Északi Szabolcs: Miki Birta competition #2 jam #9

Andrey Soloviev: picking heaven lessson

Sascha Scharnowski: Blue Bug competition

Rob Balducci: Queen Of Cups

George Marios: Larry Calton jam to keep the frost bite at bay!

Daniele Gottardo: Guitar Sbrego live in Studio

Maddie Rice: Whole Lotta Love

Claudio Soto: Blue Bug Competition

Warren DeMartini,Carlos Cavazo,Billy Sheehan: NAMM rotosound appearance announced

Kris Barras C# Dorian lick

Nahuel Schiumarini: Guitar Idol 2010

Pascal Corriu: Blue Dreams and flying machines

Jayce Landberg: New web site, new demo track, let's Rawk!

Marek Jendza: Blue Bug Competition

Jermann Gábor: Miki Birta gitárverseny II

News: Blue Bug post your top 3

Denis Zarubin: Blue Bug Competition, another rich and full of emotion solo!

Nahuel Schiumarini: guitar addiction contest

Stelios Sfikakis: Blue Bug competition

Michel Top: Nervoso Amp

Milan Polak: Wannabes

Rick Graham: Summer in Central Park. how much snow was outside today?!

Manuel Marcos: new guitar lessons available

Victor de Andres: shadows of the soul

Alberto Rigoni: Dingwall, Lady: Bass manoeuvres in the dark

Tristan Klein: Petit papa noyel - excellent bluesy track

Tommy Vitaly,Vitalij Kuprij, Mistheria, David Shankle: Just Me new CD

Gabriel Thurnher: Blue Bug Competition

Pablo Mendoza: Venezuelan Sibelius Fest

Ignazio Di Salvo: A Night of Change - Ziua Chitarelor 3 winner

Marco De Cave: blue bug competition

Jace Parales: Blue Bug competition