Frank Steffen Mueller: Gravity Guitar Picks "The Edge"

"The Edge" Gravity Picks are some of the best Guitar Picks on the market. Check them out here:
Polished vs. Master Finish:
The bevels on each pick are shaped on a grinding wheel which creates rough bevels. Those bevels are then polished or left unpolished (which we call 'Master Finish'). The Polished version glides across the strings with very little effort. The Master Finish (unpolished) version is a bit brighter and creates a different release off the string. It allows you to 'dig in' a bit more. You get that dirty „scratchy“ sound. It is just a personal preference.
Using the Shoulder of you pick:
The Edge has a 60 degree bevel, which is noticeably sharper. You can use the round "shoulders" of the pick as well. It gives a fatter & warmer tone with a lot of bottom end.
Reasons To Use A Gravity Pick:
- Hand-Shaped And Polished By Professionals
- Great grip
- Instant Tone Improvement
- Play Faster And Louder With Our Unique Material And Bevel Design.
- Proprietary Beveling System
- Lasts Much Longer Than A Regular Pick.
Here are the time codes for the different picks:
00:06 - 01:26 Gravity Picks Edge polished
01:26 - 02:49 Gravity Picks Edge Master Finished
02:49 - 03:21 Gravity Picks Edge polished
03:21 -03:59 Gravity Picks Edge Master Finished
03:59 - 04:15 NoName 0.4mm
Gear I used: Knaggs Kipawa Steelstring Guitar | D'Addario Strings | RME Fireface | Neumann KM184 Mic | Sennheiser MD 441 Mic | Piezo sound from the guitar | Pro Tools | No EQ, FX or any processing!
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Gravity Guitar Picks "The Edge" | Comparison | Polished vs. Master Finish