsenal of advanced guitar chops.” -Mike Varney, Shrapnel Label Group

Metal guitar young blood, Dario Lorina began his professional career in 2006 at age 16 as the touring guitarist with the late Jani Lane (ex-Warrant). At age 19, he joined veteran metal act Lizzy Borden whom he toured with for 4 years. Dario released his first instrumental record on Shrapnel Records in September of 2013. January 1st, 2014 he joined Black Label Society and has since been touring worldwide with BLS and Zakk Wylde, performing on both guitar and keys, most recently on Zakk Wylde's latest Book of Shadows II tour.

Official Website: www.dariolorina.com
Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/DarioLorinaOfficial
Official YouTube: www.youtube.com/dariolorina
Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/dariolorina
Official Twitter: www.twitter.com/dariolorina
Shrapnel Records: www.shrapnelrecords.com

House of The Rising Sun (Guitar Playthrough)

George Lynch, dUg Pinnick, Ray Luzier: KXM - Scatterbrain the new album


Pre Order http://ratpakrecordsamerica.com/kxm

“Scatterbrain” is the all new sophomore release from the super-group KXM comprised of drummer Ray Luzier (KoRn), guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob) and King’s X front man dUg Pinnick and is the follow up album to their highly successful 2014 self-titled debut release which landed at #31 on the Billboard Top 200.

“Scatterbrain” features 13 brand new tracks and was recorded at the Steakhouse Studio in North Hollywood California where the band once again tapped Chris “The Wizard” Collier (Flotsam & Jetsam/Prong/Last In Line) to engineer the new effort.

Pre Order http://ratpakrecordsamerica.com/kxm

From the infectious riff of the album opener “Scatterbrain” to the outro of “Angel,” KXM have created something truly special and musically diverse. Songs like “Breakout,” “Calypso,” and “True Deceivers” are sonically different from each other taking the listener on a musical journey. Scatterbrain is thematically a darker record than the debut. The album builds upon the developed KXM rock sound but this time includes some different dynamics drawing inspiration from prog, ska, punk and metal. Through it all, it remains undeniably KXM.

Speaking about the recording process for KXM’s new record, vocalist dUg Pinnick comments, “We wrote all the songs right on the spot and immediately recorded them, everyone doing his part and no one telling the other one what or how to play, just like the previous album!”. Drummer Ray Luzier adds “We wanted to use the same formula as the 1st KXM record…book studio time, come in fresh every day with a new idea, run with it and not over think anything” .

Basically it was “Record-topia”, we showed up in the studio, camped out with a bunch of gear and let the tape roll!” states guitarist George Lynch. “Just like the first album, no pre-production, no rehearsal, no pre-written songs, every song was written as a product of an in-studio jam session!”

On the topic of the musical direction and overall vibe of the new album Ray recently told Modern Drummer Magazine; “It's a darker record than the first one, it's really heavy and it’s very soulful with dUg's voice leading the way". Ray further describes the direction of the new album, “There is some straight ahead rock, bits of prog, ska and tons of dynamics, there is a lot involved but it still sounds like KXM!” Official release date for KXM “Scatterbrain” is March 17, 2017 .

Hansford Rowe: New Project Decadence

Since his first work with PM’s Gong, Allan Holdsworth, Biréli Lagrène and Mike Oldfield Hansford has sought meaning through music. The new HRIII album is a continuation of that quest. The young HRIII guitarist Julien Sandiford and Hansford write compositions that are highly structured yet still lend themselves to improvisational freedom. Joining them will be PM Gong alumni Benoit Moerlen (vibes, marimba) and Francois Causse (drums, perc). The Paris recording sessions occur in early January!

“I’m loving HR3! Check out the guitarist (Julien Sandiford) – a new player playing the kind of guitar that’s doing it for me – a young fresh voice also embracing the older, more elemental. I really dig it – Yes guys!” - Gary Husband (Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin)
“HR3 is sublime!” – Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson)
“Hansford and HR3 are the future to my past!” – Lee Sklar (James Taylor, Billy Cobham, Hall & Oates etc.)

As with the first HRIII album, Grammy nominated engineer Denis Savage (Celine Dion) will be producing. Decadence on Vinyl and CD http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/hr3