Peter Petchalov: guitar idol 2008

Fernando Miyata: guitar idol 2008

Neil Zaza: nelson live gig footage

Marty Friedman: why he left megadeth

Lyle Watt: guitar idol 2008

Guthrie Govan: dave kilminster helps out with wonderful slippery thing

Paul Gilbert: uk tour dates announced

Mark Playle: guitar idol 2008

Chris Feener: guitar idol 2008

Jas Morris: guitar idol 2008

Dimitar Nalbantov: peace on earth

Ethan Brosh: new cd on the way

Andy James: extreme metal pentatonics

Giacomo Castellano: dragoon pilots

Alberto Rigoni: back to bassex

Muris Varajic: emit hot deploy unison incendiary licks

Andy James: andy who? andy ^&*$% james that's who!

Dave Martone: new dvd on its' way