Floyd Fernandes,Dhruv Ghanekar: to judge the mudhoney competition

Trex Effects /Bhargavas Musik and Rolling stones MAG presents

Trex Mudhoney Contest
Your chance to win a FREE T-Rex Stompbox ,
Submit your Entries Win a T-REX Mudhoney, the Ultimate Overdrive/Distortion Pedal designed for those who want an in-your-face wall of guitar sound jumping of the speakers.
Follow the instructions to participate:
1) All entries MUST subscribe to Bhargavas Musik and T-Rex effects YouTube Pages.
2) Download and info of the playback track LINK


3) Record your own Solo (Guitar/Bass) on video or audio. (Preferably Video)
4) Mail the links of YouTube for video and MySpace for audio to Ankur@Bhargavasmusik.com, So we can feature the entry on Bhargavas Musik and Rolling stones YouTube and Facebook Page.

All entries must be submitted BEFORE 14th of May 2010.
Winners will be announced on Rolling Stones /Bhargavas Musik website on 22nd May 2010.

Don't forget to rate and publish your videos everywhere! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

We are lucky to have 2 virtuoso Guitar players as Judges:
Floyd Fernandes and Dhruv Ghanekar

All Entries will be judged based only on the improvisational content. No extra points for video or audio quality. So just record a small clip and send us your entries..

***This contest is limited to India***