News: is your life style stopping you from reaching your full potential?

This month I’m going to go out on a limb a little farther than I have in the past. However, this is not some outlandish topic meant to titillate or stir up controversy, but to restate what we already know to be true. The quality of your health directly affects the quality of your musical life. Sure, we all were young once and while I don’t consider myself old (at least I don’t feel old) I do seem to care more about my health than ever before. Perhaps it was because a few things have knocked me on my ass in the past few years and have made me take a closer look at the overall point of being and staying healthy. Most certainly it is because after making some changes I’ve found a new respect for my health and with it a whole new level of musicality.

Even if you live a fairly healthy lifestyle you’d be amazed how just a little more attention to your well-being can help your playing. For several years I wondered why I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired, and why I was always sore. Finally when my doctor did a full blood workup on me we found that my thyroid was out of whack. Getting it balanced changed more things than I expected, and it resulted in not only getting a good night’s rest and removing the bags from under my eyes, it actually improved my playing. read on