Steve Howe: solo Asia Bochum Zeche

Rob Chappers: Vigier GV Demonstration at World Guitars

Lyle Watt: tonight... I'm going to be Guthrie Govan

Marshall Harrison: Presto-digitation is available

Pedro Santos: demo Aurora Strings

Steve Brown: New Guitar Day

Maranhão: Double Vision

Rob Chappers: ghost fret from wood to shred! #3

Akira Takasaki: shred neck

Fayeed Tan: Hit ME!

David Wallimann: usteam video show

Harry Kapeliaris: testing the Squier Classic and K Trio live.

Brett Garsed: live with John Farnham

Ehab Sami: tribute to Daniele Gottardo

Zishan: Jump, Velvet Raider (Guitar Instrumental)

Yannis Marion, Alban Pommeret: Neurolepsia duo

Dan Wexler, John Aquilino: Icon to support Queensryche

Charlie Shaughnessy: STONEGATE in Tacoma jams

Vladimir Maisiuk: R-Club Minsk(Belarus)

Greg Howe,Brett Garsed,Andy Timmons: Ziua Chitarelor: a world-class standar

News: Truth In shredding apologies for the recent slop

News: become the lead guitar in the United States Air Force Academy Band

News: is your life style stopping you from reaching your full potential?