Sergei Mavrin: crazy over the neck tapping!

Lyle Watt: Running Out Of Time - MonkeyFest 2011

Jor Kokiat: Pop The Sun Cover+Lesson

Brian Auer: Nu Pentatonics

Adam Ironside: Monkeyfest 2011

Tom Quayle: writing for my album and work on new tuition material

Alex Hutchings,Rob Chappers: tune to fourths... tune to fourths... tune to fourths...

News: Blogger gets the Google Plus treatment

John Norum: Europe - The Final Countdown [Live]

Tom Richardson: Metal Fusion Jam with Schecter C

Jason Sadites,Alex Machacek: Jason and Alex trading solos with Marco Minnemann and Tony Levin

Nili Brosh: American Airlines lose new Universe guitar!!!

Samuli Federley: Musik Messe 2011

Vinnie Moore: Live at the Iridium

Jim Hall: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010

David Locke: Space Between Us

Darius Wave: VaiLando

Annie Grunwald: Akeldama Solo Practice

Sam Coulson: clinic MonkeyFest 2011

Marco Sfogli,Fabrizio Leo,Dave Martone,Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7

Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7

Jason Becker: a little piece of 'air'

Marco Sfogli: Creation's End CD

Domenico Gallo: Natural Space