Tommy Vitaly,Vitalij Kuprij, Mistheria, David Shankle: Just Me new CD

"Just Me" is a Neoclassical Power Metal-album featuring:

Tommy Vitaly - Guitars
Thomas Vikström - Vocals
Rhino (Manowar) – Drums
David Shankle – Guitars
A. Torricini (Vision Divine) - Bass
Vitalij Kuprij – Keyboards
Mistheria – Keyboards

Mixed & mastered by Frank Andiver

Track list:
1. Just Me
2. The Raven Attack
3. Fly High, Touch The Sky
4. Air (Theme By J.S. Bach)
5. Storm Of Fire
6. Passion
7. Ready To Die
8. Finally Free
9. The Fury
10. Eternal
11. Just Me (Orchestral Version)

This is the DIGITAL EDITION including
- all tracks MP3 @320 KBPS
- front and back cover

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Tommy Vitaly "The Fury" (feat. Vitalij Kurprij)