Marty Friedman: Aussie clinics announced

Linus Abrahamson: Mr Gul... likes Jay Graydon

Stefan Lindholm: Ibanez Universe... out with the old in with the new!

Brian Auer: highintel it will be all-right on the night!

John Petrucci,Robben Ford,Greg Howe,Andy Timmons,Tony MacAlpine,Dave Martone,Jon Finn: Canadian guitar workshop

Orianthi: on American Idol and win a free guitar!

Mike Orlando: wheels in motion live

Marcos Ambrosi: Lee Peterson win a guitar!

Richie Kotzen: peace sign live

Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker: jam at musikmesse

Francesco Congiu: Andy James shredding competition

News: D'Addario & Planet Waves... under a school, just around the corner from the heating power plant.

News: D'Addario & Planet Waves... in a freezer!

News: D'Addario & Planet Waves... on a gyroscope!

News: D'Addario & Planet a dentist chair?!!

News: D'Addario & Planet Waves... guitar in a car wash!

Rob Chappers: D'Addario & Planet Waves ... with a goat...

Saggese Francesco Antonio: scalloped vintage tele given a thrashing

Josh Wheeler: Andy James shredding competition

Adam Moore: Andy James shredding competition

Dielson Souza: Andy James shredding competition

John Kiefer: rage over a lost penny

Lukasz Kulczak: Andy James shredding competition

Darren Donohoe: Andy James shredding competition

Rob Chappers: ML1 lands and new single available

Yvi Wylde, Xaxa Portilho,Alex Berserker: the virtual internet band concept continues

News: Valvette Custom Drive competition still going strong

Russ Parrish: steel panther uk dates reminder

Luigi Rinaldi: Strings On Fire 2

Ricardo Diaz: Strings On Fire 2

Gary Hoey, Jeff Beck: tour dates

News: let there be rock program