Chris Brooks: Win stuff cause we reached 500!

Milan Polak: Strings On Fire 2 your views

Reece Fullwood : 7 string warm up and cook out!

Remy Hansen: Paul Gilbert style picking and tapping licks

Dean Brown: DBIII

Joe Satriani: new CD and Europe tour announced!

Carljohan Grimmark: working with Masterplan

John Czajkowski: ZooOpolis features Marco Minneman

Trey Gunn: modulator CD feature Marco Minneman

Julien Kasper: Trance Groove CD

Jan Akkerman: Live (DVD)

Rob Chappers: How mental and loud is... featuring Cheryl Cole!?

Marcos De Ros: Come Together

Antoine Prost: excerpts from Millenium

João Neto: She... really cool instrumental

Yvi Wylde: Equinox with solo

Vladimir Maisiuk: Colombiana

Dimitar Nalbantov: Magix Vandal demo

Toshi Yanagi: Shogun warrior LIVE at the Baked Potato,