Lukasz Kulczak: Shred Knowledge - Play That Riff

Alex Dinn: Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar Give-Away

Keith Whalen: wailing for sheer boredom.

Marcones Pinto: Concurso Double Vision DVD - the Grand Final

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John Petrucci: Marco Minnemann to be Dream Theater drummer?

Marty Friedman: heading to NAMM 2011

Muris Varajic,Emir Hot: The Extremist (cover by Joe Satriani)

Ron Thal,Steve Vai: if my maths adds up these guys will be at ZC4

Luke Fortini: Another World - symphonic metal song

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Tuto Hallgrim: Scott O caster

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Marco De Cave: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Paul Gilbert: NAMM 2009 20th anniversary of the PGM

Muris Varajic,Emir Hot: Change the World

Mistheria: demos Poly-Ana analog model VSTi from new Dragon fire CD

Sam Coulson: Christmas brought me a slide

Harry Kapeliaris: Greek Fusion guy with Voodoo Chile

Robert R Rodrigo: demos new song live

Paul Gilbert,Freddie Nelson: NAMM 2009 - Girl From Omaha