Milan Polak: Strings On Fire 2 your views

More top 3's suggested by you, the very important public...

PietTheRazzor Top 3:
- InsanoGerbil
- Angel Bernal (hanjelote)
- Marcos De Ros

First I would like to thank and congratulate all the people involved in this contest T-Rex, the Judjes, all the participants and Milan Polak.with his awesome music!!!!!!!
And my vote goes to:
3 - Dhalif
2 - Do Leonelli
1 - Jor Kokiat
There are many others that deserve to be in these places but as soon I saw these three I really liked how they compose their solos!!!!

Canadianspunge My personal top 3:
1) The201273
3) damadstuntman

drook666 Really hard to choose haha! my top 3 would be:
1.Hara Lemes
2.Jor Kokiat

gabrielhigh Hi........ my top 3 is:
1.- Jose Gomez (Mcklaud).
2.- Deniz demiröz.
3.- Katschrowski.

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