News: can a shred medium get a big fan base like the pickle?

Tum Siamrath: on facebook

Theodore Ziras,Kosta Vreto: clinic date announced

Guthrie Govan, Christophe Godin, Dave Kilminster: added to this now classic show!!!

Derryl Gabel: bespoke lessons to order

Carl Verheyen: trading licks

Guthrie Govan: Lick library lesson

Malina Moye: bluesy Strat O Sister!

Zack Kim: Arirang Variations

Vinnie Moore: live in Greece

Andrei Krylov: le jazz fusion... eh!

Rusty Cooley: goes jazz... nice!

Paul Antonio Ortiz: another chimpspanner chunk

Christopher F: 11 year old classical jam

Jordan Rudess,Daniel Jakubovic: jam

Floyd Fernandes,Dhruv Ghanekar: to judge the mudhoney competition

Enver Izmaylov: sauce Tatar

Jeff Loomis: Nevermore euro tour dates

Akira Takasaki: Loudness Euro tour dates

Yngwie Malmsteen, Stef Burns, Billy Sheehan, George Lynch, Doug Aldrich, John Sykes, Vivian Campbell, Jennifer Batten: Bologna guitar show

Angel Bernal: Andy James shred competition